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I swear to you the fish was this big - Mike McGinnis

Watching the NL west so you don't have to

Baseball is a laaawwwwng season. 162 games is hard enough to handle when you are following just one team let alone having to pay attention to an entire division. Maybe if there was some sort of way to stream MLB games on your .tv but thats years away.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Lets just get this out of the way. Justin Upton: 308/375/1.000 with 3 home runs.

Martin Prado: 300/286/600 with 1 home run. That obp!

Or to put it another way. Arizona Team Homeruns: 4. Justin Upton home runs: 3

Outside of the lol Upton aspect this has been a decent opening week for the D-Backs. Parra has been playing out of his mind (474/55/947 with 1 homerun) and the team has won 3 of their first 4 games. And while the wins have been there, there is definite cause for concern if you are a D-Back fan. Like the fact that two of your biggest off season acquisitions McCarthy (10.80 era 1 k in five innings) and Bell (3 runs in a third of an inning) have already been pretty terrible. They have a pretty easy start to schedule with series against the Pirates, Yankees, and Rockies at home to finish out April. A good way to build some confidence on a team who after hearing how badly they blew the off season, could use it.

Week in review 4/1: 6-2 W v. STL 4/2 6-1 L v. STL 4/3 10-9 W v. STL 4/5: 3-1 v. MIL

Upcoming schedule: Brewers, Dodgers, @ Yankees.

Colorado Rockies

Speaking of 3-1 and one divisional powerhouses B=break up the Rockies. No but seriously what is up with ads claiming that they have the coldest beer in the world. Shouldn't you be challenging Kenmore and Maytag then and not Budwieser?

There are two big reasons why the Rockies have had a successful start of the 2013 season. The first is that they haven't exactly played their games against A level competition. The Brewers and Padres aren't exactly the most intimidating teams in the world unless maybe you are a vanilla ice cream salesmen. But you have to play the schedule you're given. The other big reason is that CarGo and Tulo are both healthy and hitting. Their combined slash line is 354/395/740 with 4 dingers. Combined with the hot start of Cuddyer and Rosario ( 375/375/688 and 500/500/1000 respectively) and some lucky pitching performances and its easy to see why the Rockies have been winning games. But none of their starting pitchers have gone over 100 pitches yet this season although Francis and Nicasio each came close with 97 pitches in their starts and I am still not sold on their weird pitching arrangement.

Week in review: 4/1 5-4 L @MIL 4/2 8-4 W @MIL 4/3 Brewers 7-3 W @ MIL 5-2 W v. SD

Upcoming Schedule: Padres, @ SF, @ SD

San Diego Padres

Alonso 231/231/462 with 1 hr

Rizzo .083/333/600 with 1 hr

At least Cashner has been healthy

Giants are 3-1, Diamondbacks are 3-1 and the Rockies are 3-1. They've only played one game in the division so far so it's possible that they could be 3-1. And they opened against the Mets. The team that moved the fences closer to the infield so that they didn't actually need to employ an outfield. So yeah I am pretty sure that the Padres also have been good right? /checks schedule

So yeah well I was close. The padres are 1-3 and it hasn't been pretty. Padres are hitting .180 as a team and slugging 250 putting them near the bottom of the league in both categories. And while the Dodgers and Giants are near the bottom in team avg and slugging too at least they are 1 and 2 in team era. The Padres not so much. Their team era is 5.73. Ouch.

Jason Marquis Watch: yup still there

Week in Review: 4/1 11-2 L @Mets 4/3 8-4 L @Mets 4/4 2-1 W @ Mets 4/5 5-2 L @ COL

upcoming schedule rockies, dodgers, rockies


We've seen three of their games so I won't dwell on them too much. They are currently number one in team era but near the bottom in most hitting categories. Fun fact A-Gon and Kemp have 4 combined hits in 27 at bats. Greinke and Kershaw have 2 hits in 5 at bats. I'm not saying I am just saying. The most important thing for this week from the Dodgers perspective is that Greinkie looked solid in his first start of the season. Two hits and no runs through six and a third against the Pirates with six ks. But it was on the same night that Jonathan Sanchez pitched five innings and only walked one so maybe there was some magic pitching dust in the air and we probably shouldn't count this game as anything too meaningful.

Week in review: 4/1 4-0 W v. SF 4/2 3-0 L v SF 4/3 5-3 L v. SF 4/5 3-0 v. PIT

Upcoming Schedule pirates, padres, dbacks

I'll be doing this as a fanpost every week on Saturday. Its kind of ridiculous that Calenders consider Saturday the end of the week and Sunday the start even though Sunday is still referred to as a part of the weekend. But I digress.

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