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EDIT: Civ 5 organizing thead here

So a lot of McCoven seem to be fellow strategy game nerbs, and we've kicked around the idea of having a big multiplayer session. So here is my attempt at organizing one.

The two games I see mentioned most frequently are Civilization (specifically Civ 5) and Crusader Kings 2, so I figured we should poll the group and see which one people are most interested in playing, and then we can organize the session in a second fanpost. My internet speed should be good enough to host either game, although I don't have as much experience hosting Civ 5 games (but I'm sure others here do). I believe both are easy enough to do via Steam, and I can make a McC Steam Group to help organize everything.

As for when to play, I figure sometime during the upcoming All-Star break would be best, and then we can work out a regular time during the week to continue the session if it goes well. With the way these games are paced, I find it's best to block out a couple 2-3 hour spaces during the week when everyone can play regularly. But we can discuss that once we've decided what game we're playing, and who is interested.

If you don't have either game but would like to join, both games frequently go on sale, and there will be plenty of experienced players to help you learn the ropes. If I hear about any sales, I will post them here. For Crusader Kings, all players use whatever DLC the host has, so you only need the base game to play with all the content. However, that is not the case for Civilization, so to play the full game everyone would need to have the expansions. I promise you that both games are well worth the money. Steam store links for each game:


Civ 5

So if you're interested in playing, please respond to the poll below and post your Steam ID as well as what times you would be available to play this upcoming week in the comments. And if you have any suggestions regarding organizing this, let me know. In particular, I'd like to hear from anyone who has experience playing large multiplayer Civ V games. Thanks!

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