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When will Bruce Bochy win his 2,000th game?

It’s going to happen, but can you exploit your intelligence to accurately predict just when that will be?

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Series Preview: The A’s are at it again

They swept the Yankees, who swept the Giants, who were just swept by the Cubs.

Friday BP, 8/23/19

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Scooter Gennett is chasing everything

By trying to do too much, he’s doing nothing.

The Giants’ offense has been horrific at home

Leave Brandon Belt alone!

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Will the Giants keep Kevin Pillar?

There are reasons to do so, and reasons to non-tender him.

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Here’s the Alex Dickerson shirt from BreakingT

You know we had to do it.

The Giants aren’t playing today, on a Friday in August

Like, on purpose

SF Giants Minor Lines 8/22/19: Jaylin Davis is Good at Triple-A Baseball

Also, the news is not too dire about Luciano

Rebranding the National League in the style of the XFL

The XFL is breaking new ground at the intersection of sports and poetry.

Defense costs Giants game they weren’t going to win anyway

Jeff Samardzija was pretty good, but it didn’t matter.

Giants @ Cubs, 8/22

Samardzija (9-9, 3.54 ERA) vs. Hendricks (8-9, 3.37 ERA)

An update to our Community Guidelines

And now to ban a certain form of off-topic conversation.

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Become a part of the definitive polling on the San Francisco Giants.

The loss of Willie McCovey is incalculable

Few players have ever bonded with a franchise like Willie McCovey did with the Giants, but don’t forget that it took a while.

McC Happy Hour #9: Kenny Kelly

Do you want to know what the site’s primary post-game recapper sounds like?

Thursday BP, 8/22/19

SF Giants Minor Lines 8/21/19: Matos and Bericoto come up, but Luciano goes down

That’s not how the end of the season is supposed to go!

Giants get out in front, fall behind, come back, cough up the lead, come back again, and lose 12-11

The Giants and Cubs jockeyed for the lead all game, but the Giants lost in the end.

Giants @ Cubs, 8/21

Rodriguez (5-6, 4.79 ERA) vs. Darvish (4-6, 4.21 ERA)

How do you feel about the new baseball?

FanPulse voters have a very firm position on the allegedly juiced ball.

Imagining Madison Bumgarner’s next contract

He’ll always be more valuable to the Giants than any other team.

The Giants have their most home runs since 2010

San Francisco is not a good home run team, but they are an improving home run team.

Wednesday BP, 8/21/19

SF Giants Minor Lines 8/20/19: The Home Runs return to Sacramento

Plus, is there one more midseason cull up coming?

Cubs walk all over Giants

Get it? Because the Giants walked seven batters.

Giants @ Cubs, 8/20

Beede (3-7. 5.77 ERA) vs. Hamels (6-4, 3.69 ERA)

The Giants have a normal farm system now

In less than a year’s time, the organization transformed its weakness into a strength.

This StoryStream has:

2019 MLB Draft results & full coverage

Follow along as the Giants work to remake their minor league system.

ChurnGraphs: How the Giants’ many personnel changes have made a difference

You already know that Mike Yastrzemski and Alex Dickerson have made the team better, but here’s some statistical backing for when you decide to call in to KNBR.

Series Preview: Can Bruce Bochy’s twilight eclipse Joe Maddon’s?

The Giants aren’t as talented as the Cubs, but they have much more gravitas.

Tuesday BP, 8/20/19

SF Giants Minor Lines 8/19/19: Heyward Slams It Off

Plus, Bart and Ramos break hitless streaks

53 players have appeared on the active roster this season

The number grows by the day!


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