McCoven Week Three Scheduling and Trade Thread

So we're trying a couple new things this week, kids and squids.

In order to make it easier for us to tell who is playing whom and whether scheduling is going on (to make it easier and faster when it's time to advance), positiveuphemism will be making SL's in this thread for each matchup, including the incomplete Week Two matchups. The *only* responses to those SL's should be scheduling efforts, please.

Game chatter, trade proposals, and general league chitchat is still welcome in this thread, but should be in the form of separate posts. Let's keep the matchup posts clean and preserve my sanity.

Series with unplayed games from week two:

If you're on this list, please try to get those series finished ASAP. While you *can* play your Week Three series before completing those - and given schedules it's understandable if it happens that way - I really recommend avoiding that if at all possible, just because we don't know how fatigue/injuries would handle that and I'd rather not step into a nasty landmine the hard way.

Finally, I'd really, really like us to get an owner for the Royals, who are now 8-0 following successive simulated sweeps. Maybe this is just the freak luck of the draw, but that's weirding me out. If you know anybody who'd be interested, have them sign up and holler.

As a reminder, the below is the list of teams and PSN ID's. Hopefully everybody has everybody else friended, but if you're not sure who you're playing, here's your cheat sheet.

Sandy Koufax Conference

Russell Martin Division

Los Angeles Dodgers - DodgerFaninPackerLand - SackAttack - chat: yes'ish
San Diego Padres - garbanzo - garbanzo24 - chat: yes'ish
San Francisco Giants - citizenfish - citizenfish77 - chat: yes'ish
Colorado Rockies - Nivek5150 - Nivek5150 - chat: yes'ish

Jackie Robinson Division

Milwaukee Brewers - Tay - MikeyT-Time - chat: no idea because I'm not digging through the other thread :)
Pittsburgh Pirates - kaliber - HenryFredGeorge - chat: no
Chicago Cubs - MisterMerope - the_nefarious_1 - chat: yes
St. Louis Cardinals - kestrel76 - kestrel44

Duke Snider Division

New York Mets - Badly Browned - BadlyBrowned - chat: yes'ish
Washington Nationals - Fleyhing Squvirvel - Da4dshizz - chat: no
Philadelphia Phillies - icanplaythird - P-Gas - yes'ish
Florida Marlins - Canucklesndwch - boomburro

Tim Lincecum Conference

Andres Torres Division

New York Yankees - positiveuphemism - WaltzingAlong7 - chat: yes
Toronto Blue Jays - say hey nation - tferr85 - chat: no'ish
Baltimore Orioles - PiKAgiant - guutbaby - chat: no'ish
Boston Red Sox - UnleashTheGore - Jaqr - chat: no'ish

Barry Bonds Division

Minnesota Twins - sn0wnsk8 - sn0wnsk8 - chat: yes'ish
Kansas City Royals
Houston Astros
- BokoLife - BokoLife - chat: yes
Cleveland Indians - bigboneded - bigboneded38 - chat: dunno yet!

Will Clark Division

Seattle Mariners
- Saxman - Saxman99208 - chat: no'ish
Texas Rangers - Lotusprime - lotusprime - chat: yes'ish
Oakland Athletics - Snack - Snackalishus - chat: no
Los Angeles Angels - Mudville9 - X_bOnZo_X - yes'ish

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