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Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List #25

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Evan Longoria doesn’t like free agency

It certainly sounds like he and other veteran players are cool with there being a strike in a couple of years.

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Weekend BP, 1/18-1/20/19

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How have big league Giants helped out younger players?

By giving them advice. Next question!

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The 2019 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List

44 Prospects. Voted on by you, the Readers

Giants create Coordinator of Pitching Analysis position, enter the Driveline Baseball era

Matt Daniels is here to make the Giants throw the ball harder.

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The Latest

Would you rather: San Francisco Giants edition, part 2

It’s fun making people make hard choices so I wanted to do it again

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Our 10 best posts of 2018

It was a rough year on the field, but a solid year on the blog.

Meet Farhan Zaidi, President of Baseball Operations

It’s official.

They Might Be Giants

Meet Sami Higgins from McCovey Chronicles

"My first identity was not Californian or even American, it was Giants fan."

Meet Carmen Kiew from McCovey Chronicles

Carmen basically predicted Dereck Rodriguez getting called up to the majors.

Here’s the Let Pablo Pitch Hoodie

A hoodie for the holidays? That’s just what BreakingT’s thinking.

Pablo Sandoval — in shirt form!

BreakingT is back with a shirt you will want to buy for everyone in your family and for your progeny.

This new Hunter Pence t-shirt reminds us all that a “Goodbye” is not forever

BreakingT captures Hunter Pence’s entire Giants career in this single t-shirt. Think I’m kidding? Look at what they put on the back.

Feel the flow with the new Dereck Rodríguez t-shirt

Dereck Rodríguez has arrived and so has his t-shirt from BreakingT.

The Brandon Crawford t-shirt has arrived

Brandon Crawford is having his moment. Wear it with BreakingT’s latest.

The Definitive Brandon Belt T-Shirt

BreakingT has captured Brandon Belt’s Player of the Week-winning week in this striking cotton blend.

McCovey Chronicles Podcast

Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List #24

Sandro Fabian takes #23, will another OF go #24?

Thursday BP, 1/17/19

Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List #23

The Andrew McCutchen trade pays off at #22

Wednesday BP, 1/16/19

Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List #22

Young lefty fireballs his way onto to the list

Tuesday BP, 1/15/19

How you can help people affected by the government shutdown.

Derek Holland returns on a one-year deal

He’ll lead the team in innings again when Madison Bumgarner and Dereck Rodríguez get locked in a broom closet.

Monday BP, 1/14/19

What do 2018 River Cats think about the new minor league extra innings rule?

The rule shortens games by making extra innings quasi-baseball

Giants agree to 1-year deal with Will Smith

The deal avoids an arbitration hearing between team and player and solidifies the bullpen and Farhan Zaidi’s trade options.

Weekend BP, 1/11/19

McCovey Chronicles chronicles: Some site news

Don’t think of this as a goodbye. Think of this as an annoying roommate moving out and being surprisingly cool to hang out with on a limited basis.

Looking for trade partners in a Joe Panik deal

Most of the contenders are already happy with their second baseman and good options remain on the free agent market. Finding a match might be harder than it looks.

Foods I wish they sold at Oracle

I hope someone out there is listening...

Giants looking to trade Joe Panik and add DJ LeMahieu

Panik’s days in San Francisco are numbered.

Thursday BP, 1/10/19

Welcome... to Oracle Park

Well, that escalated quickly. For the fourth time this century, the home of the Giants will have a new name to begin the season.

Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List #17 - RUNOFF!

Wednesday BP, 1/9/19


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