Mighty swings that yield little flairs are the gold mine finds of championships in baseball.

Gallo suspects that the snowheads at the park are more plowed than he is, but maybe not. This game has demonstrated that the Giants have it in them to win a close game and even, yes, to come back. He wouldn't expect this to become a habit, but the occasional easy win plus one of these would put them in the class of team that, um, does that kind of thing. Which would make them "good."

Gallo can't put them in that category at the moment, but he has seen it happen in '66, '68, '72, '88, and other years. If you remember otherly, then fuck you. My memory is trump.

You should just get used to Frenchy in left and Couzy at second and the Punter in right. That's our team.

Groin Pull is our Loogy, and Gas Can is our Roogy. Gallo remembers when there was no Loogy and Don Larsen was the Roogy. At that time, my body was lean, America was great, and people respected the Pope. Time was relative.

But, back to our point. The ability to hold a lead has been the touchmark of the championship years. It has not been a mark of the recent days, nor has the ability to take the lead once it is lost. As Gallo writes this, the Cubs threatened to tie the game based on bullshit, but a good play by Pablo prevents it.

Bully for us.

It will come down to the 9th, with the Cubbie Wubbies batting, and probably with guys on 2nd, yes several guys on second, waiting to score on any hit of any kind.

The fireworks at Cal Expo are audible, predictably. Romo is in.

Gallo understands the nervous affectations of Sergio Romo. He and he share many of them. Granting the opposition a chance is one trait we share. Gallo would discourage putting the first to runners on base, but that might be the strategy. It is a fine strategy, similar to the Brian Wilson strategy of loading the bases prior to striking people out or getting a double play. Hah.

Gallo expects a coup here . . . but that fast Cub has defeated the expectation. Damn him. Damn him to hell.

I'm sure he's a nice fellow.

We are down to it, amigos. Little Billy Goat Romo has let the lefty cue one down the line, and Blet has blet it go through his legs, thus allowing runs. Cubs lead: 3-2. It might be that the Giants aren't a very good team.

No, you aren't a good team when you blow 1 run leads and make 9th inning errors that cost you the game. But we'll see. Now, the Giants must score two runs before they score three outs, and I don't care a whit about Kuip's electric bill.

Pablo is forever. But Pence is . . . . anxious . . . . and Blet goes deep, but not enough.

And that's the ballgame.


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