Series Previews

The World's Most Obnoxious Sports Team

Oh. Good. The Padres.

Words about the Dodgers I wish I could take back

Sorry about all those stupid words back there.

Rockies/Giants series preview

What's more powerful, the Rockies' inability to hit on the road, or the Giants' inability to keep the ball in the park?

Let's get ready to fear, hate, and cheer

Stupid Dodgers

A short history of Giant/Dodger home runs

Do you like dingers? I do. Especially when they're against the Dodgers. Let's explore this beautiful world.

On the Yankees and crippling fears of yore ...

I used to be scared of the Yankees. Totally freaked out. It passed.

Giants/Mets series preview

Turns out the Mets have an ex-Giants prospect in their rotation. That sounds exciting!

So the Giants are playing the Dodgers, you know...


Rockies/Giants factoids you didn't ask for

A typical series preview would go something like this: The Rockies haven't been very good this year, just like the Giants. Also, Todd Helton's goatee is still stupid. Rinse, repeat, from now...

(A short) Giants/Padres series preview

It's a short preview because you didn't want to read about this series anyway.


Giants/Diamondbacks series preview

In which we talk about how the Diamondbacks are awful for letting the Dodgers win.

Pirates/Giants series preview

The Pirates are coming into town for four games to administer some serious whoopings. Unless the Giants are total jerks.

On the Giants becoming the Red Sox (in a good way)

The Giants and Red Sox are forever linked, apparently. Here's why that might not be a bad thing for 2014.


Say, let's remember the 2003 NLDS

Light on the preview, heavy on the sadness.

The World Series of Disappointment

Wait, maybe it's the NLDCS, and the winner plays the Angels.

The Guide to Oriole-Giant Relations

The Orioles and Giants really haven't had a lot to do with each other, you know.

Four games against another bad team

In which you are advised not to look directly at either team without goggles.

Root, root, root for the ... wait

We're all rooting for the Giants, right? Sure we are. But it was a trickier decision to make than it usually is ...

NL West hate rankings

The good news: After every good Diamondbacks season, something good happens for the Giants. They won the division in 1999; the Giants won it in 2000. They went to the World Series in 2001; the...

Mets/Giants series preview

It's been an interesting time for Metropian-Gigantic relations. After years of not caring about each other, Mets fans and Giants fans have some reasons to. After this tongue-out-mouth post on David...

The Dodgers are coming ...


Reds series preview (with bonus Mat Latos hatred)

The Reds effectively ended the Giants' season in 2011 with some Edgar Renteria heroics. The Giants ended the Reds' season in 2012 with some Buster Posey heroics. This series should decide...

10 things about the Dodgers: a series preview

Or, 10 facts about the Dodgers.

Marlins/Giants series preview

It's literally my job to know about baseball. There are 30 teams to keep track of, and usually 1,000 players take an at-bat or throw a pitch every year, so it can be a little overwhelming, but I'm...

Padres/Giants series preview

The Giants and Padres are meeting for the 144th time this season, and this time it's painful.

Giants/Pirates series preview

The Giants didn't do well in Pittsburgh last year. What do the Pirates look like this year?

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