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2013 MLB Draft roundup

The Giants took high-school hitters with their first two picks, then raided the college ranks to fill out their 2013 draft class.

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Giants sign Christian Arroyo for slot value

Like, exactly slot value.


Giants draftees in the College World Series

There are two of them. So buckle up?


2013 MLB Draft: The reviews are in

The reviewers just don't appreciate the avant-garde like we do, apparently.


Open draft thread, day 3

You probably aren't going to care about who gets drafted. But you can root for Giants to take Sicnarf Loopstok. Beg, even.


Giants go all college on second day of draft

At least one of them will be worth arguing about in a couple years. Imagine that.


The spectrum of knee-jerk draft analysis

On the subject of evaluating a team's draft based on consensus opinion ...


Giants take Chase Johnson with third-round pick

The Giants drafted Chase Johnson, a right-handed reliever (who still could be a starter, settle down) out of Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo*, which spawned Ozzie Smith, Kevin Correia, and Mike Krukow. The exchange on the telecast:

"The Giants stay local ... what did they get here?"

"... I don't really know ..."

Oh, man. Just the best. But what they meant was that Johnson didn't pitch a whole lot this year, and John Manuel said it was frustrating for teams that wanted to scout him. They weren't sure if it was coach/player rift or something else, but that Johnson still flashed a 97-m.p.h. stuffball when he did pitch.

The high school hitters? Yeah, I'm pretty skeptical. A raw arm? I have a little more faith in the Giants with this one. Some video is here, and the capsule:

Chase Johnson's junior year has been curious, to say the least. The big right-hander threw well in the Cape Cod League over the summer, following up a sophomore season as Cal Poly's closer. But he's been used sparingly in 2013, yielding the closer role to Reed Reilly. Johnson still has good stuff, though, with a fastball up to 93 mph that has good sink to it to go along with a slider and changeup that both have the chance to be Major League average. Command has been a bit of an issue, but he's generally around the strike zone and a team that feels they can help him improve on that may get a solid setup-type of a reliever as a bargain in the Draft.

Reed Reilly is probably an alter-ego, so maybe there were larger forces at work in that struggle. Still, an interesting pick. Someone on the Giants must have really liked the arm.

* sources describe this school as "Harvard of the West"


Open Draft Thread, Day II

Thar be Belts and Crawfords on this day, I can feel it.


MLB Draft 2013: Christian Arroyo video

Video of Christian Arroyo, the Giants' first-round pick:

Scouting terms that I've just made up about Arroyo:

  • His hands have a bit of the "jabberjaw" going on, as they glide through the zone like a wisecracking shark
  • His glove is a classic "Physical Graffiti" type at short -- probably would have been better combining all of those tools into one album instead of overextending himself with a double album
  • His arm is "mauve", though it has a chance to be "burnt umber" with work and practice
  • He probably doesn't have "any power," nor will he "develop any."

I can't tell why he isn't supposed to develop power; based on that swing and the fact that he's 18 with a chance to fill out, it doesn't seem out of the question. Dustin Pedroia is a dust mite, but he has pretty outstanding power for a second baseman. Dunno.

But if you're looking for video on the Giants' first-rounder, here you go. There isn't a lot of it. Probably because he was around the 100th-best prospect according to a lot of pundits, so he wasn't the most high-profile fellow.


Giants nab Christian Arroyo with 25th pick

The Giants took a shortstop who probably won't stay at shortstop, and who wasn't generally considered one of the top 50 players in the draft. But other than that ...


Open Draft Thread, 2013

I'm kind of hoping for Aaron Judge because I saw him go 5-for-5 with a million-foot homer against Stanford this year. Good enough for me!

Here's the draft thread. BYOS*.

*(Bring your own stairs**)

** (In case the Giants draft another mistake like Madison Bumgarner***)

*** (Inside joke)


Best draft picks in Giants history, round-by-round

At least one name will alert your IT department. Doug Fister might, too.


Six questions about the 2013 MLB Draft

Who will the Giants pick tomorrow? Wait, these are a bunch of high school kids? High school kids are morons. They'll crash the Giants' car. It's not like college kids are much better, either. This isn't shaping up well.


2013 MLB Draft: Experts coming to a Krookcensus

The Giants are not not a Krook. Fan. They're not not a Krook fan. Oh, be quiet. We would still have years to perfect these puns.


Mock drafts have Giants going all over the place

And he'll be from high school unless he's from college.

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