Draft Day 3 - The Search for Hidden Gems - My picks

Statistically speaking, there's not a lot of hope for any of the 30 prospects that the Giants will pick today of ever making it to the majors. The best profile for success seems to be if you can find a high schooler or JuCo guy who is underappreciated or who unexpectedly is willing to sign for between $100K - $160K (think Clayton Blackburn). A team's bonus pool isn't diminished if they fail to sign a draftee in rounds 11 through 40, although any bonus that they hand out that is more than the $100K mark is added to their rounds 1 through 10 total bunus moneys paid. The Giants usually load up on org fillers (college juniors and seniors) starting around the round 15 mark, but I say that they've got more than enough filllers in the org to handle the next 12 months, so why not take a chance on a dozen or so HS/JuCo guys in the hopes of getting 2 to 5 that will sign? If I'm the Giants, I would concentrate on mid- to lower-level high school pitchers starting around round 20. Once they're drafted you go hard after them with the sales pitch that our organization really knows how to develop HS pitchers, would you rather go to college and take you chances 3 years from now on which team may draft you or do you want to get a headstart on all your college competitors and get to spend the next 3 years working with renowned pitching gurus like Dick Tidrow, Dave Righetti, etc.? I doubt that we'll see the Giants employ this strategy today, but that's how I've set up my draft board.

Keeping that in mind, here is my ranking of the propsects that I like for the Giants on day 3 (from highest to lowest), followed by in-depth profiles of each guy listed in alphabetical order (but broken out between college and high school prospects)

Bryan Radziewski: LHP, Un. Miami (5'10", 195) DOB=?
Alex Haines: LHP, Seton Hill Un., Penn. (6’4", 215) DOB=1/28/92 (Ranked #407)
Aaron Brown: LHP, Pepperdine Un. (6'1", 222) DOB=6/20/92 (Ranked #99)
Trae Santos: 1B, LHH, Troy Un., Ala. (6'1", 240) DOB=10/11/92
Danny Collins: 3B/LF, RHH, Troy Un., Ala. (6’2", 205) DOB=2/11/91
Jose De Leon: RHP, Southern Un., Louis. (6'2", 210) DOB=8/7/92
Chase Brookshire: LHP, Bemont Un., Tenn (6', 190) DOB=3/7/91
Evan Mitchell: RHP, Mississippi St. Un. (6'2", 180) DOB=3/18/92 (Ranked #411)
A.J. Vanegas: RHP, Stanford Un. (6’3", 205) DOB=8/16/92 (Ranked #78)
Dane Dunning: RHP, Clay HS, Green Cove Springs, Fla. (6'3", 200) DOB= (Ranked #490)
Anfernee Grier: CF, RHH, Russell County HS, Ala. (5’11", 175) DOB=10/13/95 (Ranked #379)
Andrew Dunlap: RHP, Westbury HS, Houston, Texas (5'11", 210) DOB=5/4/94
Dominic Ficociello: 2B/3B, SWH (throws RH), Un. Arkansas (6’4", 185) DOB=4/10/92
Bradley Wallace: RHP, Arkansas St. Un. (6’2", 175) DOB=//92
Dylan Stamey: RHP, Un. South Alabama (6'2", 185) DOB=?
Jeff Paschke: 3B/RHP, RHH, Santa Barbara HS, Cal. (6’4", 195) DOB=12/19/94 (Ranked #426)
Jonah Wesely: LHP, Tracy HS, Tracy, Cal. (6’2", 204) DOB=12/8/94 (Ranked #389)
Alex Hagner: LHP, Eustis HS, Mount Dora, Fla. (6'1", 175) DOB=7/11/94
Adam Engel: CF, RHH, Un. of Louisville (6'1", 210) DOB=12/9/91 (Ranked #156)
Tanner Krietemeier: 1B/LF, SWH (throws RH), Oklahoma St. Un. (6'2", 195) DOB=5/11/92
Clinton Freeman: RF, LHH, East Tennessee St. Un. (6'2", 195) DOB=5/25/91
Ryan Tella: CF, LHH, Auburn Un. (6', 175) DOB=5/18/91
Derrick Workman: CF, RHH, Mercer Un., Georgia (6'1", 185) DOB=8/1/91
James Roberts: SS/3B, RHH, Un. So. Calif. (6', 170) DOB=12/11/91 (Ranked #483)
Marcus Davis: LF, LHH, Florida St. Un. (6'2", 215) DOB=4/26/92 (Ranked #409)
Robby Coles: RHP, Florida St. Un. (6'2", 175) DOB=8/20/91
Jake McCasland: RHP, Univ. New Mexico (6’2", 225) DOB=9/13/91
Chandler Eden: RHP, Yuba City HS, Calif. (6'1", 165) DOB=8/27/95 (Ranked #70)
A.J. Puk: LHP, Washington HS, Iowa (6’7", 215) DOB=4/25/95 (Ranked #85)
Jacob Brentz: LHP/RF (bats LH), Parkway South HS, MO (6’2", 190) DOB=9/14/94
Brett Morales: RHP, King HS, Fla. (6'2", 195) DOB=1/?/95 Ranked #118)
Cal Quantrill, RHP, Trinity College School, Canada (6'", ) DOB=2/10/95 (Ranked #90)
Chris Oakley: RHP, St. Augustine Prep, NJ (6’8", 225) DOB=8/20/94
Garrett Williams: LHP, Calvary Baptist Academy, LA. (6’3", 190) DOB=9/15/94 (Ranked #42)
Dale Carey: CF/RF, RHH, Un. Miami (6’3", 180) DOB=11/14/91
Zack Powers: 3B, LHH (throws RH), Un. Florida (6'3", 200) DOB=11/24/91
Greg Greve: RHP, Ohio St. Un. (6'3", 200) DOB=1/5/92
Anthony Montefusco: RHP, George Mason Un., Virg. (6’, 185) DOB=2/27/91

Now for my detailed info and analysis of all of the players that I just listed above - including stats and video links, where available. The palyers are listed in alphabetical order, but separated into 2 groups - College followed by High School.


Chase Brookshire: LHP, Bemont Univ., Tennessee (6', 190) DOB=3/7/91
Brookshire is a senior who has been a starting pitcher in each of his 4 years at Belmont and has worked very hard to turn himself into a complete starting pitcher with a repertoire of 4 pitches that are at least average. After avery solid junior season in 2012 (16 starts, 110 innings, ERA=2.45, BAA=.217), he has been a dominant presence on the mound for Belmont through the first half of the 2013 season. Always stingy with hits and walks, Brookshire has dramatically improved his strikeout rate from 6.6 per 9 all the way up to 9 per 9 innings. He's always been tough on LH hitters, but so far this year he's been using his improved changeup and fringe-plus command and control to make life difficult for RH hitters too. His stuff isn't anything that catches your eye and his velocity is never likely to top 90 mph, but he knows how to keep hitter off-balance and make them uncomfortable, he can really spot his pitches where he wants them, he regularly pitches deep into the games that he starts, he's a very durable, and he tends to pitch his best in big games on the road when the pressure is at its highest. I think that he would be a good candidate for the Giants to take a chance on after the 10th round, or during rounds 7-10 if they want to try to save some money under the slot for other picks.
Mid: GS=7, IP=47, K=47 (K/9=9), BB=5 (BB/9=1), K/BB=9.4, H=31 (H/9=5.9), WHIP=0.77, BAA=.193, BABIP=.259
'13: GS=11, IP=71, K=82 (K/9=10.4), BB=12 (BB/9=1.5), K/BB=6.8, H=45 (H/9=5.7), WHIP=.80, BAA=.184, BABIP=.253

Aaron Brown: LHP, Pepperdine Univ. (6'1", 222) DOB=6/20/92
Ranked #99 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Brown will be a draft-eligible sophomore (just barely) in June 2013. He's a very good athlete and 2-way player that started 32 games in right field as a freshman in 2012. He also got in 16 relief appearnces when his team needed some help on the mound. BA reported that Brown was touching 94 mph with his FB and sporting an improved slider and changeup during fall ball in 2012. Drafted out of HS by Pittsburgh in the 17th round of the 2011 draft.
'12: G=18, IP=21.1, K=19, K/9=8, BB=21, BB/9=8.9, K/BB=0.9, H=21, H/9=8.9, BABIP=.358, BAA=.284, WHIP=1.97
Mid: GS=7, IP=40.2, K=28 (K/9=6.2), BB=22 (BB/9=4.9), K/BB=1.3, H=39 (H/9=8.6), WHIP=1.50, BAA=258., BABIP=.311
'13: GS=12, IP=72.2, K=49 (K/9=6.1), BB=31 (BB/9=3.8), K/BB=1.6, H=79 (H/9=9.8), WHIP=1.51, BAA=.336, BABIP=.284

Dale Carey: CF/RF, RHH, Univ. Miami (6’3", 180) DOB=11/14/91
Carey has great tools, but is still very raw at the plate and in the field. If he ever puts things together he could be a perenniel all-star in the outfield as a major leaguer. Drafted out of HS by Pittsburgh in the 21st round of the 2010 draft.
'12: .271/.375/.369/.744, wOBA=.342, AB=214, ISOp=.098, 2B=11, 3B=2, HR=2, BB=31 (12.4%), K=48 (19.2%), SB=9/14 (64%)
'12 (Cape): .240/.363/.339/.702, AB=121, ISOp=.099, 2B=7, 3B=1, HR=1, BB=19 (12.9%), K=49 (33.3%), SB=7/7 (100%)
Mid: .193/.321/.295/.616, wOBA=292, ISOp=.102, AB=88, 2B=2, 3B=2, HR=1, BB=14 (12.5%), K=20 (17.9%), SB=10/12 (83%)
'13: .192/.283/.274/.557, wOBA=.261, ISOp=.082, AB=146, 2B=5, 3B=2, HR=1, BB=15 (8.4%), K=30 (16.8%), SB=12/17 (71%)

Robby Coles: RHP, Chipola JuCo, Marianna, FL (6'2", 175) DOB=8/20/91
Coles seems to me to be a good guy to target in rounds 8-15. Coles was on my draft board for 2012, but went undrafted and ended up enrolling at Florida State Univ. for the 2013 baseball season (his junior year). He played his first 2 year of college ball at Chipola JuCo - a national powerhouse. He has a slight build and there's not much projection left for him, but he does have a live arm and a bulldog mentality (career 19-4 won/loss record). He has a solid 3-pitch mix and a fastball that reaches 92 mph. He has some decent swing-and-miss stuff (152 Ks in 163 career innings at Chipola), but his control has been spotty so he issues too many BBs (career BB/9=3.4) and hits too many batters (career HBP=30). He's also been difficult for opposing hitters to square up - yielding on 3 HRs and 24 XBHs in 163 career innings. Coles has a deceptive delivery and throws from an unusual arm-slot which makes him especially tough on RH hitters. His FB sits in the 88-89 mph range, and touches 91, with good movement. He also has a good slider and a changeup that is at least average. He does have a tendency to nibble at the corners and end up walking too many batters, but I do like what I've seen from him so far. He's a guy that I think would be a nice pickup after the 10th round as a possible 7th- or 8th-inning guy for the major league bullpen - especially useful as a ROOGY if nothing else.
'12: IP=70.2, K=68, K/9=8.7, BB=22, BB/9=2.8, K/BB=3.1, H=78, H/9=9.9, WHIP=1.41, ERA=3.18
Mid: G=18, IP=21.2, K=26 (K/9=10.8), BB=9 (BB/9=3.7), K/BB=2.9, H=10 (H/9=4.2), WHIP=0.88, BAA=.130, BABIP=.196
'13: G=29, IP=34.2, K=35 (K/9=9.1), BB=15 (BB/9=3.9), K/BB=2.3, H=26 (H/9=6.8), WHIP=1.18, BAA=.200, BABIP=.258

Danny Collins: 3B/LF, RHH, Troy Univ., Alabama (6’2", 205) DOB=2/11/91
After hitting the 3rd most HRs in the Sun Belt Conference during his sophomore season at Troy in 2012, Collins headed north and had a monster summer league season. He broke the single season Northeast Collegiate League records for HRs, slugging percentage, extra-base hits and total bases - hitting 19 HRs in only 41 games (181 PAs) to smash the 15-year old record by 5 HRs. Collins is old for his junior class, because he red-shirted his freshman season at Alabama in 2009. Unsatisfied with his situation at Alabama, he transferred and played the 2010 season (his freshman season) for a small northern Florida JuCo. He then transferred back to Division 1 baseball by signing with Troy during the summer of 2011, which led to his breakout 2012 sophomore season. Normally a 3B, Collins has been moved to RF by his Troy coaches this spring to allow his right shoulder to fully heal after injuring it playing defense during the 2012 college season.
'12 (college): .318/.388/.562/.950 – AB=233, 2B=17, 3B=2, HR=12, BB=22 (8.2%), K=24 (9.0%)
'12 (NEBL): .390/.461/.818/1.279 – AB=159, 2B=9, 3B=1, HR=19, BB=19 (10.4%), K=30 (16.6%)
Mid: .389/.494/.710/1.204, wOBA=510, ISOp=.321, AB=131, 2B=14, 3B=2, HR=8, BB=23 (14%), K=15 (9.1%), SB=1/2 (50%)
'13: .360/.452/.631/1.084, wOBA=.465, ISOp=.301, AB=236, 2B=25, 3B=3, HR=11, BB=32 (11.2%), K=33 (11.6%), SB=1/2 (50%)
Vid1: BP – Mar 2009 (high school senior):

Marcus Davis: LF, LHH, Florida State Univ. (6'2", 215) DOB=4/26/92
Ranked #409 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Davis was on my draft board for the 2012 draft, but went undrafted. He graduated from his JuCo and ended up getting a surprise late-summer scholarship offer from FSU when the Seminoles lost most of their best high school commitments to the 2012 major league draft. This will be a huge opportunity for Davis to showcase his skills to a wide audience while playing against the highest level of college competition in the country. If he can stay healthy, I think Davis is a great sleeper pick to keep a close eye on and he will very likely be the one college draftee that sees the highest rise in his draft position between 2012 and 2013. Davis transferred to Walters State from LSU prior to his freshman year and blossomed into one of the top JuCo position players in the nation during his sophomore season in 2012. Davis missed his senior year of high school with a shoulder injury, lost his scholarship to LSU, and didn't impress during his 2011 freshman season at Walters State. He showed that he has the sought-after combo of speed and strength during the 2012 college season and posted some of the best offensive numbers of any college player in the country. Davis has solid above average speed (6.7 second 60) and arm strength (he has thrown as fast as 88 mph off of the mound - though his throwing mechanics need some work).
2012: .440/.514/.766/1.280 AB=218, ISOp=.326, 2B=27, 3B=1, HR=14, BB=31 (12.1%), SB=14/16 (87.5%)
Mid: .300/.390/.569/.959, wOBA=.414, ISOp=.269, AB=130, 2B=14, 3B=0, HR=7, BB=16 (10.3%), K=17 (11%), SB=2/3 (67%)
'13: .300/.379/.504/.884, wOBA=.389, ISOp=.204, AB=230, 2B=20, 3B=0, HR=9, BB=27 (10%), K=33 (12.2%), SB=5/7 (71%)

Jose De Leon: RHP, Southern Univ., Louisiana (6'2", 210) DOB=8/7/92
De Leon is Puerto Rican and lived on the island up through high school before heading off to college in Louisiana. He was ranked as the #1 pro prospect in the Southwestern Athletic Conference by BaseballAmerica entering the 2012 college season – even though he was just a sophomore and ineligible to be drafted. Evaluators really like his live arm and the movement he gets on his FB (he struck out more than 11 batters per 9 innings in his freshman and sophomore seasons). I love his late birthday – he won’t turn 21 until 2 months after he gets drafted. I also really like a college starting pitcher that relies predominantly on a power FB (De Leon’s sits 90-92 and touches 94) – and has great success with it. So many college starters we see nowadays are finesse pitchers with not a lot of upside in the pros. His other pitches are inconsistent and not currently above average, but he has the tools to develop them under a good coach going forward.
UPDATE: I saw De Leon pitch in a televised game at the end of February. The radar gun had him throwing in the 87-91 mph range, but judging by what the announcers were saying, what the gun was reading for other pitchers, and what I could see with my naked eye the TV gun appeared to be consistently 1-2 mph slow. De Leon's control was wobbly and his secondary pitches were inconsistent and not very good so he had to rely on his FB a lot. His FB does show good velocity and late movement, but it lost some of it's effectiveness due to his lack of control. I wasn't in love with his mechanics, but I was impressed with his poise, mental toughness, stamina and physique.
'12: GS=13, IP=82.1, K=103, K/9=11.3, BB=34, BB/9=3.7, K/BB=3, H=57, H/9=6.2, BABIP=.287, BAA=.191, WHIP=1.11
Mid: GS=8, IP=50.1, K=39 (K/9=7), BB=18 (BB/9=3.2), K/BB=2.2, H=43 (H/9=7.7), WHIP=1.21, BAA=.231, BABIP=.293
'13: GS=12, IP=82.1, K=73 (K/9=8.0), BB=31 (BB/9=3.4), K/BB=2.4, H=63 (H/9=6.9), WHIP=1.14, BAA=.214, BABIP=.284

Adam Engel: CF, RHH, Univ. of Louisville (6'1", 210) DOB=12/9/91
Ranked #156 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Engle has at least 70 speed (timed at 6.4 seconds in the 60) and he knows how to use it on the field (37 of 39 in SBs during 2012 - and he's a top-rated defender). Engle also has an above-average arm for a CF. On the downside, his results with the bat show him to be purely a slap hitter (ISOp=.033) who doesn't walk enough to take advantage of his plus speed and basestealing abilities.
'12: .308/.341/.367/.708, wOBA=.328, AB=214, ISOp=.033, 2B=4, 3B=0, HR=1, BB=16 (6.6%), K=27 (11.2%), SB= 37/39 (94.5%)
'12 (Cape): .229/.328/.299/.627, AB=157, ISOp=.070, 2B=2, 3B=3, HR=1, BB=19 (10.4%), K=43 (23.6%), SB=15/18 (83.3)
Mid: .281/.382/.345/.727, wOBA=.342, ISOp=.064, AB=139, 2B=4, 3B=1, HR=1, BB=14 (8.1%), K=19 (11%), SB=30/36 (83%)
'13: .236/.364/.296/.660, wOBA=.318, ISOp=.060, AB=233, 2B=7, 3B=2, HR=1, BB=30 (10.2%), K=32 (10.9%), SB=40/52 (77%)

Dominic Ficociello: 2B/3B, SWH (throws RH), Univ. Arkansas (6’4", 185) DOB=4/10/92
Ficociello moved to 2B in fall practice after spending his first 2 seasons at Arkansas playing 1B. Obviously, he's much more valuable as a 2B (or even 3B) than he is as a 1B. He's one of the best pure hitters in the draft from the college ranks, but he had a relatively average statistical year in 2012 and then laid an egg in the Cape Cod League during the summer of 2012. This could be a chance for the Giants to get a potentially premium talent despite drafting near the end of the 1st and 2nd rounds. I'll be surprised if he's still on the board when the Giants draft in round 3. Drafted out of HS by Detroit in the 23rd round of the 2010 draft. UPDATE1: Ficociello was hit by the injury bug (a strained oblique muscle) about 10 days prior to the first game of the 2013 season that has kept him from playing the first 2 weekends of the college season. He's missed Arkansas's first 8 games, but is scheduled to see his first action this coming Thursday (2/28) as Arkansas travels to Arizona to play in the six-team Coca-Cola Classic tournament. The switch-hitter may start off hitting only right-handed, though, as the injury to his left side still hurts him somewhat when he hits left-handed.
'12: .290/.387/.429/.815, wOBA=.369, AB=252, ISOp=.139, 2B=15, 3B=1, HR=6, BB=35 (11.6%), K=42 (14%), SB=4/8 (50%)
'12 (Cape): .196/.281/.255/.536, AB=51, ISOp=.059, 2B=0, 3B=0, HR=1, BB=5 (8.6%), K=15 (25.9%)
Mid: .280/.382/.347/.729, wOBA=.341, ISOp=.067, AB=75, 2B=2, 3B=0, HR=1, BB=11 (12.1%), K=16 (17.5%), SB=1/1 (100%)
'13: .247/.321/.343/.664, wOBA=.304, ISOp=.096, AB=166, 2B=7, 3B=0, HR=3, BB=16 (8.4%), K=31 (16.2%), SB=2/4 (50%)

Clinton Freeman: RF, LHH, East Tennessee St. Univ. (6'2", 195) DOB=5/25/91
Who wouldn't want a guy that graduated from Davey Crockett High School? Freeman came to East Tennessee as more of a pitching prospect (and he has pitched in 33 games since joining the team), but now is seen as a sweet-swinging hitting prospect due to his results at the plate during the 2012 college season. He also showed that he could play at least average defense as a corner OF with a well above-average arm. Freeman's development has been greatly-aided by the fact that he has grown almost 3 inches and added at least 20 pounds to his frame since graduating from high school. What I like the best about Freeman is that he starts out with excellent contact skills and then has developed his power as he's grown and matured - with the promise of even more power potential to dream on. That's almost always a much better route than going after a guy with present power who can't make consistent contact. UPDATE: BA's latest blurb on Freeman from late May: "ETSU’s other big star is two-way talent Clinton Freeman, who is hitting .336/.402/.578 with 10 homers, 18 doubles and 56 RBIs (leading the team in all of those categories except OBP), while also going 7-1, 3.04 with eight saves in 56 innings off the mound. The junior, who led the Alaska League in hitting last summer, can touch 90 mph from the left side and is a dogged competitor."
UPDATE: From BA: "Two-way talent Clinton Freeman, hit .336/.402/.578 with 10 homers, 18 doubles and 56 RBIs in the regular season (leading his team in all of those categories except OBP), while also going 7-1, 3.04 with eight saves in 56 innings off the mound. Freenan also led the Alaska League in hitting last summer. He can touch 90 mph off the mound, from the left side, and is a dogged competitor."
'12: .365/.405/.550/.955, ISOp=.185, AB=222, 2B=14, 3B=3, HR=7, BB=14 (5.8%), K=24 (9.9%), SB=1/2 (50%)
'12 (Alaska Summer): .379/.417/.552/.969, ISOp=.173, AB=145, 2B=14, 3B=1, HR=3, BB=10 (6.4%), K=18 (11.5%), SB=4/5 (80%)
Mid: .369/.434/.700/1.134, wOBA=.480, ISOp=.331, AB=130, 2B=13, 3B=3, HR=8, BB=17 (11.2%), K=22 (14.5%), SB=1/2 (50%)
'13: .335/.398/.569/.967, wOBA=.419, ISOp=.234, AB=239, 2B=18, 3B=4, HR=10, BB=27 (9.9%), K=36 (13.1%), SB=2/4 (50%)

Greg Greve: RHP, Ohio State Univ. (6'3", 200) DOB=1/5/92
The Giants drafted Greve out of an Ohio high school in the 45th round of the 2010 draft, but it's unclear if they ever made a real attempt to sign him away from his OSU commitment. He hasn't distinguished himself on the playing field in his first 2 seasons of college ball, but he has some nice tools and could finally put together a good season in 2013. We know that the Giants saw something in him that they liked at some point, so maybe they still like his chances as a wishful pick after the first 20 rounds.
'12: G=14, GS=8, IP=50.2, K=34, K/9=6, BB=22, BB/9=3.9, K/BB=1.5, H=55, H/9=9.7, BABIP=.329, BAA=.279, WHIP=1.52
'12 (Great Lakes): G=7, GS=6, IP=32.1, K=28, K/9=7.8, BB=8, BB/9=2.2, K/BB=3.5, H=38, H/9=10.6, WHIP=1.42, ERA=4.73
Mid: G=10, IP=12, K=10 (K/9=7.5), BB=2 (BB/9=1.5), K/BB=5, H=5 (H/9=3.8), WHIP=0.58, BAA=.128, BABIP=.172
'13: G=18, IP=24.2, K=17 (K/9=6.2), BB=8 (BB/9=2.9), K/BB=2.1, H=15 (H/9=5.5), WHIP=.93, BAA=.176, BABIP=.197

Alex Haines: LHP, Seton Hill (not Seton Hall) Univ., Penn. (6’4", 215) DOB=1/28/92
Ranked #407 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. A relative unknown from a small Pennsylvania college, Haines put his name on the 2013 draft map in a big way by dominating the Northeast Collegiate League this past summer – a month after posting some eye-popping stats during his sophomore season of college (108 Ks in only 70 innings). In the NECL, Haines posted a 54/6 K/BB ratio in only 40 innings of work (7 starts and 2 relief appearances). Haines recorded an ERA of 0.90 and a WHIP of 0.75. Haines was voted the Pitcher of the Year and the Top Pro Prospect in the league. Haines had TJ surgery in the summer of 2009 and only just started feeling comfortable throwing his breaking ball again during the 2nd half of the 2012 college season. Seton Hill Univ. is in the same NAIA conference that current Giants minor leaguer (and 2012 draftee) Shayne Houck played in, so the Giants should have seen him pitch in 2012. UPDATE: Baseball America ranked Haines as their preseason #1 small college draft prospect in the entire draft. Perfect Game also listed Haines as their preseaon #64 overall prospect in the draft. Haines started out the 2013 on a shaky note. He has given up 6 runs (5 earned) in his first 2 starts while giving up 12 hits in 10.2 innings of work. On a positive note, he has 14 Ks and only 3 BBs in those 10.2 innings.
'12: G=18, GS=13, IP=70, K=108, K/9=13.9, BB=38, BB/9=4.9, K/BB=2.8, H=63, H/9=8.1, WHIP=1.44, ERA=4.24
'12 (NEBL): G=9, GS=7, IP=40, K=54, K/9=12.2, BB=6, BB/9=1.4, K/BB=9, H=24, H/9=5.4, WHIP=0.75, ERA=0.90
Mid: G=9, GS=8, IP=47.1, K=58 (K/9=11), BB=19 (BB/9=3.6), K/BB=3.1, H=41 (H/9=7.8), WHIP=1.27, HR=4
'13: G=14, GS=13, IP=76.2, K=91 (K/9=10.7), BB=27 (BB/9=3.2), K/BB=3.4, H=67 (H/9=7.9), WHIP=1.23, BAA=.232, HR=6

Tanner Krietemeier: 1B/LF, SWH (throws RH), Oklahoma State Univ. (6'2", 195) DOB=5/11/92
Krietemeier is very athletic and was a baseball and football star during his high scool days in Colorado. He was one of the top 2-way JuCo ballplayers in the entire country as a sophomore during the 2012 college season. He led his Iowa Western JuCo to the national JuCo championship as their top starting pitcher (12-1 record with a 1.78 ERA and 87 Ks in 76 innings) and one of their best hitters (playing mainly 1B when not pitching). I liked him as a mid-round pick in last June's draft, but no team drafted him at all and he ended up accepting his scholarship offer from Oklahoma State. He's always shown the ability to hit for average and power, and he's started out his Division 1 career for OSU like he still thinks he's facing JuCo-level pitching. Through his first 16 games and 64 ABs, he has put up a slash of .371/.437/.597/1.033 with an ISOp=.228 and 3 HRs - while striking out less than 11% of the time. '12 (JuCo): .416/.464/.675/1.139, ISOp=.249, AB=197, 2B=20, 3B=2, HR=9, BB=7 (3.2%), K=?? (%), SB=6/10 (60%)
Mid: .368/.425/.526/.951, wOBA=.423, ISOp=.258, AB=133, 2B=10, 3B=1, HR=3, BB=11 (7%), K=21 (13.4%), SB=3/4 (75%)
'13: .314/.415/.445/.560, wOBA=.390, ISOp=.131, AB=229, 2B=14, 3B=2, HR=4, BB=33 (11.7%), K=42 (14.9%), SB=7/8 (88%)

Jake McCasland: RHP, Univ. New Mexico (6’2", 225) DOB=9/13/91
McCasland seems to me to be a good guy to target in rounds 5-10 if his arm proves healthy. Drafted out of HS by the Giants in the 39th round of the 2010 draft (so the Giants will have to get him to sign a waiver to allow them to draft him again), but he turned down a very strong push by the Giants to get him to sign a large overslot contract a few days before the old August 15th deadline. The unconfirmed reports were that the Giants final offer was in excess of $200K - which is almost unheard of for such an extreme late-round pick for the Giants. Jake had a surprisingly strong freshman year in 2011, ending up starting some key late-season games as New Mexico (successfully) fought for a postseason NCAA berth and then starting a NCAA Regional Tournament game. McCasland had a poor sophomore season in 2012 caused mainly by elbow troubles, but he was reported to be throwing his FB in the 93-97 mph range to go with a good breaking ball in the Cape Cod League during the summer of 2012. UPDATE: McCasland has only pitched in relief appearances and less than 2 innings through the first 4 weeks of the 2013 season. I don't know if he's dealing with an injury issue or if he's just last favor with his coach, but I'm betting that his arm is acting up on him again. UPDATE2: I just found out that McCasland sufferred a "small hairline fracture" in his pitching elbow this past fall. He's just now starting to regain his form and stamina after not throwing off a mound before the middle of February. The good news is that he's already throwing in the mid-90s again.
'12: G=12, GS=2, IP=21, K=19, K/9=8.1, BB=9, BB/9=3.9, K/BB=2.1, H=28, H/9=12, BABIP=.389, BAA=.308, WHIP=1.76, ERA=6.43, FIP=3.21
'12 (Cape): G=15, IP=17, K=12, K/9=6.4, BB=3, BB/9=1.6, K/BB=4, H=24, H/9=12.7, WHIP=1.59, ERA=4.76
Mid: G=8, IP=6, K=3 (K/9=4.5), BB=3 (BB/9=4.5), K/BB=1, H=8 (H/9=12), WHIP=1.83, BAA=.333, BABIP=.381
'13: G=17, IP=19, K=16 (K/9=7.6), BB=10 (BB/9=4.7), K/BB=1.6, H=19 (H/9=9.0), WHIP=1.53, BAA=.268, BABIP=.345

Evan Mitchell: RHP, Mississippi State Univ. (6'2", 180) DOB=3/18/92
Ranked #411 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Mitchell is a bit on the skinny side, but he's athletic and his frame probably still has some projection and growth ahead of it. He currently throws his fastball in the low- to mid-90s, and he's been touching 96 mph this season. He also has a breaking ball that shows great shape and break, but that he has trouble controlling and keeping in the strike zone. Mitchell was a teammate of fellow RHP Chris Stratton, SF's 1st round pick in 2012, the last 2 seasons. He's always had very good stuff and velocity (he struck out more than 1 batter per inning and has been very tough to get a hit off of as both a freshman and a sophomore), but his control has been a real problem that's kept him out of the full-time starting rotation his first 2 full seasons. This year, he's inherited the role of MSU's Saturday starter and again he's shown well above-average stuff through the first 4 weeks of the season. The catch is that his poor control has kept him from working past the 4th inning in almost every start. Also, he throws so many pitches per inning that his velocity starts to suffer by the time the 4th inning rolls around. Mitchell also doesn't have a really decent 3rd pitch in his current arsenal. Because of all this, I think Mitchell could fit in well as a power-armed pitcher that the Giants have liked picking up in rounds 4 through 10 of recent drafts - with an eye towards trying them as starters to begin with, but knowing they can always move him to a back-of-the pen reliever if that doesn't pan out or if they need to fast-track him to the majors (see Bryce Bandilla, Chris Marlowe, Steve Okert, Derek Law, ...).
'12: G=13, GS=4, IP=38.1, K=43 (K/9=10.1), BB=28 (BB/9=6.6), K/BB=1.5, H=31 (H/9=7.3), HR=1 (HR/9=0.23), WHIP=1.54
'12 (Cape): G=12, GS=0, IP=9.1, K=14 (K/9=13.5), BB=13 (BB/9=12.5), K/BB=1.1, H=5 (H/9=4.8), HR=0, WHIP=1.92
Mid: GS=6, IP=19.2, K=23 (K/9=10.5), BB=19 (BB/9=8.7), K/BB=1.2, H=8 (H/9=3.7), WHIP=1.37, BAA=.125, BABIP=.175
'13: GS=7, IP=21.2, K=27 (K/9=11.2), BB=26 (BB/9=10.8), K/BB=1.0, H=8 (H/9=3.3), WHIP=1.57, BAA=.114, BABIP=.167

Zack Powers: 3B, LHH (throws RH), Univ. Florida (6'3", 200) DOB=11/24/91
Powers's physical build, swing and baseball smarts remind me a bit of what I saw from Brandon Belt when he played for the Univ. of Texas as a junior. Powers took over the starting 3B position from Austin Maddox during his freshman year back in 2011, holding up very well during the Gators deep run into the College World Series, and he was named a member of the 1st team All SEC Freshman squad. He hurt his shoulder early in 2012 and ended up having surgery on it and sitting out the entire 2012 college season. Because of his redshirt year, the 2013 college season will be Powers's sophomore season, but he is eligible to be drafted in June. Powers has a plus arm and was a standout pitcher in HS and one of the top-rated HS prospects in the state of Florida back in 2010. Drafted out of HS in the 28th round of the 2010 draft by Pittsburgh.
Mid: .277/.393/.406/.799, wOBA=.366, ISOp=.130, AB=101, 2B=4, 3B=0, HR=3, BB=13 (10.4%), K=20 (16%), SB=3/4 (75%)
'13: .268/.387/.360/.747, wOBA=.349, ISOp=.092, AB=164, 2B=6, 3B=0, HR=3, BB=24 (11.8%), K=35 (17.2%), SB=5/7 (71%)

Bryan Radziewski: LHP, Univ. Miami (5'10", 195) DOB=
Radziewski was the Friday night starter for Miami as a freshman and he had great success. He only was able to get through the first 5 weeks and 5 starts of the season as a sophomore in 2012 before being shutdown and ending up having surgery on his pitching shoulder last May. He was able to rehab and regain enough strength in his arm to start the 2013 season in the pen for 2 weeks. Even though his arm wasn't back to full strength his coach saw enough out of him from his pen work to move him back to the Friday night starter spot and Radziewski has rewarded that confidence by being virtually unhittable in each of his 7 starts through mid-April (BAA=.158). Not only has he shown the ability to control all 4 of his pitches in the strike zone, but he has also displayed a large increase in his ability to make hitters swing-and-miss (K/9=12.2) with the development of much better and more consistent Changeup and curveball (his FB and slider have always been his best and most consistent pitches). He had been known to touch 90-91 mph with his FB, while sitting at 87-89, prior to the shoulder surgery, but so far this season he normally sits in the 85-87 range and touches 88 to 89. It's likely that he will regain another mph or 2 on his FB once he's 18-24 months removed from the shoulder surgery, but Radziewski is never going to be known for his power stuff. With his mix of 4 pitches that are at least average and his improving command, control and consistency he should, added to the fact that he's a lefty he should have a good chance for a bright future in pro ball if he can maintain the upper-80s velocity and keep his shoulder healthy.
'11: GS=16, IP=91.1, K=92 (K/9=9.1), BB=37 (BB/9=3.7), K/BB=2.5, H=87 (H/9=8.6), WHIP=1.36, HR=2
'12: GS=5, IP=26.1, K=21 (K/9=7.2), BB=14 (BB/9=4.8), K/BB=1.5, H=24 (H/9=8.2), WHIP=1.44, HR=3
Mid: GS=7, IP=40.2, K=55 (K/9=12.2), BB=10 (BB/9=2.2), K/BB=5.5, H=22 (H/9=4.9), WHIP=0.79, BAA=.158, BABIP=.262
'13: GS=14, IP=91, K=109 (K/9=10.8), BB=30 (BB/9=3), K/BB=3.6, H=53 (H/9=5.2), WHIP=.91, BAA=.175, BABIP=.269

James Roberts: 2B/3B, RHH, Univ. Southern Calif. (6', 170) DOB=12/11/91
Ranked #483 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. This guy has no power, but he never strikes out and he's very versatile (he played all 4 infield spots for USC this season). The Giants drafted Roberts out of Mitty high school in San Mateo in the 42nd round of the 2010 draft. He decided to head to USC instead of signing for small potatoes. He hasn't fully lived up to his potential on the playing field in his first 2 seasons of college ball. He has, however, shown a very advanced ability to make consistent contact at the plate (only a 12% k-rate in over 200 PAs in 2012) - although he's shown very little sign that he has the ability to hit with power in game situations. He is a great athlete, though, and he has several above-average tools (arm, defense, contact). Roberts has won the starting SS spot on the 2013 Trojan team, so his defense appears to be holding up as he matures. Roberts hasn't put on much weight at all, nor grown taller, since his HS days, so he might be a kid that can stick at SS going forward - meaning his bat wouldn't be as critical as if he were relegated to 3B or 2B. He's a longtime Giant fan and We know that the Giants saw something in him that they liked at some point, so maybe they still like his chances as a mid-round pick.
'12: .289/.356/.342/.698, wOBA=.323, ISOp=.053, AB=187, 2B=10, 3B=0, HR=0, BB=8 (3.9%), K=25 (12.1%), SB=4/6 (67%)
'12 (Cape): .306/.356/.355/.711, ISOp=.049, AB=124, 2B=3, 3B=0, HR=1, BB=5 (3.7%), K=17 (12.5%), SB=2/4 (50%)
Mid: .323/.363/.444/,807 wOBA=360, ISOp=.121, AB=133, 2B=7, 3B=0, HR=3, BB=6 (4.2%), K=14 (9.9%), SB=0/3 (0%)
'13: .320/.379/.429/.808, wOBA=.367, ISOp=.109, AB=203, 2B=10, 3B=0, HR=4, BB=15 (6.3%), K=17 (7.1%), SB=0/6 (0%)

Trae Santos: 1B, LHH, Troy Univ., Ala. (6'1", 240) DOB=10/11/92
Born in Guam. Big body. Major power hitter - can hit it out to any field. The ball really flies when he barrels up the ball. Also a pretty good pitcher. Teammate of Danny Collins - hit behind him and provided him protection in the lineup.
'13: .300/.382/.612/.994, wOBA=.422, ISOp=.312, AB=237, 2B=12, 3B=4, HR=18, BB=24 (8.7%), K=41 (14.9%), SB=2/3 (67%)

Dylan Stamey: RHP, Univ. South Alabama (6'2", 185) DOB=
Stamey didn't draw any interest as a pithing prospect from a small Alabaqma high school in 2010. He went undrafted, had no major college scholarship offers, and ended up at a small Alabama JuCo where he grew physically and improved his mechanics and overall game for 2 seasons. After finishing off his JuCo career, Stamey enrolled at South Alabama and established himself as the teams setup man out of the bullpen during the 2012 fall workouts. in 2013, he's started out his major college career with great results - showing dominating stuff and stats through his first 15 games. Not only has he shown that he has well above average swing-and-miss stuff, but he's also shown that he has plus command and control of his FB and breaking ball. He relies predominantly on his FB that sits 90-93 mph with a deceptive delivery that makes it play up. His secondary pitches are currently average at best.
Mid: G=15, IP=27.2, K=47 (K/9=15.3), BB=5 (BB/9=1.6), K/BB=9.4, H=11 (H/9=3.6), WHIP=0.61, BAA=.133, BABIP=.262
'13: G=24, IP=37.1, K=62 (K/9=15), BB=9 (BB/9=2.2), K/BB=6.9, H=28 (H/9=6.8), WHIP=.99, BAA=.209, BABIP=.371

Ryan Tella: CF, LHH, Auburn Univ. (6', 175) DOB=5/18/91
We already know the Giants like him, having drafted him in the 11th round of last year's draft. Of course they'll have to get his written permission to re-draft him, but they seemed to have parted ways on very good terms last summer - and Tella is a Bay Area native son - so I expect no issue there. On the negative side, he's a full year old for his draft class.
'12: .360/.448/.508/.956, wOBA=.424, AB=236, ISOp=.158, 2B=12, 3B=4, HR=5, BB=35 (12.4%), K=48 (17%), SB=17/21 (81%)
Mid: .319/.386/.428/.814, wOBA=.368, ISOp=.109, AB=138, 2B=10, 3B=1, HR=1, BB=15 (9.3%), K=27 (16.8%), SB=11/13 (83%)
'13: .259/.324/.361/.685, wOBA=310., ISOp=.102, AB=216, 2B=11, 3B=1, HR=3, BB=20 (8.2%), K=47 (19.3%), SB=14/16 (88%)

VID1: live highlights + Q & A (May 2012) -

A.J. Vanegas: RHP, Stanford Univ. (6’3", 205) DOB=8/16/92
Ranked #78 in BA's final predraft ranking. Vanegas was reported to be much-improved and flashing premium stuff during fall practice at Stanford. If he can follow it through with a good showing as a starter during the 2013 college season then he could jump up as high as the middle of the first round. UPDATE: Vanegas tweaked a muscle in his side just prior to the start of the 2013 college season and has yet to pitch in a game for Stanford through the first 3 weeks of the season. This will likely hurt him in his attempt to climb into the first round of the draft, but could end up being good news for a team drafting at the back-end of round 1 or beginning of round 2 that believes in Vanegas's arm and potential.
'12: G=21, GS=5, IP=65.1, K=53, K/9=7.3, BB=37, BB/9=5.1, K/BB=1.4, H=56, H/9=7.7, BABIP=.299, BAA=.235, WHIP=1.42, ERA=2.62, FIP=3.67 '12 (Cape): G=10, IP=11.1, K=14, K/9=11.1, BB=6, BB/9=4.8, K/BB=2.3, H=15, H/9=11.9, WHIP=1.85, ERA=3.97 Mid: G=7, IP=8, K=10 (K/9=11.3), BB=2 (BB/9=2.3), K/BB=5, H=10 (H/9=11.3), WHIP=1.50, BAA=.294, BABIP=.391 '13: G=8, IP=8.2, K=12 (K/9=12.5), BB=4 (BB/9=4.2), K/BB=3, H=11 (H/9=11.4), WHIP=1.73, BAA=.289, BABIP=.400

Bradley Wallace: RHP, Arkansas State Univ (6’2", 175) DOB=//92
The Giants have to be already aware of Wallace as a prospect, because they scouted and drafted his teammate, Brandon Farley, during the 2012 college season. After an inexplicably disastrous sophomore season at ASU during the spring of 2012, Wallace turned things around and was clearly the best starting pitcher in the Northwoods League during the summer of 2012. The lean right-hander impressed with an ideal pitcher’s frame (with plenty of projectability left) and his loose and live arm. Wallace’s FB sat in the 90-92 mph range over the summer, with plenty of life. Wallace is a very good athlete who also starred as a basketball player in HS.
'12: G=17, IP=33.2, K=32, K/9=8.6, BB=15, BB/9=4, K/BB=2.1, H=50, H/9=13.4, BABIP=.431, BAA=.347, WHIP=1.93
'12 (Northwoods): G=10, GS=7, IP=46.1, K=54, K/9=10.5, BB=10, BB/9=1.9, K/BB=5.4, H=40, H/9=7.8, WHIP=1.08
Mid: G=9, GS=8, IP=46.2, K=60 (K/9=11.6), BB=11 (BB/9=2.1), K/BB=5.5, H=46 (H/9=8.9), WHIP=1.22, BAA=.257, BABIP=.365
'13: GS=13, IP=70.2, K=78 (K/9=9.9), BB=25 (BB/9=3.2), K/BB=3.1, H=65 (H/9=8.3), WHIP=1.27, BAA=.243, BABIP=.319

Derrick Workman: CF, RHH, Mercer Univ., Georgia (6'1", 185) DOB=8/1/91
Workman has a projectable and athletic frame with the potential to add more strength and power as he coninues to mature. He has been an impact player for the Mercer team since the miniute he set foot on campus. He started all but 2 games during his freshman season in 2011, while finishing in the top 5 on the team in every offensive category (he ended up at: .332/.379/.509/.888 with 9 HRs) and being named to the Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American Team. As a sophomore, Workman moved over to CF and played the entire season (59 games) without an error, and put up another very good season at the plate. Workman's 2 main negatives are that he strikes out way too much for a batter without premium power and he's not an especially fast runner for a CF. He's a guy that I could see taking a chance on somewhere between rounds 10-20 if you think that you can fix is k-rate problem.
'12: .333/.422/.510/.932, ISOp=.177, AB=210, 2B=12, 3B=2, HR=7, BB=25 (9.8%), K=70 (27.6%), SB=6/9 (67%)
mid: .400/.487/.715/1.203, wOBA=.509, ISOp=.315, AB=130, 2B=13, 3B=2, HR=8, BB=20 (12.6%), K=32 (20.1%), SB=2/2 (100%)
'13: .338/.440/.560/1.000, wOBA=.436, ISOp=.222, AB=216, 2B=17, 3B=2, HR=9, BB=35 (13.3%), K=59 (22.4%), SB=3/3 (100%)


Jacob Brentz: LHP/RF (bats LH), Parkway South HS, Manchester, MO (6’2", 190) DOB=9/14/94
Brentz is even more raw on the mound and has even fewer innings on his arm than AJ Puk (his fellow PG Iowa Spring League alum) does. While Brentz isn't as good of a hitter as Puk, he's still very athletic and was a good enough outfielder and hitter to receive a scholarship offer form the Univ. of Missouri before they found out what a plus arm he had on the mound. One big thing that Brentz has over Puk is that his FB currently sits in the 91-93 range and has touched as high as 97 mph on several separate occasions (Puk sits 89-91 and has topped out at 93). Of course, Brentz is more than 7 months older than Puk so we'll have to wait and see how fast he's throwing in November to make a fair comparison. Brentz control of his FB and curveball has been extremely erratic in the 2 clips that I've seen of him pitching in Iowa during April, so he's got a long way to go just to be able to be counted on to get through 1 or 2 innings of work right now. On the plus side, the team that ends up with him will have a true blank slate to work with. He's a high-risk pick in the 2nd round, but a lefty with a strong pitche's body and who already touches 97 mph is hard to pass on. Previously known as a star rightfielder and very good hitter, this all-around athlete burst onto the national radar (pun intended) in October by hitting 96 mph with his FB and striking out the only batter that he faced during the WWBC. Brentz has always had plus arm strength (he’s been clocked in the 90s on throws from RF), but he pitches very few innings for his HS (less than 5 innings during the 2012 HS season and only 14 total innings in his entire HS career) and summer league teams. Prior to October, his FB typically sat in the high-80s to low-90s, so the jump in velocity he displayed in October took everybody (including Brentz) by surprise. Brentz then really solidified his October buzz by having a strong showing off the mound at the 2013 PG Pitcher/Catcher Indoor Showcase, held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Feb. 9th. Brentz sat 91-92 mph with his FB, touched 94 several times and didn't throw any FB below 91 during his 1 inning of work. He reminds me a lot of what happened with Kyle Crick, only Crick at least was a starting pitcher on his summer league team following his junior year in high school. Univ. of Missouri commit.
VID1: Live game - April 2013 - PG Spring Top Showcase -
VID2: Local news segment - bullpen session -
VID3: Indoor live AB session - PG Indoor Showcase, Feb. 2013 -
VID4: Indoor live AB session - PG Indoor Showcase, Feb. 2013 -
VID5: Indoor live AB session - PG Indoor Showcase, Feb. 2013 -

Andrew Dunlap: RHP, Westbury HS, Houston, Texas (5'11", 210) DOB=5/4/94
Dunlap really helped himself with the scouts by having a strong showing off the mound at the 2013 Pitcher/Catcher Indoor Showcase, held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Feb. 9th. Dunlap had the best velocity of any pitcher at the showcase. His FB sat in the 91-94 mph range and he touched 95 and 96 mph. Previous to the end of 2012, Dunlap was known only as a catching prospect with a strong arm, average defense and above-average power potential with the bat. Now I think we'll see him stick strictly to pitching. Rice Univ. commit.

Dane Dunning: RHP, Clay HS, Green Cove Springs, Fla. (6'3", 200) DOB=
Ranked #490 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Little brother of Giants' reliever Jake Dunning (currently pitching very well for Fresno) and his high school coach is one of the all-time great SF Giants, Robby Thompson. Dunning is well ahead of where his older brother was in terms of pitching at this same point. Dane already throws in the low 90s and he has the similar long and lean frame that projects to add strength and velocity in the next 3-5 years. Barring injury, and based on his frame and bloodlines, he has the obvious potential to be touching the mid-90s by the time he hits 21 or 22 years of age - if not sooner. Univ. of Florida commit.
VID1: live game - May 2012 -!

Chandler Eden: RHP, Yuba City HS, Yuba City, Calif. (6'1", 165) DOB=8/27/95
Eden is another great athlete with a projectable frame and plenty of room for growth. He's also one of the youngest prospects in the entire draft, which bodes well for his future growth. Call me crazy, but I think that of the 2 highly rated high school pitching prospects from the Bay Area I prefer Eden over Matt Krook any day of the week. I think that Eden's best days on the mound are still ahead of him and that he's got more velocity to come, while Krook has likely already reached his top velocity and he doesn't have the projectability or excellent mechanics that Eden does. Of course, it helps that Eden is more than 10 months younger than Krook. I've read one article stating that Eden will be difficult to sign away from his Oregon State commitment, but I believe that they were projecting to be picked in the mid-3rd round or later. If Eden's local team (who are well known for their ability to develop pitchers) drafts him in the 2nd round and offers him aroun $900K to sign then I can't see him turning it down. Ranked #99 in BA's preseason ranking of HS seniors. He's undersized now, but he's grown an inch or 2 in the last 14 months and he'll likely add another inch or 2 and put on another 15-25 pounds before he's finished. He only gets spotty competition playing in his small school league, but he did show well during the Area Code Games down in Southern Cal last summer - where the competition was top-notch. I also give Eden extra points for being very young for his draft class - he's the 3rd youngest guy (behind only Jake Bauers & Terry McClure) in BA's final top 250 prospect rankings. He was a FB/CB pitcher last spring and summer, with a live fastball that he threw between 88-92 mph and a well-shaped and sharp-breaking overhand curve ball. BA rated his fastball as the 3rd best in the nation among all the high school pitching prospects (behind Kohl Stewart & Phil Bickford). From BA:
"Eden ... threw a no-hitter to win a Sac-Joaquin section title [at the end of May]. ... Eden struck out 14 in the game and didn’t have a ball leave the infield, holding his 92-93 mph velocity from start to finish [7 innings].
Oregon State Univ. commit.
VID1: Live game - no-hitter wins Sectional Championship - May 2013 -
VID2: Postgame Q & A after throwing no-hitter - May 2013 -
VID3: local news segment announcing college scholarship -

Anfernee Grier: CF, RHH, Russell County HS, Phenix City, Ala. (5’11", 175) DOB=10/13/95
Ranked #379 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Ranked #88 in BA's preseason ranking of HS seniors. Very toolsy and athletic teenaged centerfielders from Alabama will always have a place in my heart. Grier is still very raw, but shows above-average or better tools in all 5 categories, including a plus arm and bat speed that should produce above-average power. He runs with a long, quick stride that reminds some of former CF standout Devon White. His throws from the OF were clocked as high as 94 mph, and he ran a 6.63 60, during the summer of 2012. He's still got good projection left in his frame and he’s one of the youngest players in the draft and he won’t turn 18 years old until the middle of October after the draft. Auburn Univ. commit.
Vid1: live AB - NHSI Tourney, Cary, NC (March 2012):
Vid2: live AB (June 2012):
Vid3: live AB (June 2012):

Alex Hagner: LHP, Eustis HS, Mount Dora, Fla. (6'1", 175) DOB=7/11/94
Hagner went 7-1, 1.67 with 60 strikeouts as a junior during the 2012 HS season. His FB was sitting in the upper-80s during the summer and fall of 2012, but he showed good mechanics and an advanced feel for pitching. He also appears to have some projection left in his frame. Univ. of Florida commit.
VID1: live game - PG National Showcase (June 2012) -

Brett Morales: RHP, King HS, Tampa, Fla. (6'2", 195) DOB=1/?/95
Ranked #118 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Ranked #21 in BA's Nov. 2012 ranking of HS seniors. Morales is more of a physical specimen than Tyler Danish and he throws with more consistent velocity than him. He doesn't have Danish's command and control, though, and he had an inconsistent high school season this spring. That being said, Morales is a fairly new convert (from SS) to pitching (only been pitching full time since the summer of 2012), so he has low miles on his arm and plenty of room for future growth as he gains experience on the mound. Morales is also committed to the Univ. of Florida, and should also be an easy sign at around the $900K mark. Ranked #21 in BA's Nov. 2012 ranking of HS seniors. Despite his relative lack of pitching experience, Morales displayed an advanced feel for pitching, repeatable mechanics, and a good 3-pitch mix (FB/CU/CH) during the summer and fall showcase circuit in 2012. He's athletic and solidly built, but he still has some projection on his frame. Here's what one scout wrote about Morales after seeing him at the PG National Showcase back in June 2012:
"Tall well proportioned athletic build, projects physically. Slow paced delivery, good balance and direction, fast loose arm action, high 3/4's slot, really works downhill well, repeats delivery. Low 90's fastball, topped out at 93 mph, good sinking life with plus angle to the plate. Hard spin on mid 70's curveball, nice bite and depth, very good change up, maintains arm speed well despite big velocity gap, lots of sink, hitters didn't pick up off speed stuff. Showed plus pitchability and ability to sequence pitches. Former infielder relatively new to full time pitching. Very impressive prospect who still projects." Think of Morales in the Kyle Crick mold, but with more pitchability and a deeper repertoire at the same age. Univ. of Florida commit.
VID1: Mound warmups - PG National Showcase (June 2012) -

Chris Oakley: RHP, St. Augustine Prep, Egg Harbor, NJ (6’8", 225) DOB=8/20/94
He’s tall, but also has the high hips that you look for in a pitcher. He impressed scouts with his athleticism and body-control despite being so tall and relatively heavy. In the spring and summer of 2012 he was throwing 90-92 mph with ease, and touched 94, even without much contribution at all from his lower body. His FB has a hard natural tail, so it plays up in velocity. He also has a developing curveball that’s only average right now and a slider or cut FB that looks promising. With his large frame, loose arm and easy velocity, Oakley has a ton of untapped potential and upside. If he learns to use his lower body in his delivery we could see him touching 95+ mph in the coming years. The risk is that he may never gain the consistency and control of his body and his mechanics due to his great height and long limbs. Oakley was told reproters that he would be working to improve his command and to feel more comfortable with his split-finger changeup during the fall 2012 baseball offseason and during his final HS baseball season in 2013. Univ. North Carolina commit.
Vid1: live game - PG All-American Classic (Aug. 2012):

Jeff Paschke: 3B/RF/RHP, RHH, Santa Barbara HS, Santa Barbara, Cal. (6’4", 195) DOB=12/19/94
Ranked #426 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Paschke looks the part of the All-American kid, and he’s played that way on the diamond throughout his teenaged years – hitting .645 with 17 HRs and 72 RBI as a sophomore in 2011. He played his first 3 years of HS ball for Valley Christian in the Phoenix area, but his family moved to Santa Barbara for work at the end of the summer in 2012. With a FB that has been clocked at near 90 mph, he has the arm strength you want from a left-side of the infield guy. He’s tall and gangly, but not thick around the middle, so I think he has a chance to stick at SS. If not, he certainly seems to have the power and hit tool over to 3B very easily. His main drawback is the footspeed. He’s not a base-clogger, but his best time in the 60 is a fringe-average 7.1 seconds. Paschke is currently leading the undefeated Santa Barbara High School basketball team to its best start in many years. Univ. of Southern Cal commit.

A.J. Puk: LHP, Washington HS, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (6’7", 215) DOB=4/25/95
Ranked #85 in BA's final predraft ranking. Ranked #18 in BA's preseason ranking of HS seniors. Puk's (still-growing) body, his athletic frame, his easy throwing motion and live arm, and his excellent baseball instincts make his upside truly great. He's still raw and inexperienced as a pitcher and he's still getting used to the 3 inches that he's grown in the last 16 months. OTOH, he's got very low mileage on his arm and he doesn't have a lot of ingrained bad mechanical habits that a team would have to wean him off of. To top it all off, Puk is an outstanding hitter with the bat in his hand and he plays excellent defense at 1B. If for some reason the pitching doesn't work out for him, he should still be considered a top prospect as a power-hitting, sweet-swinging 1B prospect. His frame is highly projectable - long and lean with out-sized limbs. Most noticeably, he has really long legs and a very high waist, which should benefit him very much in the coming years. Univ. of Florida commit.
VID1: Live game - April 2013 - PG Spring Top Showcase -
Vid2: live game - PG All-American Classic (Aug. 2012):
Vid3: Warmups - PG All-American Classic (Aug. 2012):

Cal Quantrill, RHP, Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada (6'", ) DOB=2/10/95
Ranked #90 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. I like him a lot due to his projectable build and stuff, not to mention the advanced and sustained coaching he's received from his dad over the last 8 years, but I worry about his signability due to the Stanford scholarship. If the Giants wait until the 3rd round or later to draft him then I believe that they won't be able to sign him. "Quantrill has everything you want from a high school pitcher—bloodlines (his father Paul was an all-star who pitched in the big leagues for 14 years), projection (some scouts believe he’ll throw in the upper 90s someday), and a feel for pitching (he has been pitching on Canada’s junior national team for the past couple of years). Quantrill talked about his repertoire in a BA interview this month:
"...the most important pitch that I have is my fastball and I think it should be like that for pretty much every pitcher. For me, I’m not going to blow ‘em away with 97 (mph), that’s just not me, but I am going to hit my spots. When I’ve got my stuff, I can split the plate into thirds and I can hit whichever third I need to hit to get the guy out. So, I’m throwing that somewhere between 89-93 most days and putting it right where I want it, and I can work off that pitch. I feel like my changeup is what I’m known for, but really the most important pitch for the changeup is the fastball. If I can’t locate my fastball, the changeup’s not effective. But, when I’m locating my fastball, the changeup can be a very effective pitch, especially low and in to righties and low and away to lefties. That just seems what’s been working in the last year or two and that can be a very effective pitch for me, so they can’t just time me up, no matter where I put it. And then both my breaking balls—a slider and a curveball—are in progress. Some days, it’s like, ‘Wow, that’s a devastating slider.’ And other days, ‘Ooh, that’s just not breaking at all.’ They’re coming around. The slider can be very effective for me—especially to righties, throwing it away from them. But it needs work and I am working on it, so hopefully it will come around."
Stanford commit.

Jonah Wesely: LHP, Tracy HS, Tracy, Cal. (6’2", 204) DOB=12/8/94
Ranked #389 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. LHP with a very good curveball and a FB that touched 93 mph in 2012. He also shows very good arm speed and arm strength and a strong and sturdy build. What’s not to like? Here’s how PG scouted him at the National Showcase weekend in Minnesota back in June:
"Fast paced delivery, on line mechanics, quick compact arm action, high 3/4’s release, hides ball very well, works quickly and pounds the strike zone. Fastball to 92 mph, good fastball plane, cuts fastball with intent, ball gets on hitter quickly with deception. Curveball is a plus pitch, hard with sharp biting action and depth, swing/miss pitch, has good feel for spotting curveball, has slider appearance at times. Change up still developing, tends to slow arm and drop release point. Aggressive pitcher with two potential plus pitches and the ability to use them."
UCLA commit.
VID1: Live game – summer 2012 –

Garrett Williams: LHP, Calvary Baptist Academy, Shreveport, LA. (6’3", 190) DOB=9/15/94
Ranked #42 in BA's final predraft ranking of all prospects. Ranked #15 in BA's Nov. 2012 ranking of HS seniors. Williams has been touching the upper 80s with his FB since he was 15 years old. He started touching the low 90s during 2012. He has good curveball and shows good command of his FB to both sides of the plate. He’s smart and still has some projection left in his frame. On a negative note, he’s quite old for his HS class Oklahoma State Univ. commit.
VID1: Mound warmups - PG National Showcase (June 2012) -

Late, late round prospects

Anthony Montefusco: RHP, George Mason Un., Virg. (6’, 185) DOB=2/27/91
Montefusco is a redshirt sophomore who played his freshman year at George Mason way back in 2010 then missed the 2011 and 2012 college seasons due to an "arm injury" and rehabbing from surgery.
'13: GS=12, IP=78.1, K=80 (K/9=9.2), BB=25 (BB/9=2.9), K/BB=3.2, H=82 (H/9=9.4), WHIP=1.37, BAA=.270, BABIP=.352

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