Mike Krukow: The Brandon Belt problem and solution?

Krukow has it nailed.

“I think he has to make changes. I don’t like the way he grips the bat. I don’t like the way he wraps his hand around a bat and puts a death grip on the handle of the bat. I think he needs to loosen his hands up. He needs to get them in a better position to where he can release his bat head and use the pull side of the field. I think the way his hands are setup right now, he blocks out the right side of the field and his best bolts go to left-center. And that’s simply because of the way he holds the bat. I think he needs to make changes in that regard. But that’s not something you can do during the regular season. Hasn't been able to at this point. That’s a pretty significant change. When’s the last time you saw him have the bat slip out of his hands? Never. And that’s because of the death grip he has on that bat. If you have too tight of a grip on the bat, the barrel head lightens up. You want to have a loose grip, which enables the weight to be in the barrel head. And that’s what he needs to learn. And that’s something probably better for the off-season.”

Make no mistake, Krukow wouldn't offer up such a specific opinion out of the blue. There is no way that problem grip hasn't been discussed among the Giants coaches and FO. Krukow is around the club 162. Mike also mentioned, "he expected significant growth in that regard." That tells me this issue will finally be addressed in the offseason.

Now keep in mind this is not meant to disparage the kid. It's a matter of his upside. It's about the DEGREE of success he hopes to achieve. As Krukow went on to say. The power is there. It's just a matter of getting to it. The way I see it, Belt is leaving a ton of probable production on the table. Krukow and the Giants must see it the same way.

It's up to Brandon to make the changes necessary to get there. Yes I know his numbers "aren't that bad" So it's not about Brandon Belt being a bad player or get rid of him or anything of the sort. I mean if he wants to be the player he is today: Sporadic power, occasional hot streak followed cold streaks with high SO ratios. Just keep doing what you're doing. It's all about MAXIMIZING the talent given Brandon Belt.

He still has a big issue of his upper body drifting forward during the swing. But getting his hands in proper position might just help that too. His upper body wouldn't have to compensate for the poor grip.

To maximize the talent changes must be made. It's been a year and a half since I first mentioned the grip. And the effects of that grip. Finally, I think something is going to be done about it.

Can't wait to see it.

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