McCoven MLB The Show 13 Week 4 Blah blah Yadda yadda

Please play your games We had to sim a number of games this past week because of no shows. Some of these were series where one owner tried to get the games in but the other owner either ignored or was too limited in time to do it. This is unfortunate and we don't it to happen often. We may even find new owners for teams that have been abandoned/ignored.

Of the 36 games from last week, only 23 were played. 9 of those games could be because of only 3 owners not showing up. This isn't fair to your opponents or to the rest of the league.

Please post under the appropriate SL for your series. Please only use this SL to try to schedule the game(s) and to update when games and series are finished. Also, please email your opponent. If you want to talk about the game, do that at the bottom of the thread.

And finally, everyone, please post under the SL just to let us know you are alive. If you don't post and don't play your games then you will be considered a complete no show.

To reiterate:

1 - play your games

2 - use the SLs only to set up games and give your availability

3 - take initiative and email each other in the game


I'd like to try something where we all meet in the game lobby a couple times a week. Or at least we set specific times so that everyone knows that there is a good chance others will be there.

My ideas for times:

Sunday at 6pm - 630 pm

After weekday night Giants games. 15 mins - 45 mins after the game ends.

I think if we do this, it will help with getting games in. We aren't always looking at this thread, but if we have set meeting times, it can't hurt.

This is not set in stone, it is just a idea. Please discuss.


And finally, welcome to edibi21/notedreese for taking the Royals.

If you know anyone else who would like to join the waiting list to take an abandoned team, please steer them this way. It is very possible one or two teams will be given the boot in the next week or two.


Sandy Koufax Conference

Russell Martin Division

Los Angeles Dodgers - DodgerFaninPackerLand - SackAttack - chat
San Diego Padres - garbanzo - garbanzo24 - chat:
San Francisco Giants - citizenfish - citizenfish77 - chat:
Colorado Rockies - Nivek5150 - Nivek5150 - chat:

Jackie Robinson Division

Milwaukee Brewers - Tay - MikeyT-Time
Pittsburgh Pirates - kaliber - HenryFredGeorge
Chicago Cubs - MisterMerope - the_nefarious_1 - chat
St. Louis Cardinals - kestrel76 - kestrel44

Duke Snider Division

New York Mets - Badly Browned - BadlyBrowned - chat:
Washington Nationals - Fleyhing Squvirvel - Da4dshizz
Philadelphia Phillies - icanplaythird - P-Gas
Florida Marlins - Canucklesndwch - boomburro

Tim Lincecum Conference

Andres Torres Division

New York Yankees - positiveuphemism - WaltzingAlong7 - chat
Toronto Blue Jays - say hey nation - tferr85 - chat
Baltimore Orioles - PiKAgiant - guutbaby - chat
Boston Red Sox - UnleashTheGore - Jaqr - chat

Barry Bonds Division

Minnesota Twins - sn0wnsk8 - sn0wnsk8 - chat
Kansas City Royals
- edibi21 - NotEdreese
Houston Astros
- BokoLife - BokoLife - chat
Cleveland Indians - bigboneded - bigboneded38

Will Clark Division

Seattle Mariners
- Saxman - Saxman99208
Texas Rangers - Lotusprime - lotusprime - chat
Oakland Athletics - Snack - Snackalishus
Los Angeles Angels - Mudville9 - X_bOnZo_X - chat

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