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Pablo won't be charged with sexual assault


"The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Investigation Bureau did an extensive investigation including interviewing witnesses, serving search warrants, reviewing security camera video tapes, text messages, toxicology reports and analyzing physical evidence. Based on review of this thorough investigation, the District Attorney's office has reached this same conclusion," Lee said. "The nature and number of the complainant's inconsistencies leaves us unable to establish her version of events beyond a reasonable doubt. Nothing from the physical evidence and other witnesses helped corroborate her story. All the evidence that might be relevant to the contested issues of force and lack of consent is simply inconclusive."

Pablo, the Best Defensive Third Baseman in the Majors?


"He didn’t win a Gold Glove. He didn’t win a Fielding Bible Award. But Pablo Sandoval may be the best defensive third baseman in the National League, if not the majors." I am not familiar with the significance of the stats [rPM (runs plus minus saved), DRS (defensive runs saved), and RZR (revised zone rating)] used here. But at least there is evidence that Pablo is among the best defensive third basemen in baseball.

Welcome back Pablo Sandoval!


Welcome back Pablo Sandoval!

Hilarious SF Giants song and music video!!! Watch "Champions"

Official 2011 San Francisco Giants Song—"Champions"

Hilarious SF Giants song and music video!!! Watch "Champions"

Panda is a Beast


What are things that bring a smile to my face? From BA: Venezuelan League San Francisco’s Pablo Sandoval powered the Navegantes del Magallanes to the best-of-seven championship series against Caracas. The series begins tonight. Sandoval, 23, hit .395/.425/.604 in 20 regular-season games, then batted .477/.500/.932 with five home runs in 10 playoff appearances. Maybe I'm incorrect, but didn't Giants brass pull him out of Winter ball?

Fangraphs: Second Look at Sandoval


Fangraphs takes a look at our resident Panda. Flooding their comments with "ginats brassss" is optional.


Pablo HR = Half off Panda Express

Sales pitch for Panda Express to think about.  Every time Pablo Sandoval hits a homer, the very next day Panda Express is half price. It's an ideal situation for fans and lovers of Panda Express....


Poll: Pablo's Defense

One of the biggest topics of discussions during the offense was the propspect of Sandoval manning the hot corner this season.  Opinions ranged from "he'll be fine" to "he'll suck".  In my opinion,...

Game Recap


A post-game report for the Giants/Diamondbacks game on Friday.

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