Giants linked to two Dominican outfielders before July 2

The last time the Giants made a big international splash - Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Please, save us, players I just heard of for the first time.

I had plans for today. They involved writing about the Giants, and how they're the worst team in professional sports history. They would not have been fun articles to write. They will not have been fun articles to read. I don't even know how you went to work today. Your company's leave policies have to cover this.

So to cleanse the palate, here is some news from Baseball America about the best international prospects who will sign after July 2, when teams are clear to sign international free agents. The Giants are mentioned a couple times as being interested in outfielders, which is good enough for me. First, let's look at how many times the Giants are mentioned in the profiles of the top 30 international prospects:


Mm-hmm. Mmmm-hmmmmm. Cool, cool. That makes me feel better. In the "others to watch" section, though, the Giants get two mentions, both with outfield prospects. First up, the Giants have "heavy interest" in Bryan Pena, who is described as one of the best power bats in the class.

He can go deep routinely in batting practice and had superlative timing for one of the best games of his life, as he hit two home runs in a Dominican Prospect League game in January in front of hundreds of scouts. A big lefty at 6-foot-4, 200 pounds, Pena hasn’t brought that power to the games as frequently as some would like to see, especially for a player who will likely be locked in to first base, but his offensive potential is promising.

Pros: Dingers
Cons: Cannot help this season, this lost season, this season of our despair, this black pool of lamentation and doom.

Next up is Sandro Fabian:

At 6 feet, 180 pounds, Fabian employs a leg kick and can generate hard contact when he connects, but he wraps the bat and likes to chase pitches off the plate, so he’s going to have to tighten his strike-zone management against better pitching.

Need developmental help with pitches out of the strike zone? Well, have I got the team for you ...

Pros: 70-grade name, potential to help 2019 Giants finish over .500 for first time since 2012
Cons: All is lost, all is lost, all is lost.

The Giants could make us all feel better by spending millions and millions of dollars to blow up their spending cap next week. I think we've earned it. Make this problem go away with money, Giants.

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