2014 ADOPTION DRAFT - Rules Discussion and Organization

Well, it's February, and on McCovey Chronicles that means that it's time for the adoption draft. We need people or groups of people to run the draft. This fanpost should be used to discuss who can volunteer to do what. Here are the things we need people to do:

Custody Fanpost: Merope has volunteered to create the actual fanpost, but people need to monitor it and update the McWiki with drops and retainments accordingly. We also need people to spam main threads and Twitter with the links, and attempt to locate seemingly-inactive people (more on this later).

Adoption Draft Rankings Fanpost: I volunteer to do this. Basically, this entails creating the thread where people calculate their draft points so that they can be placed into an order. I volunteer to write the fanpost, calculate everyone's draft position, and write up the draft order.

Organizational Fanpost: Merope and I collaborated on the actual writing of this, but the McWiki needs to be updated with any rule changes, and there needs to be a record of who has committed to doing what.

Another thing this fanpost should be used for is for discussion on rules, and any rule changes. Here are the rules from last year's draft, taken from the rules discussion thread of 2013:

  1. Essentially, there is a one week window between registration for the draft and the day of the draft itself. Last year registration was from the 11th to the 18th; this year we haven't even started tracking who's keeping or releasing their adoptees.
  2. These rules should not be changed too much.
  3. Who you can draft: Current players from all levels, retired players, organizational staff, front office staff, and inanimate objects affiliated with the Giants are available for adoption.
  4. Draft order: The formula used is draft points = #comments + 20*(months of membership) + 35*(number of Fan Posts & Fan Shots). Draft points will be calculated on the day registration begins, and any posts thereafter will not be counted.
  5. The Rolling Three Rule: You get 2.5 hours from the moment you’re on the clock to select a "protected pick" wherein no one greater than 2 spots below you can pick ahead of you. After that 2.5 hours is up, then you have until 24 hours after you’re on the clock to pick before you go into the secondary draft pool, which puts a new user on the clock. Anyone in this pool can draft the next time they log in. The "protected" clock stops ticking from midnight - 6 AM. (For example, if you get on the clock at 11 PM, you have until 7:30 AM to select a "protected pick" wherein no one greater than 2 spots below you can pick ahead of you. You still only have until 11 PM the next day until you go into the secondary draft pool.)
  6. Trades / Released / DFA’s: If your player is traded for another player, you are eligible to adopt the incoming player. If there are multiple players involved in the trade, these will be worked out on a case-by-case basis by the affected parties. Users whose players are DFA’d/released will be compensated by being allowed to draft as a group (in descending order of draft points) before everyone else in the following draft.
  7. Proxy adoptions: Last year, we used a Google form to allow people to submit "proxies" for themselves; essentially, if they couldn't be there on the day of the draft, they got to submit a draft order beforehand and the person running the draft would give them the first person on their submitted list who wasn't drafted. This is a good idea and should remain on the ledger for this year.

Now, there is one main change I wish to propose. I think we should be less lenient as far as the time and effort allowed for people to reclaim their adoptees. Not only was this unfair to the organizers who spent far too much time and effort trying to contact people who barely go on this site anymore to reclaim their adoptees. McCoven know that the draft is in February, and if they want to keep their adoptees, they should have to put in the effort to remember to come to this site. If they are inactive such that they don't even come to this site once during the week-or-so during which reclaiming and releases will occur, then I say people who are active more often on this site are more deserving of the better adoptees.

Finally: people, I know that this is a lot of work, and all of us are really busy. But you get out of this community what you put in, and I know that the adoption draft is one of the things that really separates this community from all other internet forums in my eyes. If lots of people volunteer, then there will be less work for everyone who does; so make a good example, give back to the McC community, and please help us out on this!

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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