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Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List #4

A barn burner at 3 puts Marco Luciano just barely on board

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The Giants need to buy 10 wins to be interesting in 2019

How can they get there without breaking the bank or disrupting the core of the team?

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Tuesday BP, 12/18/18

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Three resolutions for Giants fans next year

These are only suggestions.

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The 2019 Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List

44 Prospects. Voted on by you, the Readers

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Inanimate team merchandise is far less disappointing than the team in motion.

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The Latest

Here’s the Let Pablo Pitch Hoodie

A hoodie for the holidays? That’s just what BreakingT’s thinking.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Willie McCovey Memorial Community Prospect List Returns for 2019!

Things are a little different this year…

Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List #3

Heliot takes number 2, and now things get interesting…

Monday BP, 12/17/18

Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List #2

Bart is on the board...

Who makes sense for a boring offseason?

The Giants are aiming to be a 75-win team in 2019. How are they going to get there?

Meet Farhan Zaidi, President of Baseball Operations

It’s official.

They Might Be Giants

This new Hunter Pence t-shirt reminds us all that a “Goodbye” is not forever

BreakingT captures Hunter Pence’s entire Giants career in this single t-shirt. Think I’m kidding? Look at what they put on the back.

Meet Sami Higgins from McCovey Chronicles

"My first identity was not Californian or even American, it was Giants fan."

Meet Carmen Kiew from McCovey Chronicles

Carmen basically predicted Dereck Rodriguez getting called up to the majors.

Weekend BP, 12/14-16/18

Willie McCovey Memorial 2019 Community Prospect List - #1

This is probably the easy one.

Pablo Sandoval — in shirt form!

BreakingT is back with a shirt you will want to buy for everyone in your family and for your progeny.

Feel the flow with the new Dereck Rodríguez t-shirt

Dereck Rodríguez has arrived and so has his t-shirt from BreakingT.

The Brandon Crawford t-shirt has arrived

Brandon Crawford is having his moment. Wear it with BreakingT’s latest.

The Definitive Brandon Belt T-Shirt

BreakingT has captured Brandon Belt’s Player of the Week-winning week in this striking cotton blend.

Giants add 4 players, lose 3 in Rule 5 Draft

If all goes well, LHP Travis Bergen from the Blue Jays and OF Drew Ferguson from the Astros will be on the major league roster to start 2019.

What do players think of the new mound visit rule?

In Part 2 of our More Than 2-Part Series, we look at a hot button issue whose main effect seems to have been the scoreboard now listing mound visits.

Thursday BP, 12/13/18

A case against the “opener”

Maybe it will end up being good for baseball, but will it be good for the players?

McCovey Chronicles chronicles: Some site news

Don’t think of this as a goodbye. Think of this as an annoying roommate moving out and being surprisingly cool to hang out with on a limited basis.

McCovey Chronicles Podcast

Wednesday BP, 12/12/18

The Giants are try-curious about the “opener” and other pitching possibilities

Farhan Zaidi follows Las Vegas’ biggest tourist trap by indulging in his darkest fantasies about pitching and roster construction.

The White Sox are interested in Brandon Belt

This trade scenario is just dumb enough to work.

The Cardinals have their eyes on Will Smith and Tony Watson

Trading either would make sense, but do the Cardinals have something the Giants want?

A note from the managing editor

I know your time is valuable, and I’d like to say I’m sorry.

Tuesday BP, 12/11/18

Giants make their first move of the winter meetings picking up left-handed OF Mike Gerber

Spoiler alert: he strikes out a lot.

Monday BP, 12/10/18

Requiem for the John Barr Era

Johnnie we got to know you fairly well, tra la!


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