COP Round 2: QO Free Agents and Trades


Last week's decisions can be found here.

The current roster can be found here (there are 35 players on the 40-man). Please note that this is the plan, not necessarily a possible one. Some of these players are out of options, but ticketed for the minors. Since they wouldn't have to be dealt with until the start of the season, we won't worry about it.

In summation:

We DFA'd Tony Abreu, Brett Pill, and Guillermo Moscoso. Tony Abreu ended up "tied"; there were six rec's on both DFA and Do Not DFA, but since Nivra submitted both comments I don't know which one he voted for. He gets to break the tie in the comments down below. EDIT: Nivra hates Tony Abreu for some reason, so he's been DFA'd as well.

Gary Brown, Adam Duvall, and Kendry Flores were protected from the Rule 5 draft.

Both Lincecum and Pence were extended qualifying offers.

Vogelsong's option was picked up, Zito's was declined.

With those decisions, assuming no major league salary for players who haven't been brought up and before arbitration salaries are added, but $500K for every pre-arb player who has seen the majors, the current payroll stands at $98.728M.


QO Decisions (poll)

Qualified free agents

Arbitration salaries

Trade proposals

DFA proposals (perpetual)

Qualified Free Agents:

I'm going to assume the following players are tied to draft pick compensation:

Robinson Cano

Jacoby Ellsbury

Brian McCann

Shin-Soo Choo

Hiroki Kuroda

Ervin Santana

If anyone disagrees, or has another suggestion, please put it in the comments and we'll vote on it with the "yes/no" comment rec system.

Arbitration Salaries:

The following players are arb-eligible
Abreu (arb 1)

Arias (arb 2, previous salary $0.925M)

Blanco (arb 2, previous salary $1.35M)

Mijares (arb 3, previous salary $1.8M)

Please submit your responses for their salaries here.

Rules for Trade Proposals:

Anyone can suggest a trade proposal between the Giants and any number of other teams (think you can do a five-way trade? Go for it!). Please use the all-caps title TRADE PROPOSAL, followed by bolded team names indicating which teams get which players. For example:


Marlins: Johnny Monell

Giants: Giancarlo Stanton

Then, reply to your proposal with the following two comments:

"This trade works for both teams"

"This trade does not work for both teams"

Only trades which have a higher number of rec's for the first comment will be accepted. Obviously I would hope people would be as objective as possible, but I'm expecting some pro-Giants bias on these. The other option I considered was putting up a Fanpost/shot on the other team's blog to see if their fans would go for it, as well as using the rec system to see if we would do it. Then if both communities approve it, it goes through. But that's a lot of spamming other blogs. Suggestions/comments on this system are encouraged.

DFA Proposals:

As usual, DFA proposals can be submitted. Just put up a comment with the title: "DFA: Player Name" and two responding comments, "DFA" and "Do Not DFA", which will be voted on via rec. It's assumed the individual proposing the DFA is for it.

Edit: Non-tenders are also an option. Voting on which arb-eligible players will be kept or non-tendered is in the comments.

Next time will be:

Free agent signings



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