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New site and new digs. Welcome to McCovey Chronicles, all. Perhaps you are the type who picks up the San Francisco Chronicle each morning, hoping to find bathroom humor and a Journey reference mixed in the Giants article. Every single day you do this. Every single day you are disappointed.

This is your site.

Perhaps your last date went terribly, as the conversation revolved around the waiter's resemblance to Mike LaCoss. This, of course, after an hour-long explanation of who LaCoss was. Perhaps you noted a desire to have a son nicknamed "Buffy", just like LaCoss. You never received a return phone call.

This is your site.

Did you refuse to let your child dress up for Halloween because of religious purposes? This may or may not be your site; you can't tell just from that. Did you refuse to let your child dress up as Neifi Perez for Halloween because of religious purposes?

Now that's different. Oh, man, is this your site.

You might be familiar with my previous incarnation, Waiting for Boof. You can expect to see more of the same here, just more of it. There are less than 40 days until pitchers and catchers report*, and this site will be with you every step of the way.

The links and such will take time to transfer over, and there will be other bugs to work out. In the meantime, enjoy the new site, everybody! Register on the site, and mess around with the diaries option to put your own thoughts down on the site. Note, however, that anyone who makes me look bad will have their IP banned.

* Matt Herges is also supposed to report on that day.


Did you understand what classic play was referred to by "Waiting for Boof"?

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    No. That I can read the question is a minor miracle.
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    Yes, for I am an interesting and worldly person.
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