Post-game threads

Giants score run, still lose

The Giants hit a home run! They also lost their third straight.

Matt Cain allows unearned run, regrets his mistake

You'd think he would learn.

Giants avoid the sweep, fall to Dodgers

Somehow, it never seemed as close as the 2-1 final score.

Vogelsong, bullpen frustrate Dodgers

The part where the Giants won was the best part.

Giants hector Dodgers in extras, walk off in 12th

They tied it in the ninth off Kenley Jansen, in what was surely a clerical error.

Brandon Crawford walks off

He got a baseball wet, too.


Cained so damned hard.

Giants throw away the game

The rubber match broke, and we should probably get checked out.

Paul Goldschmidt is an awful man

It moved from tragedy to comedy to snuff film.

Giants win home opener, 7-3

Dingers and two-out hits. Just like we're used to.


Giants win again, despite stalling offense

Despite getting only seven runs of support, Madison Bumgarner's strong start helped the Giants defeat the Dodgers.

Giants befoul Dodgers home opener

Totally befouled it.

Giants come back, take series


Hudson sinks D-Backs, Giants win 2-0

Sinks has "double-meaning"!


The Giants get their first loss of the 2014 season, losing 5-4 to the Diamondbacks.

Giants win, take Opening Day from Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks are 0-3 after Opening Day. They must be terrible.

Giants win late, Bumgarner solid

He gave up three earned runs, bringing his total this spring to three.

Vogelsong hit hard, bullpen awful

"Other than that, Mr. Ryan, how did you like the World Series?"

Giants sweep the weekend, everything is ruined

They won three games! Then Tim Lincecum had a bad inning, and everything went to pieces.

Bumgarner stellar, Giants roll

It almost didn't count because it was the Padres, but it still counts. Then it didn't count because of the spring training part. Whatever, it was nice to watch.

Vogelsong recreates Pirates career in one-act play

Carlos Baerga hit one home run, Travis Fryman hit two.

Giants lose, Lincecum hit hard, Scutaro plays

The last one is probably worth the most time.

Weekend recap: Giants win, lose, lose

And the win wasn't really that exciting.

Vogelsong solid, Giants don't lose

I'll take both of those.

Giants walk off, Lincecum good?

I mean, you tell me.

Bonds teaches Tim Hudson to hit, Giants win

Science! Specifically, physics.

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