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Ryne Price, University of Kansas C/OF

Ryne Price was the 33rd round draftee of the San Fransico Giants today.  I have been covering Ryne for the last few years at the blog Rock Chalk Talk .  I thought I would cross post a story I wrote...

Draft IX: The Reckoning


The final installment of "Draft!" allows us to indulge in the grand internet tradition of ranking things. Quick! Rank your top five Pink Floyd albums! Even though the rest of the post will focus...

Draft VIII: The Unthinkable


The first seven installments of the Tony-nominated series "Draft!" have focused on hitters. Peter Magowan is on record as saying "we hope to get a position player this time." Every mock drafter and...

Draft VII: The Dark Horsies


We’ve already established that the Giants tend to develop high school hitters as well as they develop Pulitzer-winning playwrights. It’s not entirely fair to keep bringing that up, though, without...

Draft VI: Shumway, Shumhow


That's a pretty weak title, but when a player shares the same first name as ALF, I have little choice. Before the season started, Gordon Beckham was Baseball America's 24th-best prospect for the...

Which Alonso?


Yonder Alonso! I can't believe I came up with that one all on my own! The MLB.com Draft Report on Yonder Alonso gives a perfect synopsis of the Giant dilemma in its summary: Alonso or Smoak....

Draft V: Buster Move


The dry recounting of Buster Posey: He was recruited as a shortstop, but he converted to catcher a couple of years ago. He can pitch, too, which allowed him to take part in one of those wacky...

Draft IV: Pushing Tim


According to MLB.com, Tim Beckham is the best all-around athlete in the draft. Scouts have drawn comparisons to Justin Upton, and though Upton was a better overall prospect, Beckham will likely be...

Draft III: Smoakin in the Draft Room


On the traditional scouting scale of 20-to-80, Justin Smoak tops out at a full 80 in the all-important punability category. Just think of the possibilities! A splash hit becomes Smoak in the water....

Draft II: A Better Pedro for a New World


Pedro Alvarez went into the season as the consensus #1 talent, and he's stayed there despite a hand injury. The Vanderbilt third baseman was hit by a pitch and broke a bone in his hand during his...

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