MLB 13 McCoven League Countdown

***UPDATE 4/13/13***

The league is set up and invites have gone out. You need to log into MLB 13 to accept them via the 'Leagues' menu. Additionally, bigboneded, make sure you're patched, and make sure your online pass is redeemed - the game won't let me invite you until this is the case, and I need to cut off signups at some point here so people can look at their draft boards.

People whose invitations have been sent and not yet accepted:

garbanzo24 - Padres
Snackalishus - A's
Lakers1230 - Royals
PiKAgiant - Orioles

We're close, people! Let's get on it!

***UPDATE 4/12/13***

We're at 22. Hurrah! I'm going to create a 24-team league so that we get balanced schedules even at 82. If any of you are members of other SBN blogs, go forth and spread the gospel. Let's get four more human owners!


The league is ready to be created and to start sending out invites. There is a 1.21 patch available that you must download before you can do shit online, so if you haven't played MLB 13 recently, fire that up and get patched so that you don't run into issues come the draft.

I have sent friend requests to everybody currently in the league. Please also check to make sure you've accepted them so I don't have any issues inviting you into your team slot, and please make sure you friend other league members as well so we don't run into any potential issues getting games played.

The draft will be Sunday at 5 pm. 22 owners, 40 picks, 880 total players. That's a 13+ hour draft if everybody takes the full 60 seconds per pick. So help me god if everybody takes 60 seconds per pick for all 40 picks I will set you on fire and roast S'mores over your screaming remains.

DH is, despite my better judgment, on. I set trade approval to off, which means preliminarily, positiveuphemism and myself will have trade approval.

I set it to four playoff teams - that's one per division, plus the wild card.

League size and scheduling are going to be issues. See this post for details.


So we're doing final liftoff checks here. This thread, which I shall keep updated, contains: the results of the team draft (at this moment incomplete?) as well as PSN user names and other pertinent details. Since it looks like we're rocking a 20 team league, I'm going to divide teams into divisions here. This is the place where, if you have an issue with your league and/or divisional placement, speak up, make trades, whatever. Just be quick about it.

The season will be 82 games long.

For the purposes of this post, I'm going to refer to the two subleagues and their subdivisions by names (which I can't put in the game, but it will help with the cognitive dissonance if there's geographical weirdness).

Sandy Koufax Conference

Russell Martin Division

Los Angeles Dodgers - DodgerFaninPackerLand - SackAttack - chat: yes'ish
San Diego Padres - garbanzo - garbanzo24 - chat: yes'ish
San Francisco Giants - citizenfish - citizenfish77 - chat: yes'ish
Colorado Rockies - Nivek5150 - Nivek5150 - chat: yes'ish

Jackie Robinson Division

Milwaukee Brewers - Tay - MikeyT-Time - chat: no idea because I'm not digging through the other thread :)
Pittsburgh Pirates - kaliber - HenryFredGeorge - chat: no
Chicago Cubs - MisterMerope - the_nefarious_1 - chat: yes

Duke Snider Division

New York Mets - Badly Browned - BadlyBrowned - chat: yes'ish
Washington Nationals - Fleyhing Squvirvel - Da4dshizz - chat: no
Philadelphia Phillies - icanplaythird - P-Gas - yes'ish

Tim Lincecum Conference

Andres Torres Division

New York Yankees - positiveuphemism - WaltzingAlong7 - chat: yes
Toronto Blue Jays - say hey nation - tferr85 - chat: no'ish
Baltimore Orioles - PiKAgiant - guutbaby - chat: no'ish
Boston Red Sox - UnleashTheGore - Jaqr - chat: no'ish

Barry Bonds Division

Minnesota Twins - sn0wnsk8 - sn0wnsk8 - chat: yes'ish
Kansas City Royals
- Lakers1230 - LakersGonnaLake - chat: yes
Houston Astros
- BokoLife - BokoLife - chat: yes
Cleveland Indians - bigboneded - bigboneded38 - chat: dunno yet!

Will Clark Division

Seattle Mariners
- Saxman - Saxman99208 - chat: no'ish
Texas Rangers - Lotusprime - lotusprime - chat: yes'ish
Oakland Athletics - Snack - Snackalishus - chat: no
Los Angeles Angels - Mudville9 - X_bOnZo_X - yes'ish


The draft date positiveuphemism has been throwing around is Sunday 4/14 at 5pm Pacific. I...don't like that time, particularly since I'm in the Central time zone. If 4/14 is the date that works best for everyone, I would very much like to move that earlier a few hours (especially since it's not football season so there's no damn college/NFL action to distract people).

If it absolutely has to be an evening draft for y'all, Monday would work about a bazillion times better from where I'm sitting.

Talk amongst yourselves. Get it figured out. Start friending one another if you haven't already. The divisions above are listed by team, McCoven handle, PSN handle, and chat capability. I know you're all smart people and figured that out already but yeah.

I think I did okay on divisions; it helped that 40% of the league wanted an AL East or NL West team. That said, since travel Isn't A Thing(tm), I will permit trades up until the point at which I create the league (which will be once we have a 20th owner and once we have a draft day/time finalized). The exception: the Giants have to stay in the Russell Martin Division because ha ha ha ha. And also because Dodger rivalry but mostly because ha ha ha ha.

Let's get this shit on the road.

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