Post-game threads

Giants lose five-inning rain delay debacle

There were jokes during the delay. It doesn't seem so funny anymore.

Giants lose at home again, fall 5-3 to Phillies

The Giants have lost their last 487 games at AT&T Park.

Giants shut out, win 7-1 following lawsuit

They wouldn't have scored any runs if not for those meddling activist judges

Giants play with your emotions, lose in extras


They almost won! Then they didn't. Better to have lost and thought that you had a chance to love someone who hated you rather than never have loved at all.

Giants swept out of Kansas City


Tigers fans thought they couldn't hate the Giants more. They were wrong.

Giants shut out again, lose 5-0


It was close for a few innings, then it wasn't.

Giants throw game away, lose 4-2


They got 12 hits! Those hits were not in the right order.

Giants score and score again, win again on road


Hopefully, they can stay on pace to not have home-field advantage in the playoffs.


Giants salvage game, win 7-5


That was one of the ugliest games of the year, but the Giants will take it.

Giants lose sixth straight, fall 3-1 to Pirates


Francisco Liriano was great, and A.J. Pierzynski is on the Cardinals now.

Giants drop fifth straight, look feckless


They had an extra-base hit and sent 29 hitters to the plate, yet they still lost.

Giants swept, slip further behind Dodgers


Except I have fun facts. Bear with me.

Giants pound two hits against Kershaw, still lose


Oh, but you should have seen those hits.

Dodgers whomp Giants, 8-1


But that one run was a team effort.

Cole Hamels brilliant, Giants avoid the sweep


There's only so much a team can do when a good pitcher is going bonkers.

Giants outlast Phillies in 14-inning marathon


Tim Lincecum got a save, and the Giants are in first place.

Giants get month's worth of hits, down Phillies


Ryan Vogelsong's command was so poor, he almost walked Cliff Lee with the bases loaded. It didn't matter.

Giants avoid sweep, fall 3-2 to Marlins


Tim Lincecum pitched well, and he also pitched one too many innings.

Giants remain undefeated in second half


Oh, and they're in first place, which is empirically better than second place.

Giants whomp Marlins, 9-1


Second half, you seem nice. Don't be a jerk.

Giants get four hits, still lose


Ryan Vogelsong was shelled for two whole runs, and the Giants couldn't recover.

Tim Lincecum dominates, Giants shut out D-backs


There was pitching. There was hitting. The home team did all of it.

Giants lose again


They scored a run, though. They scored a run.

Giants win, 5-2


Please, respect personal property. Remember that's someone's car you're about to set on fire.

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