Sandoval hospitalized with abdominal inflammation

Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval remained hospitalized Thursday in Venezuela with abdominal inflammation but was expected to be released in 24 to 48 hours.

McC Night at the Yard: Tuesday 8/23 (with poll)


Mark your calendars!  Our annual game meet-up planning is under way.  This year's event will be the evening of Tuesday 8/23 against...wait for it...The Padres (gasp!)  More details to come as the...

Open Gameday Thread 4/24, II


Aurilia would taste delicious with some jam on him. Maybe some peanut butter?

Open Gameday Thread II: Electric Boogaloo


C'mon, Giants. Let's make this game less embarassing.

Son of Open Gameday Thread 4/13


Go Giants! Screw this up, and I'll cut you.

The Ugliness


According to Brian Murphy on KNBR, the fans at last night's Giants/Mariners game were a little boisterous. The empty seats meant that every voice could be heard, and the less-supportive fans were...

Open Gameday Thread, 3/13


Thanks to wilriv for staying on top of the spring training games.The Giants hold a 2-0 lead in the 1st.Ed. note: The new format that's coming will allow me (Grant) to put these damn things up well...



It's taken a few months more than expected, but the Brandon Inge rumors have started to percolate. Lessee...good defender...terrible on-base percentage...enough power to fool a GM who doesn't care...

Open Gameday Thread, 3/12


Things will change around here...tomorrow. The site will be taken offline for a few hours sometime tomorrow evening.For now, though, it's time to Lincecum on and feel the noize. If I were to write...

Open gameday thread 3/11


The Gigantes are playing some team or another in a some spring training game.For those who do not wish to watch the game, I will summarize.  A Giants pitcher not named Cain or Lincecum surrendered...


Community Projection: Barry Zito


This year's round of community projections will be limited to a few select players. This is because I don't care about Rich Aurilia's projection. You don't care about Rich Aurilia's projection. I...

What is...


There's a "gamer" commercial aired every 10 minutes on KNBR. There's probably one on right now. If you live outside the Bay Area, you might not know what the "gamer" ad campaign is. It goes...

Open Gameday Thread, 3/10



Open Gameday Thread, 3/9


From Sports Illustrated (and pointed out by King Kaufman): It's hard to imagine that Bonds' presence could do more for a new club than his absence has done for his old one. I wonder what it would...

Open Gameday Thread, 3/8


I don't remember these commercials at all. I'm not sure if the tagline can still apply.

Taking the Fifth


With Noah Lowry down, both Jonathan Sanchez and Kevin Correia should be in the rotation to start the season. Should someone else go down, we'll probably see Pat Misch.  My comment starter...

Open Gameday Thread 3/7


Todd Linden and the Oakland A's play against the Scrappytown Gamers in a must-win contest.The new Baseball Prospectus annual claims that the Giants treated Linden as if he were Justin Upton. I have...

Open Gameday Thread 3/6


Today's post canceled on account of illness. I'm watching a USFL game on ESPN Classic and sucking my thumb. I think if I type any more, my skull will melt.



(knocking on door) Noah Lowry: Who's there? Optimism Week: Candygram. Noah Lowry: Ooh! A candygram! (Lowry opens the front door) (A foam Optimism Week mauls Noah Lowry) No more days or weeks will...

Open Gameday Thread, 3/5


This one is a must-win.

Open Gameday Thread, 3/4


By popular demand...



Five questions for the spring: Can Barry Zito throw strikes? Zito's biggest asset is that he can stay healthy, but that would mean a lot more if he could throw strikes. Can Noah Lowry throw...



The new rage: Eugenio Velez, potential third baseman. It's a counterintuitive move, as third basemen usually have a little bit of power, and Velez hits like Bill Mueller on a hunger strike. But if...

Open Gameday Thread, 3/2


From the Chronicle: Ted Uhlaender, one of general manager Brian Sabean's top advisers, attended the White Sox's game against the Diamondbacks in Tucson and saw third baseman Joe Crede homer off...

Open Gameday Thread, March 1


Sabean: Things aren't going as fast as we're expecting. Colletti: Under the radar. Patience. That's how we have to do this. Sabean: You didn't trade a single prospect this winter. Not a one. I...

Open Gameday Thread, 2/29


I'm not sure if there's going to be enough interest in spring games to do an open thread every game, so this is kind of a trial run. I'm trying to avoid a repeat of this kind of thing. I like my...

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