McCoven MLB 13 League: House Rules Discussion

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So, there are a few folks calling for house rules, and I think that's a great idea. This isn't meant to be a hyper-competitive money league, so we should treat this like a fun experience without gaming the system. I've played a few games online, and people can be shitheads, and there are rules we can put in place to avoid that shitheadery.

1. Don't be a dick. If you think something you're doing is questionable, don't do it! Think of it this way: What would Posey do? "I am ever so sorry but I have gone and hit a hit to left" is fine, but "I am ever so sorry and I threw three consecutive pitchouts during high lag because I knew you would swing and miss" sucks.

2. Be nice on the mic! Swear at your players all you want, especially if fucking Brett Gardner drops a fly ball. Just be civil to the person on the other end.

3. No "dick"le in the pickle. Getting caught in a rundown happens often enough, and if you get in and out of it naturally, you're fine. However, don't artificially create a rundown, knowing your opponent is slow on the throwing controls, because this is an easy way to move up 90 feet without actually earning it.

4. No "excessive" pitchouts. Pitchouts are fine, even multiple, since Roger Craig legitimately used that strategy as a disincentive for the running game. However, don't just constantly use them as a way to throw balls. In fact, throwing balls constantly is annoying...

5. So don't spam balls in the dirt. Yeah, throwing changeups and curveballs below the zone is fine; that's basically where they're meant to be (although Tim Lincecum missed the memo). However, the league average percentage of balls in the zone is 40%; if you're dipping well below that, check yourself.

6. Don't constantly bunt. If you're playing against a shitty fielding player, it's really, really annoying if you constantly bunt and they can't get you out.

7. No playing beanball. Don't hit batters on purpose. It's silly in real life, and sillier in a video game. Carlos Quentin deserves it, though.

8. Be accessible to your opponent. Everyone has been really into it so far, and we're all making an effort to be online at the same time as our scheduled opponent. It's common courtesy to at least communicate, here or via PSN, so try to make yourself accessible.

9. Use your home stadium. The Polo Grounds are fun, but save it for exhibitions. I'm sure someone will be online to play a random game with you if you're really itching to recreate The Catch.

10. Don't intentionally walk too much. There are plenty of good reasons to intentionally walk someone, but lengthening the game is not one.

11. Only 6 SPs on your staff. This has been subject to much discussion, and a lot of thought has been put in. No super relievers. Starters just have too much stamina to completely overload your bullpen. This rule has also been edited to reflect the fact that some bitchy people want a 4-man rotation (i.e. me).

Anything else you guys want on there? Or any of the above you want to scratch/edit?

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