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Phillies Links, 6/19/13: Werthless, Stupid Fans


After a close reading of Jayson Werth's recent comments to the media, his relentless, thoughtful introspection merits nothing so much as a boo, rather: a shave of the knuckles and and a...

The booing is out of control


This trend of crowds booing the home team has started to bug the hell out of me. I've been seeing it happen in the first half of games. Last night the spoiled-rotten home crowd at Staples Center...

Super Frankie Lampard


Frank Lampard came on as a second-half substitute for England against Estonia on Saturday and was booed. Not for the first time and I am sure until Super Frank retires from representing the...

There is no justification, yet, there is


Booing the owner? After reading this you'll ask only "what too GSW fans so long?" The litany is worthy of fan litigation.

Question of the week: What is your favorite hockey tradition?


Goal horns, hat tricks, calling the refs an a-hole. What's your favorite hockey tradition? The Raw Charge Question of the Week.

Should we boo Sergei Gonchar?


Just three games into the season, Ottawa Senators boo birds were out in force for top defenseman Sergei Gonchar. Is there any benefit to booing a player on your own team?

Will The Booing Return To Memorial Stadium This Season?


Booing has become a staple amongst Husker fans, but if the fans want to be known as the "Greatest Fans in College Football" - it needs to disappear from Memorial Stadium.

Why we boo our former players


While respecting the fans right to do so, The Toronto Star's Dave Perkins takes a look at the different reasons why we boo our former players when they come back with new teams. Personally, I've never been one to boo players, ours or the other teams, unless they actually do something contemptible. And by and large I really don't understand booing former players. To my mind I always wish them well on their new teams and am usually happy to see them back in town, so if anything am inclined to give them a warm round of applause.

Joel Sherman On Early Season Booing At Citi Field


"It seems to me strange that so many would come to games to be so miserable so quickly and easily. There is a Legion of Gloom atmosphere that now pervades Met home games, as if near everyone in the place is just waiting for something bad to happen."

What's the deal Habs fans?


OK, I can understand booing Michael Ryder every time he touched the puck last night. It was his first game back in Montreal since signing with the rival Boston Bruins. I get that, but why boo...

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