COP Round 3: Free Agents and Trades

Week 1's decisions are here.

Week 2's decisions are here.

The current roster and salaries can be found here. There are currently 36 players on the 40-man. The current payroll stands at $118.07M. For this exercise, we will assume a budget of $150M and a hard cap of $160M - this means that any additional money spent should keep the total under $150M, and any proposals which cause the payroll to exceed $160M will not be accepted. Since decisions are cumulative - and there are no takebacks - be careful how you spend.

In summation:

Lincecum accepted the QO, Pence declined. Lincecum is back on the roster for a cost of $14M, Pence is a qualified free agent.

The list of QO free agents was not altered. The following players received qualifying offers:

Robinson Cano

Jacoby Ellsbury

Brian McCann

Shin-Soo Choo

Hiroki Kuroda

Ervin Santana

Joaquin Arias was awarded an arbitration salary of $1.4M

Gregor Blanco was awarded an arbitration salary of $1.75M

Jose Mijares was awarded an arbitration salary of $2.1875M

No trades were made.

No players were DFA'd.


Free agency

Trade proposals

DFA proposals

Free Agency:

Using essentially the same system as the trade proposals, signing a free agent requires both the team and player to agree. Therefore the proposal should follow this format: FREE AGENT SIGNING as the title, followed by the player, length, and total value in the next line, and the breakdown by year (to determine 2014 payroll impact in the last line. Signing bonuses should be put in parentheses at the beginning of the breakdown. For example:


Shin-Soo Choo, two years, $10M (stylize however you'd like)

(1) 4, 5

Rec'ing the original comment constitutes a belief that that signing works for both teams and you're in favor of it, while posting a disagreeing comment or rec'ing the first one to do so is a vote against the trade, either because you think one or both parties would not agree, or you're not in favor of it. This trade would likely garner a rec against it being possible - Choo wouldn't settle for so little, even if the Giants and I would love to have him on this deal.

As stated above, assume the Giants' recommended budget is $150M and hard cap is $160 - that is, try to stay under $150M, but proposals that shoot us past $160M will not be allowed. Additionally, even though the Giants own the #9 pick right now, I'm going to assume their 2014 selection is protected, which means signing a qualified free agent loses the 2nd round pick, not the 1st round pick.

A list of all 2014 free agents can be found here, and notable free agents here.

Trade Proposals:

This system works the same way as it did last time. Details can be found in the Week 2 post linked above. If you've got a suggestion for how it could work better, please say something.

DFA Proposals:

As usual, DFA proposals can be submitted. Just put up a comment with the title: "DFA: Player Name" and two responding comments, "DFA" and "Do Not DFA", which will be voted on via rec. It's assumed the individual proposing the DFA is for it. Remember that salaries are now guaranteed for all players, so DFA'ing a player means you're still paying their contract.

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