Predicting Augusta's 2014 Opening Day roster - what's your guess?

This roster guessing exercise should be more difficult this year, because I'm starting it about 6 weeks earlier than last year and this year we don't have any posters that have provided us with a list of which prospects are playing with which teams in the minor league Spring Training camp. I think it will be better this way, because we should get a lot more differing guesses and more lengthy debates about who should go where. I will be posting a different fanpost for each of the 4 full season affiliated clubs, so don't dazzle us with your completism in the comments below by posting all 4 of your rosters together. On with the show!

Augusta is almost always that hardest roster to predict each year, because it's almost always impossible to predict which players from the previous year's short-season clubs (mainly Salem and Scottsdale) have improved and grown enough during the offseason to impress enough eyes in the minor league ST camp to win a coveted promotion to full-season ball. As in 2013, Augusta should start out the season with 1 of the top pitching rotations and bullpens in the entire Sally - especially in terms of depth. OTOH, as in 2013, the starting 9 position players should be mostly old and underwhelming - with the likely exception of the 2 wunderkinds from the first 2 rounds of the 2013 draft - Christian Arroyo and Ryder Jones. I can only think of 3 things that would keep these 2 teenagers from holding down the left side of the Augusta infield come OD - a ST injury, a utterly horrible ST camp, or a promo for Arroyo all the way to San Jose. Of these 3, I would guess that the last 1 is the most unlikely scenario due to Arroyo's tendar age, Augusta's proximity to his southeastern home and the number of veteran candidates for the SS spot in San Jose.

The active roster limit in A Ball leagues is 25 players, so keep your list to that limit. If you want to include an "extended roster/taxi squad" item with players that you think will populate the remaining Reserve List spots in your predictions then you can include up to 10 other players (the Active + Reserve List limit for A leagues is 35 - which also includes all players on the 7-Day DL). The Giants almost always go with a 6 man starting pitching rotation in Augusta, although you can make it 5 if that's your prediction. Add in the 9 starting position players (including the DH - who often gets a few starts in the field during a given week) and a minimum 2 man bench (backup catcher + backup IF) and that brings you to 17 players. Then you have to decide if you want an 8 man bullpen or a 7 man pen + a 3rd bench player.

Here's a template that you can cut & paste to use for your own predictions (add or subtract an SP or RP to fit your needs):




On the extended roster (Reserve List):

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