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Impure Thoughts

Is Marquis Grissom so bad in centerfield that it was rational to wonder if Sammy Sosa could handle the position for the Giants, even if only for a split second?

I submit that no one outside of Roger Cedeno with a broken ankle is that bad of a centerfielder. As penance for this stupidity, I will eat a wedge of black licorice. Devil's Dandruff, down the hatch.

Lost in the fervor to find some defensive demigod in centerfield, is the idea Grissom isn't that bad. He's a tick below average, but we've seen much, much worse. Still, for the split second after the proposed Orioles trade for Sosa was announced, there was that rogue thought. "Maybe Sosa could have fit in the Giants outfield somewhere...." Terrible, terrible thought. Bad enough to sell jeans.

As long as the Cubs are paying half his salary, however, he would have been a much better pickup than Moises Alou. Right? Right? What is the going comparison in the Giants organization for Jerry Hairston and two prospects?