Together Giants 一緒にジャイアンツ - A Visual Novel

Together Giants is an otome visual novel in which players assume the role of Eimi Goto, a new transfer student to Kyojin International School who becomes the manager of her school's baseball team. As Goto, players help keep the team in order on its quest for a national title. Players also develop relationships with the players and may ultimately become the girlfriend of one of them.

Note: In Japan, a female high-school baseball manager is a behind-the-scenes support person assigned such administrative tasks as scheduling, equipment and field care, scoring and statistics. She is an assistant to the coach, a partner to the players, and above all an integral member of the team. Many high-school sports teams (not limited to baseball) in Japan have female managers.

Eimi Goto is a Japanese American teenager who recently moved Tokyo with her parents and transferred to one of the most prestigious high schools in the country, Kyojin International School. Despite its academic excellence, the school is even more well-known for its eccentric student body, referred to by some as "the School of Misfits". She is undeterred by this though and looks to make an impact in her new school and become more self-confident and assertive. Due to her love of baseball, she volunteered to be the manager for the school's baseball team. However, upon meeting all the players, she learns that dealing with all the personalities might not be as easy as she thought.

Posey is the team captain of the Kyojin baseball team in addition to being the class president and #1 student. All his teammates look up to him and go to him for advice. However, internally he is afraid of failure and constantly works to improve himself, which can lead to him shutting out other people, even his friends and teammates.

Crawford is calm and reserved, seemingly showing no emotions on and off the field. His cool manner and looks make him popular with girls, much to the chagrin of his teammates. In class he needs to wear glasses to read, which he doesn't like because they make him look like an old man. The old-fashioned style of his glasses gained Crawford the nickname "the Professor".

One of the pitchers on the Kyojin baseball team, Vogelsong is a temperamental, fiercely-competitive boy. His attitude has lead to him bouncing around between different schools, but he seems to have found a home in KIS. Though "Bogii" may initially seem gruff and serious, he has a kind and softer side that shows around those close to him.

A carefree, easy-going guy, Romo somehow manages to pop up in places people don't expect. Whenever the mood of the team is down, his teammates can always count on him to bring it back up again. He hates being called fake and will lose control of his emotions if anyone even remotely refers to him as such, even if it is a casual mention.

OK, so this isn't an actual game. It started out as a joke, but I just kept writing and developing the idea more. It's gotten to the point where I've been seriously thinking about making it a game. I thought I'd gauge interest to see who'd actually play one first. I'd probably need to recruit some people to help as well. I have a few other character bios written already but cut it off with these five to keep it manageable. If anything, I just had a bit of dumb fun drawing Giants players as pretty, pretty boys. Thanks for indulging me.

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