Giants' director of social media doing an AMA

The Giants' director of social media is Bryan Srabian. No, that does not get old. Yes, he is a pretty interesting cat with a pretty interesting job. He's also been very, very good to McCovey Chronicles, and the Giants are one of the more progressive teams in baseball when in comes to reaching out to us unwashed heathens on the Internet. Now you can ask him anything! Whether he answers it is a different story, but he's doing a Reddit Ask Me Anything at 11:00 a.m. PT on Friday. Think of a good question, and head on over. "Uh, so, like, has anyone ever told you your name is like ... you know ..."

Kyle Crick strikes out 10 in 4 innings

Speaks for itself. Kyle Crick had 12 outs on Friday night ... 10 were strikeouts, 2 were pickoffs. Video of all 10 strikeouts plus Panda's home run with San Jose, all here.

Help JFK's Quote of the Day:

Hello, I’m jrockies and a member of Purple Row. Every day I post a baseball related quote to the site noted as "JFK’s Quote of the Day." I have, however, come up with a problem. Most of the quotes I have are from former players/coaches (Berra, Mayes, Hornsby, Peter Uueberroth, etc.) or older authors and sports writers (Boswell, Russell Baker, Kahn, etc.) and I don’t have many from players and writers of today’s period. As an attempt to build my list of quotes I have decided to ask the different baseball communities around SBNation to help me out. I don’t get to read local articles for non-Denver teams very often and I know that players have said something wise/funny/absurd that should be remembered somewhere ("These are thin mints. I put them in the freezer. My favorites. So good." ~Reds outfielder Adam Dunn, on the Girl Scout cookies he keeps in his locker) So here is the challenge: In the comments section post your all-time favorite baseball quotes (I don’t have all of them) and your favorite quotes you’ve heard from around the league in recent years. For the next two weeks I will post my quote of the day in the comments here. Thanks, jrockies JFK

24 hours of pancakes

Please help McCovey Chronicles contributor Bill Hanstock die of syrup poisoning, as he's going to eat pancakes for 24 hours straight. For charity.

Clayton Blackburn interview

Giants No.11 prospect. Current San Jose Giants starter.

Chariots of Flannery starring Angel Pagan

Angel Pagan's inside the park walk-off homer set to music. Sorry I got the game date wrong.

Broshius getting ink on cheating in baseball

and in Facebook discussion, Ryan Sadowski tells Garret to chill. Or maybe sarcastic, hard to know. Also saw on Facebook that Broshius got some honors during law school graduation, or spoke or something.

Curious Facts From '87 Topps Cards

I dig some Mental Floss, you never know what you'll find. One of my favorites of these: Jim Traber (BAL) Jim is an accomplished professional singer. He sang the National Anthem at Memorial Stadium the night he made his MLB Debut, 9/21/84

"Ten Minutes or Less" with Mac Williamson

San Jose Giants right fielder Mac Williamson.

Matt Kemp, not a complete d*ck.

Dodgers rivalry aside, this gesture makes me like him as a person.

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