McCoven MLB 13 League: Week Two Trade and Scheduling Thread

Couple housekeeping things to bring up here.

1) I'm still not sure what we've decided on trade approval. That seemed to fizzle.

2) Royals are available, and we could use an owner there. Beat the bushes!

3) Sims going forward: Okay, so I ran some tests today when it became clear that not everything was going to get tidied up before I pushed the button. Two things I discovered. The first is that 'resolving' games incurs no fatigue penalty. Thus, I am only going to use this in cases where a series is not complete when the button-pushing time rolls around, and both parties request a short extension to finish. What will happen in those cases is that I will resolve the series, push the button, and then reset the resolved games. That will leave the affected teams with open games to play from their previous series as well as their current series. Those games will not remain open for the entire series period, and I will not go further back than the period from which we are advancing. If you missed games three series ago, tough shit.

In all other circumstances, I will be simming the games, instead. Yeah, it sucks that you might lose a game (or a series) to someone who hasn't been available. The problem is though, it's a rock and a hard place. The point has been made that 'resolving' a series in favor of the available owner could present a competitive balance issue to the rest of the league, and that simply 'splitting' the series is unfair to the available owner. Further, my tests from today showing that 'resolve' doesn't incur a fatigue penalty means that resolving the series would, potentially, give an owner wins without the attendant fatigue to his players, and that's a competitive balance issue all its own.

Life's a bitch, basically. So resolve will only be used when both parties are in agreement over the need for an extra couple days to finish their series. In all other cases, 'simulate' will be used.

Further reminder: do not use lobby challenges. Issue challenges from the schedule - you can issue both practice and competitive challenges (for open games) from there.

I think that's everything. Leave a LOLDFiPL if I've forgotten anything.

Deadline for this series to complete: midnight C(D/S)T, May 2

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