Hawaii lifelong Giants fan, first time in SF

Aloha all!

Long time lurker, not much of a poster, but here I am. I have listened to Giants games since I was a wee child and have been a fan since I could follow the concept of sports. My childhood dream was to come to San Francisco to see a game in person. My first game was yesterday against the Dbacks. Could it have gone better? Well, Posey could have been in the lineup and.....

but I digress.

The reason for this post is to give you all my brief account on the experience, but also to gain some information about the Bay Area. I will be going to the game today and tomorrow, then I will be free to roam the city, see the sights and be a tourist.

I was hoping my great fellow McCoven could give me advice on all that is San Francisco. Restaurants to eat at, breweries to visit, places to park, etc.

A bit about myself: I just graduated college and am in the midst of a three-month cross country road trip. I graduated with a degree in Communications, but I'm leaning towards journalism, as I was the school's Sports Editor for two years. I also worked in the ER as a doctor's assistant (scribe). I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and after my road trip I am looking to settle somewhere that is not in the middle of the Pacific.

Here is my experience of my first game (summarized):

Excellent walk around the stadium 3 hours prior to first pitch. Great weather, orange shirts and Giant coke bottles. Selfie in from the stadium, dude who fishes out splash hits started following us on Instagram @ashandkeanesexcellentadventure.

Statues, plaques, vast memories and history. I get my picture next to Schmidt, Rob Nen, Bill Mueller and Woody plaques. Perhaps they are the first Giants I was aware and fans of? Brisk wind kicks up and sends an orange and black top hat onto the grassy knoll where many bicyclists are lying down. Cute kids in full Giants gear stumble by with cleats, high socks, mitt on hand and eye black on face. Fathers appear fatigued, this far before the game? but still have looks of glee that are replicated in their children's faces.

150 minutes until first pitch. Time to stand in line. God damnit!!! I forgot my mitt! Oh, the agony. I will weep everlasting tears if a foul ball comes near me and I miss it. Two hours before game time, the turnstiles are opened, we are released into the stadium. I immediately rush towards the field, nearly losing my girlfriend in the process. Whoops forgot to mention her, oh well, she won't read this anyway. I will make up for it by buying 11$ beers. Thank god they don't only have Coors light, local brews FOR the WIN!

We are twenty rows up from field, left field line... The excitement is building. Wait, no Posey? Damn you Bochy. That lineup doesn't look too promising, but as a Belt fan boy, I'm glad he is in the lineup. Shit, Bumgarner, Affeldt and Morse are huge!

15 minutes before first pitch. I begin to get emotional. Keep those shades on, man, tears welling are okay, but YOU WILL NOT BAWL. No tears shed, just ecstasy and life long dreams come true. Is it sad that this is my most yearned for moment? Is it wrong? Gluttonous perhaps? Well yeah, but it's bigger than that. I began to realize that baseball and the Giants were, in a weird way, my religion. Listening to the games on the radio were my day at the chapel and San Francisco was my Vatican. I was finally here. Let's go Timmy, keep the ball rolling. I will keep saying silent prayers if you keep throwing quality pitches. Belt, if you could plant one in the bay, I would start speaking in tongues and be full of the Holy Ghost. No holes in that swing, please baseball gods?

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments. Aloha, mahalo and lots of love from your fellow fan,


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