McC Plays Civilization: Organizing Thread



After polling the hivemind, it appears that the majority of interested respondents only own Civilization 5, so that will be the first game we try. Now let's get organized!

First, if you haven't already, join the McC Steam Group, this will make it easier to find everyone when we actually start the game. Second, please respond in the comments below to confirm your interest, and also list the times you would be available to play during the week as well as what expansions you own (base game, Gods and Kings, or Brave New World). If your Steam username is different than your McC username, please post that as well so we know who to look for on Steam. The pacing I had in mind was to spread the game across one or two sessions a week, two to three hours at a time. That way we don't have to rush to fit an entire game into one session, and we can play on normal speed.

Additionally, I'd like to hear from people on the following matters:

A) Ruleset for the game: please throw out any suggestions you have as far as game settings, maps, house rules, etc. If you've played a lot of Civ 5 mutliplayer, I'd like to hear about what does/doesn't work well. In general, I'd like the game to be friendly to players of all skill levels, and I'd encourage players to refrain from knocking others out of the game early. As for picking countries, I figure we can do that in some sort of draft once we figure out who exactly is playing.

B) Would we be interested in using Teamspeak, and if so, does anyone have or know of a server we can use? I'm not sure how easy it is to set one up, but I know that it makes organizing games with several players much easier to do.

C) If anyone can help me briefly stress test my game hosting capabilities sometime this week (Wednesday night?), that would be great. Alternatively, if you can do better than 15 mb/s upload speed, let me know if you would be able to host.

If you have any other questions or comments, let me know. Hopefully we can get this started later this week!

And since you read all the way down the page, here's a comic for your trouble.


/denounces Tommy Lasorda

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