Historical background for the Giants' annoying problem

touch me and be healed for i am wade miley - Ezra Shaw

Say, has anyone noticed that the Giants are allowing a lot of home runs to pitchers?

Look at this followthrough:

Head nuzzled into his armpit, like a sleepin' kitty cat trying to block out the light. Back foot off the ground because he's a pitcher who doesn't know how to hit. Which is what Wade Miley is. After 100 plate appearances in his career, he's hitting .153/.191/.212.

Oh, and he has a home run. That swing up there is the followthrough on his home-run swing. It was just about the longest home run I've ever seen a pitcher hit. The odds are at least decent that I'll have a grandchild the next time a pitcher hits a ball that far in AT&T Park.

Over the past three weeks, opposing pitchers have hit about four percent of the total home runs the Giants have allowed to pitchers since moving to San Francisco. That's a sentence to read twice if you have the time. There are some seasons in which the Giants don't allow a home run to a pitcher at all. From 2008 through 2011, the Giants allowed just a single home run to Yovani Gallardo. In the first three weeks of 2013, the Giants have allowed three home runs to starting pitchers.

Is this some sort of record? Are they close to some kind of record?

They are, at least for the San Francisco era.

Home runs allowed to pitchers, San Francisco era

4: 1962, 1965, 1989
3: 1960, 1968, 1970, 1973, 1986, 2007, 2012, 2013

There are five months to work on history, fellas. Go get 'em. Or, rather, please, no, don't. Again, there's nothing you can do about pitcher home runs. It's not like Ryan Vogelsong or George Kontos should nibble when they face pitchers. If a pitcher throws strikes, the odds are overwhelmingly great that they'll get the opposing pitcher out. Giving up a homer to another pitcher is like flagging a taxi down and getting a drunk camel for a driver. That doesn't mean you should flag down taxis differently. It just means, like, whoa. That happened.

It is almost certainly annoying. It's a little slice of calvinball in your normally scheduled baseball game, and you're never expecting it. But what are you gonna do?

The Giants are a pitcher home run away from tying the San Francisco record, and two away from breaking it. Now you know.

And because I can, the list of every pitcher home run hit against the Giants. If you want to blow your mind, click on the Craig Leffterts one from 1986 and read the game log. That's probably one ripe for an offseason feature in a few months. This place would have slid into the sea.

Rk Player Date Tm
1 Wade Miley 2013-04-22 ARI
2 Yovani Gallardo 2013-04-18 MIL
3 Clayton Kershaw 2013-04-01 LAD
4 Alex White 2012-09-10 COL
5 Cole Hamels 2012-07-21 PHI
6 Mike Leake 2012-06-29 CIN
7 Yovani Gallardo 2009-04-08 MIL
8 Bronson Arroyo 2007-07-05 CIN
9 Woody Williams 2007-05-15 HOU
10 Kip Wells 2007-04-19 STL
11 Adam Wainwright 2006-05-24 STL
12 Jorge Sosa 2006-04-06 ATL
13 A.J. Burnett 2005-07-24 FLA
14 Carl Pavano 2004-05-01 FLA
15 Brooks Kieschnick 2003-09-12 MIL
16 Darren Oliver 2003-07-10 COL
17 Mike Hampton 2002-08-29 COL
18 Darryl Kile 2001-06-23 STL
19 Woody Williams 2000-07-20 SDP
20 Brian Anderson 1999-08-04 ARI
21 Sean Bergman 1999-04-15 HOU
22 Steve Avery 1996-06-21 ATL
23 Steve Avery 1995-07-08 ATL
24 Chris Hammond 1993-08-21 FLA
25 Armando Reynoso 1993-05-10 COL
Rk Player Date Tm
26 Dwight Gooden 1992-08-24 NYM
27 Chris Hammond 1992-06-17 CIN
28 Doug Drabek 1990-04-24 PIT
29 Mike Scott 1989-09-23 HOU
30 Mark Portugal 1989-09-08 HOU
31 Bob Knepper 1989-06-19 HOU
32 Scott Terry 1989-04-27 STL
33 Mark Davis 1988-06-13 SDP
34 Bob Forsch 1987-05-13 STL
35 Tim Stoddard 1986-06-18 SDP
36 David Palmer 1986-06-11 ATL
37 Craig Lefferts 1986-04-25 SDP
38 Kevin Gross 1985-08-25 PHI
39 Bob Knepper 1985-06-29 HOU
40 Tim Lollar 1984-09-20 SDP
41 Bob Knepper 1983-06-14 HOU
42 Steve Carlton 1982-05-04 PHI
43 Bob Forsch 1980-05-07 STL
44 Dan Schatzeder 1978-08-25 MON
45 Larry Christenson 1977-07-23 PHI
46 Jerry Koosman 1977-05-17 NYM
47 J.R. Richard 1976-10-02 HOU
48 J.R. Richard 1974-09-13 HOU
49 Tom Griffin 1974-04-16 HOU
50 Phil Niekro 1973-09-01 ATL
Rk Player Date Tm
51 Roric Harrison 1973-08-31 ATL
52 Tom Seaver 1973-05-29 NYM
53 Bob Gibson 1972-08-30 STL
54 Don Durham 1972-08-18 STL
55 Rick Wise 1971-08-28 (2) PHI
56 Rick Wise 1971-06-14 PHI
57 Milt Pappas 1970-08-13 CHC
58 Bob Gibson 1970-06-12 STL
59 Claude Osteen 1970-05-26 LAD
60 Willie Smith 1968-08-27 CHC
61 Gary Nolan 1968-06-29 CIN
62 Don Cardwell 1968-04-18 NYM
63 Dave Giusti 1967-06-13 HOU
64 Jim Bunning 1967-05-30 PHI
65 Tony Cloninger 1966-07-29 ATL
66 Tony Cloninger 1966-07-03 ATL
67 Bob Gibson 1965-09-29 STL
68 Don Drysdale 1965-08-19 LAD
69 Vern Law 1965-06-22 PIT
70 Gerry Arrigo 1965-05-29 CIN
71 Lew Burdette 1964-07-23 CHC
72 Joe Nuxhall 1964-06-17 CIN
73 Warren Spahn 1963-06-23 MLN
74 Lindy McDaniel 1963-06-06 CHC
75 Earl Francis 1962-09-14 PIT
Rk Player Date Tm
76 Warren Spahn 1962-08-30 MLN
77 Ray Sadecki 1962-06-09 STL
78 Turk Farrell 1962-05-11 HOU
79 Bob Anderson 1961-08-09 CHC
80 Jim Maloney 1961-05-30 (1) CIN
81 Warren Spahn 1960-09-08 MLN
82 Warren Spahn 1960-08-26 MLN
83 Stan Williams 1960-07-06 LAD
84 Don Newcombe 1959-05-15 CIN
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 4/23/2013.
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