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Yup, Tim Lincecum is the Worst Pitcher Ever (At This Moment)


More numbers to make us sad. But on the bright side, he has nowhere to go but up! Here's hoping for a better second half...

Lincecum loses 20 pounds over winter


Kind of crazy, I wouldn't have guessed he had 20 pounds to lose.

The Classical: The Passion of Chris Lincecum

"By Seth Kolloen Tim Lincecum was a month away from becoming the 10th overall pick in the 2006 amateur draft when I started a story about him for a regional lifestyle magazine based in Seattle. The magazine was not in the habit of publishing features about college pitchers, but I had convinced my editor that Lincecum was not only an exceptional college pitcher, but a fascinating story. Tim’s father, Chris, I told her, was a former minor league pitcher and Boeing engineer, who had developed his son’s unorthodox throwing motion according to aerodynamic principles. Although I didn’t know it at the time, this was completely false. But it was still a good story..." MORE

Tim Lincecum is even smaller in person.


Story and photos discussing how scrawny and nonathletic Tim Lincecum truly looks, when seeing him close up. It is amazing to view Lincecum compared to his fellow All-Stars. Photos taken outside of the All-Star hotel in Anaheim on Monday.

Friday: Lincecum, Saturday: Wellemeyer


Maybe I'm missing something in my undercaffeinated state, but what's the point of messing with the rotation if we're *not* skipping the No. 5 starter? What does flipping Lincecum & Wellemeyer accomplish? I'd understand if we were swept by SD and needed a boost but now?

Two-Time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum hooking up fans in Arizona


An article from a couple weeks ago, showing video of Tim Lincecum mixing it up with fans during spring training in Scottsdale.

Lincecum leaves court $513 poorer


Giants ace and two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum resolved his marijuana charge in the state of Washington this morning when charges were reduced to a civil infraction in Clark County District Court. Lincecum's two charges of the use of drug paraphernalia and possessing marijuana were reduced to a civil infraction, according to a report in The Columbian newspaper. Lincecum will be required to pay $513. The speeding ticket charge was paid separately. Lincecum was pulled over for speeding on Interstate 5 by the Washington State Patrol on Oct. 30, about four miles north of the Oregon border.

A list of the best game scores in San Francisco history


If you don't know what a game score is, here's a primer. It's a fun tool. For some reason, I thought Lincecum's game last night would have been one of the top five since the Giants moved to San Francisco. Nope. There are some pretty sweet performances mixed in there. Lincecum's game score of 91 ties the career high of Shawn Estes, who did it twice in 1997. I'll just ignore any implications there....

Giants win while Lincecum fans 12; one for each '89 A in attendance


The Giants offense rarely impresses anyone, but Oakland rookie Vin Mazzaro disagrees with this widely held opinion. "This is a pretty good lineup. There’s no weakness in their lineup, your always battling, every pitch."

McC love from Deadspin


Deadspin took some time away from their wall-to-wall Bill Simmons coverage to link to yesterday's Tim Lincecum graphic here at McCoven. The post was written by Rick Chandler, who I'm pretty sure lives around here (he always seems to interrupt Deadspin's normal programming with Bay Area-centric fare). Along with the link and some stuff about The Unit, he also added Lincecum's quote from yesterday, "I just have to take this effort with a grain of rice."

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