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The last of the fabulous, fan-friendly comment starters in the good ol' "Waiting for Boof" days asked for the reader's Top 10 current Giants prospects or Steve Decker memories. This of course was an impossible task -- just too many to choose from in both cases. So instead I decided to combine the two concepts and give my Top 10 Favorite Flamed-Out Giants Prospects (limited to my time as a Giants fan -- Rosen/Craig administration on).

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Damn right, it does. Just the kind of goofy fun that keeps the off-season from driving a seamhead nuts.

As a favor to Grant -- and any of his faithful readers who were, like me, lucky enough to enjoy the post-astroturf, Candlestick Park era of Giants history -- I'm reprinting the list, for a limited time only (not really), and it can only be found right here, on "McCovey Chronicles" (really). Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. SALOMON TORRES. First of all, sorry for bringing him up. I know he's still around, and productive, but I was SO sure he'd be great. Maybe woul've been, if not for... Okay, I'll move on.
  2. TREVOR WILSON. T-Dub! Spoke to me at a Giants game once. Had some decent years, but to my shock DIDN'T become next Koufax. Huh. Still technically in Giants minor league system -- as a coach.
  3. JESSE REID. Remember this guy? Came up at the end of '87 and hit first ML HR the day after the Giants cliched the West. Then Ron Fairley had to ruin it by calling him J.R. Reid (UNC power forward at the time). He never overcame the Ron Fairley Jinx, but who among us has.
  4. WILLIAM VAN LANDINGHAM. 'Nuff said. His name alone will cause me to break up this comment into 3 separate sections.
  5. MARCUS JENSEN. Was supposed to be a switch-hitting catcher with great D and power. 1 out of 3 ain't bad -- he WAS a switch-hitting catcher.
  6. ALAN COCKRELL. Was the Tennessee QB turned baseball prospect who DIDN'T turn out to be Todd Helton. Drafted 9th overall, but only got 8 ML ABs, with Rockies (where he played in minors guessed it -- Todd Helton)
  7. DANTE POWELL. I'm not sure if he was ever really supposed to be good, but he was a 1st round pick out of Cal State Fullerton. And he had speed, which the Gaints needed at the time. (Okay, when have the Giants NOT needed speed?)
  8. CALVIN MURRAY. See Dante Powell, but substitute Texas for Cal State Fullerton.
  9. J.R. PHILLIPS. The J.R. stood for "Really sucks."
  10. PAUL McCLELLAN. 1st round pick. Came from San Mateo. I thought it would be a really nice story. It wasn't.
(Dis)Honorable Mention: Every Giants hitting prospect in the last 15 years.

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