People, you allready know the answer to this question

Everyday in mailbag questions and chat sessions with baseball's top minds I hear the same fret filled queries about what the Giants are going to do when Bonds retires. Come on. We all know the answer to that little gem. They are going to crash and burn like your drunk buddy trying to hit on that really hot bar tender at the local dive(insert whatever Irish last name you deem fit). Sabean has built this team to win now. There is very little thought given to the post Bonds era because it is going to suck regardless. The great thing about Sabean is that he gets the tallent that he thinks can win with Bonds. Maybe it is old tallent but tallent none the less. You have to respect a guy that goes with his gut feeling. Sabean's plan is a bit like building a house of cards on the freeway. Its going to look great while it lasts but its going to be a fucking bitch to clean up when that Ford Focus hits it at 70+. Now you can watch teams like the Mets and think "man why don't the Giants get agressive like that?" The answer is that they don't have to right now because they are winning. Omar and the Mets have to collect big names because at this point it is a "win or we fucking kill you" senario in New York. Maybe the Mets won't win the regular season but they sure as hell arn't going to lose the off season. If they did someone was going to hang Fred Wilpon with his own shoe laces. The Giants don't really have that problem. When Bonds retires they are going to have some bad years. Trying to plan for life post Bonds is like trying to figure out why people watch hockey. You are never going to figure it out so why bother trying. Maybe in some fantastic stroke of luck Jason Ellison will find a bat that was carved from a tree struck by lightning that wills his ass to 40 homers a year. But untill then sports fans, stop worring about when we lose Barry and start enjoying him while he is still around.

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