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Yes, there will be a Pablo Sandoval pitching bobblehead

It’ll be one of the team’s featured promotions next season. The world is a better place because of this.

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Meet Farhan Zaidi, President of Baseball Operations

It’s official.

Wednesday BP, 11/14/2018

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Larry Baer did it

He had one job this offseason and he nailed it.

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Arizona Fall League interview with right-handed relief pitcher Sam Wolff

We might see him in the big leagues soon.

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Remembrances of Willie McCovey

He’s not gone.

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The Latest

This new Hunter Pence t-shirt reminds us all that a “Goodbye” is not forever

BreakingT captures Hunter Pence’s entire Giants career in this single t-shirt. Think I’m kidding? Look at what they put on the back.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The best Dodger moments from the 2018 World Series

Oh look, highlights of the Dodgers losing a playoff series. That seems like something this site’s audience will enjoy.

What does Steamer think of the Giants’ pitchers?

Pitching was one of the Giants’ few strengths last year. Can they keep it up in 2019?

Reyes Moronta needed more leads to protect

The rookie excelled in those rare occurrences when the game was on the line.

Tuesday BP, 11/13/18: How to help victims of the California fires

Arizona Fall League Review: Week Five

Meet Sami Higgins from McCovey Chronicles

"My first identity was not Californian or even American, it was Giants fan."

Meet Carmen Kiew from McCovey Chronicles

Carmen basically predicted Dereck Rodriguez getting called up to the majors.

They Might Be Giants

Requiem for Bobby Evans

He joined the Giants in 1994 and had been GM since before the 2015 season

Monday BP, 11/12/18

The highs and lows of Brandon Crawford’s All Star/average season

Crawford was among the hottest hitters in the game at one point, earning himself a starting appearance in the All Star Game. After that...not so much.

Weekend BP, 11/9-11/11/18

Pablo Sandoval — in shirt form!

BreakingT is back with a shirt you will want to buy for everyone in your family and for your progeny.

Feel the flow with the new Dereck Rodríguez t-shirt

Dereck Rodríguez has arrived and so has his t-shirt from BreakingT.

The Brandon Crawford t-shirt has arrived

Brandon Crawford is having his moment. Wear it with BreakingT’s latest.

The Definitive Brandon Belt T-Shirt

BreakingT has captured Brandon Belt’s Player of the Week-winning week in this striking cotton blend.

Gregor Blanco is all about family

He’s also all about making catches to save perfect games, but he doesn’t have the chance to show that quite as often

Farhan Zaidi considering Oakland’s Billy Owens for GM

We have our first name in Farhan Zaidi’s search for a general manager.

Miguel “Go-Go” Gomez - he was alright for his fifteen plate appearances

It doesn’t really matter anymore, but here’s a recap of Gomez’s 2018 with the Giants.

Thursday BP, 11/8/18

What the Farhan Zaidi hiring means for the Giants, as described by an idiot on the outside

The Giants have a new Lord of Baseball Doings. Here’s what will be different.

Wednesday BP, 11/7/18

McCovey Chronicles chronicles: Some site news

Don’t think of this as a goodbye. Think of this as an annoying roommate moving out and being surprisingly cool to hang out with on a limited basis.

MLB Draft 2018

You can find every post about the draft in this post.

McCovey Chronicles Podcast

Holiday Heroes event honors Hunter Pence at AT&T Park on December 4th

Hunter Pence gets another award for being a good person

Tuesday BP, 11/6/18

What does Steamer think of the Giants’ hitters?

The 2019 Steamer projections are here. How much do they hate the Giants offense?

Sam Dyson pitched well, even though you probably don’t remember it

He also pitched a lot.

Arizona Fall League Review: Week Four

Fall Stars Game highlights week four in the desert.

Monday BP, 11/5/18

Who’s carrying water for whom?


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