Very Important Theatre


Juan Marichal in the '68 All-Star Game

Watch him make Rod Carew look like Kensuke Tanaka.


Video: Dontrelle Willis in a Giants uniform

"D-Train" proves effective (and even hustles!) in one inning of work.

Barry Bonds highlights for no good reason

Not that you needed a reason.

Barry Bonds vs. Russ Ortiz and #695

Barry Bonds destroys a baseball in lo-def. Come join us?


The Joe Morgan game

Here it is, the full game in its entirety. So neat.


The '73 Giants, in all their glory

Well, this is very important. Have you ever wanted to see astroturf in Candlestick Park? Have you ever wanted to experience a Giants walk-off grand slam? Have you ever wanted to watch a couple...


Very Important Theatre, XXVI: on The Stick

This came from, and it's short but nifty. I had a genius idea to make the week of the 49ers' last home game all about Candlestick Park memories. Then some goofball made the Niners game the...

Video: Will Clark in Game 1 of the '89 NLCS

I was 11 when the Giants and Cubs played in the 1989 NLCS: old enough to be interested, not interested enough to actually watch all of the games. I don't remember the Cubs scoring six runs off Rick...

Let's celebrate the destruction of Mat Latos

I need to get a thread up, so let's watch the Buster Posey grand slam. As if you needed a reason.


Condensed World Series games from 2010? Okay ...

I can handle that.


Hunter Pence wants to mold your children

I hope you never experience the horrors of being away from your computer and receiving eight messages on your phone that read, "You have to check out this Hunter Pence video!" It was like a dream...


Very Important Theatre, Vol. XXI: THE FUTURE

Look, I'm not sure what a Google Glass is. But there will be apps for it. Do you like apps? I like apps. They seem to get things done. The app in the video looks like a GameDay app over your eye....

The inspirational Vida Blue

People liked to write songs about him, apparently.


Very Important Theatre XIX: Shhhhhhhhhhh

It's a secret to everybody.


Say, let's remember the 2003 NLDS

Light on the preview, heavy on the sadness.


Very Important Theatre XVIII: A 10-year-old Panda

This would almost certainly play better if Pablo Sandoval weren't in the worst slump of his career. Since the start of May: .226/.291/.328. There are loose bodies in his elbow. I think one of them...


Very Important Theatre XVII: Arroyo and Jones

The Giants' first two picks in the 2013 draft, presented for your amateur scrutiny


Very Important Theatre: Brenly's four-error game

It's a video. Watch the video.


Tim Lincecum: The montage

By way of Internet gift Carmen Kiew and Bay Area Sports Guy, we have something worth your attention. I didn't like Imagine Dragons before the video. Now I'm on my way to get the Night Visions...

Video: Tim Lincecum's no-hitter

And post-game celebration. I've included a comprehensive study.

Video: The story of the rainglobes

It's a very important day here at McCovey Cove Chronicles. As a lot of you McCCCc readers know, valued reader/keyboard user thirteenthirteen posted an idea in the McCCCc message boards about a...

Very Important Theatre, Vol. XII

In which we give thanks and appreciation for one of the best parts of being a Giants fan.


Very Important Theatre, Vol. XI

Because I had Monte Irvin on the brain for most of the day -- at least, the first part of the day -- I went looking for clips of him playing. Instead, I stumbled across the above video, in which...


Seals Stadium and a discovery

Here's a video of the Giants in 1958, their first year in San Francisco. I was going to post it because it was shot in Seals Stadium, which I'm kind of fascinated with. Nothing too exciting....

Buster Posey, closer

Or, if you switch the last syllables of his name around, Busty Closer.

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