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Baseless Internet Rumormongering I

The New York Times is reporting the Rangers have a pretty sweet offer to Carlos Delgado. This would push some people around if he were to sign, and RotoWorld suspects it might lead to Kevin Mench getting traded.

What do you give up? Mench can handle centerfield pretty well, he can hit a little, and he's young. If Brian Sabean were reading, he would have done a glorious spit take at the word "young". There's coffee all over his morning paper and kitchen table; it's beautiful. Mench is probably good enough to win Sabean's heart, despite his crushing handicap of youth and potential.

The idea of Marquis Grissom patrolling center doesn't scare me in the Marvin Benard-in-a-William-Shatner-mask sense. It sure does, however, when you sandwich him between two guys with very limited range in a park with a massive outfield. If the Giants aren't able to upgrade the centerfield defense, the additions of Matheny and Vizquel aren't going to do much for the staff ERA. Like you needed me to tell you that.