McCoven MLB 13 the Show Week 5 Thread

All y'all know the drill. If you have pre-existing games open, try to get those out of the way before you advance to the next series as a courtesy to your fellow owners and to keep the fatigue monkey from flinging unwanted poo. Teams which had series last week with the complete no-shows, I'm not going to hold you to that since there's no way to know when/if you'll be able to get those games in. Best advice for you is that you may want to look at rearranging your rotation to account for the fatigue monkey if those games have to get simmed after you play your interleague two-gamer.

I'm going to be thread-diving in the older threads to see if I can find out what's up with kaliber and Fleyving. I'm increasingly skeptical we're ever going to hear from boomburro/whatever his SBN handle was again.

Trading activity appears to be kicking up. It looks like how we're handling it is, trades automatically process if not rejected within 24 hours. Most trade negotiations seem to be happening in-thread, which is fine. If you do negotiations outside of the thread, please have one owner post and another owner confirm if agreement is reached so that we know to be on the lookout for incoming transaction activity.

Fair warning that players received in trade get assigned to AAA by the game even if there are open MLB spots. If you don't activate your acquisitions and you play a game with a short roster as a result, there will be no sympathy from on high, since resetting a game so you can re-play it with a full roster would cause a fatigue double whammy to the other side.

Some of you have been posting schedules and such for week 5 in the week 4 thread while waiting on my lazy ass to wake up and post this. That's fine. I encourage that! I would request that you re-post your schedules in the appropriate places in this thread also so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Finally, I would like to congratulate you all. Of the 22 games I had to deal with last night, 15 were directly related to the three teams which have been either partially or complete no-shows in the last three game weeks. That means of the rest of the league, there were just seven games left incomplete, and only one of those was a game which ultimately had to be simmed rather than resolved/reset. Good job, everybody. Considering 6 of the 7 from Week Three unrelated to the absent owners were ultimately completed, I have faith that the six incomplete Week Four games will also get done rather than resolved.

If you happen to see this thread before I get the series subthreads up, please refrain from posting until that's done. Thanks!

Sandy Koufax Conference

Russell Martin Division

Los Angeles Dodgers - DodgerFaninPackerLand - SackAttack - chat
San Diego Padres - garbanzo - garbanzo24 - chat:
San Francisco Giants - citizenfish - citizenfish77 - chat:
Colorado Rockies - Nivek5150 - Nivek5150 - chat:

Jackie Robinson Division

Milwaukee Brewers - Tay - MikeyT-Time
Pittsburgh Pirates - kaliber - HenryFredGeorge
Chicago Cubs - MisterMerope - the_nefarious_1 - chat
St. Louis Cardinals - kestrel76 - kestrel44

Duke Snider Division

New York Mets - Badly Browned - BadlyBrowned - chat:
Washington Nationals - Fleyhing Squvirvel - Da4dshizz
Philadelphia Phillies - icanplaythird - P-Gas
Florida Marlins - Canucklesndwch - boomburro

Tim Lincecum Conference

Andres Torres Division

New York Yankees - positiveuphemism - WaltzingAlong7 - chat
Toronto Blue Jays - say hey nation - tferr85 - chat
Baltimore Orioles - PiKAgiant - guutbaby - chat
Boston Red Sox - UnleashTheGore - Jaqr - chat

Barry Bonds Division

Minnesota Twins - sn0wnsk8 - sn0wnsk8 - chat
Kansas City Royals
- edibi21 - NotEdreese
Houston Astros
- BokoLife - BokoLife - chat
Cleveland Indians - bigboneded - bigboneded38

Will Clark Division

Seattle Mariners
- Saxman - Saxman99208
Texas Rangers - Lotusprime - lotusprime - chat
Oakland Athletics - Snack - Snackalishus
Los Angeles Angels - Mudville9 - X_bOnZo_X - chat

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