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This Date In Mets History: November 14


Devine intervention gets the ball rolling on building of Miracle Mets, Xavier Nady celebrates a birthday, and more!

Wily Mo Pena's Walk Off Homer Wins the Game!


For those who didn't get to see what happens when you put in the right pinch hitter anyone other than Nady or Bloomquist...

Bad news on Nady


This just in from Pete Abe. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE, 12:55 p.m.: Nothing official yet, but the word is that Xavier Nady will need surgery and miss the season. UPDATE, 1:47 p.m.: We just spoke to Nady. He didn’t want to say too much until he sees the team doctor in NYC tomorrow. But he indicated that the MRI showed a tear and surgery will be needed. Even if you always thought Nick Swisher should be playing and Nady sitting, you have to recognize that this is not good news for the Yankees.

Relax, Swisher fans


Xavier Nady, Nick Swisher will both be important to the New York Yankees.

A Brief Review Of The Washington Nationals' Trade History With The New York Yankees....


As the Washington Nationals reportedly talk to the NY Yankees about a trade for Xavier Nady and/or Nick Swisher, we take a quick look at past trades between the teams.

MLB.com's Bill Ladson reports, "Nationals interested in Nady, Swisher"...


Finally realizing that they'd signed more players than they had room for on their roster, the New York Yankees** are now determined to trade two redundant position players, Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher, and according to MLB.com's Bill Ladson's latest article entitled, "Nationals interested in Nady, Swisher", the Nationals might be a possible destination, as Mr. Ladson writes that, "The two clubs are currently in trade discussions, according to a source." What is DC going to have to give up for these two? Or one of the two? Please don't give away prospects for these two...Please? (ed. note - " ** = I was hoping that maybe DC would come to the same realization?")

The San Francisco Giants and the Yankees: Trade Partners?


Do the San Francisco Giants match up as trade partners with the New York Yankees? Kind of....

Community Projection Review: Xavier Nady


PLAYER POS. COMMUNITY ZiPS ACTUAL Xavier Nady RF .272/.331/.454 .259/.319/.449 .305/.357/.510 As with the Jason Bay projection, we were wrong here but still did better...

Link Roundup, 8/19/08: Big Changes


-P- My, how things have changed in Pittsburgh, and this article by John Perrotto and especially this one by Wilbur Miller are a lot more positive than any I'm used to seeing. And they should be. ...

I Guess It's Pick On ESPN Day...


But, at least on this score, they started it. There's nothing more embarrassing than smarmy writers who don't know what they're talking about. Where to start with this one? Please, someone, tell...

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