The Giants as the Justice League

Having just finished reading All Star Superman and The Dark Knight Returns for the first time I have a bit of Justice League fever and thought this would be a fun exercise.

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Ryan Vogelsong: Batman

At a young age Bruce Wayne saw his Mother and Father brutally killed in front of him. The tragedy fueled his desire to make Gotham a better place and to avenge his parents. Bruce traveled the world training in a variety of martial arts and finally returned home to Gotham to become the Batman we all know today. He is famous for his scowl and serious demeanor and though he has no actual super powers he is widely regarded as the greatest strategist in all of comic and through training and craftiness is one of the stronger characters in the DC universe. Vogelsong too suffered a tragedy but with him the tragedy was his inability to throw strikes. He had to leave his home of San Fransisco and travel the world to learn how to be a better pitcher. When he was ready he finally returned back to the Giants and using a combination of grit, skill and a nasty grimace he too became one of the stronger members in the SF giants justice league.



Pablo Sandoval: The Flash

A lot of people don't think about it but the flash is (depending on who is writing him) the most powerful super hero in basically all of comics. While Superman's faster than light speed and time travel abilities have been retconned, The Flashes have not. And mass traveling at a speed greater than that of light is basically infinite energy so a punch from him at top speed would be more than enough to vaporize Superman. But the Flash never really used his powers to their greatest ability. He has always been a bit of a joker and because his rouge's gallery was so lame he was content to just be "The Fastest man alive" rather than the greatest super hero in DC. Pablo too has the ability to be the best hitter on the Giants if he so wanted it but he just doesn't seem to have the drive or the want to take the title. He is content to rely on natural ability rather than put in the work needed to surpass the likes of Posey.





Brandon Belt: Aquaman

3/4s of the world is covered by water. That means on 75 percent of the Earth Aquaman is the most powerful super hero. But due to his seemingly lame powers and shitty narratives he is often overshadowed by basically every other super hero. Hell even Cyborb has surpassed Aquaman on the cool scale. But its mostly because he is misunderstood by the general public. If they actually took a look at his abilities they would stop laughing at him and put him in the pantheon of DC greats were he belongs. There is even talk about leaving him out of a justice league movie. Thats ridiculous. Brandon Belt must have the same pr man. People look at his abilities such as getting walks and playing elite defense and scoff. They would rather have the flashy all or nothing power of a Pill instead of appreciating just how great Belt already is. Some people want him off the team and sent back down to Fresno or traded. . Thats equally ridiculous.




Hunter Pence: Martian Manhunter

Its not just that they share a common home world either. Both are in a weird in between zone where you see their value to the team but you're not quite sure if they are worth a spot or not. Sure Jonn Jonzz has all the right tools: power, grace and the ability to do something that no one else can and make your jaw drop. But still if I am making a justice league movie do I want him on the roster? I don't know if he is worth the risk financially.





Bochy/Sabean: Wonder Woman.

There is something in the DC universe called The Trinity. Its the three greatest heroes of the DCU: Batman, Superman and Wonder woman. But while Batman and Superman get movies and TV shows over and over and over again Wonder Woman is widely left out except for a few appearances here and there. People blame a lack of quality writing and a boring power set/rouge's gallery but the same could be said of Superman as well. People like to hate on her and while I feel like some of that hate can be justified a lot of it is undeserved. She is basically the most important female comic book character ever written and without her Comics and a whole would be a lot worse. Similarly Bochy and Sabean get a lot of hate, much of it deserved but I also think they should be given credit where credit is due for winning us two world championships. Plus who else would you rather have?

(Why does she need an invisible jet? She can Fly. This has always bothered me)





Posey: Superman


quick hits

Pagan: Green Lantern

Crawford: Green Arrow

Cain: Cyborg.

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