McCoven MLB 13 League: Week One Trade/Scheduling Thread


After examining what happened with the Astros/Angels game, and attempting to see if it was possible to play my own future games (it's not), I went ahead and reset that result. It should not have happened - it should not have been POSSIBLE - and I would recommend both sides chalk that one up to experience. I can't do anything about the injury to Scherzer, but he's only out a day anyway (and I believe BokoLife said Scherzer's his third starter), so he should, in theory, be healthy enough to make his regularly scheduled start.

I don't know if fatigue will be a factor, but I can't do anything about that, either.

LET THIS BE A LESSON: DO NOT, EVEN IF IT LOOKS AS IF YOU CAN, ATTEMPT TO PLAY GAMES THAT ARE NOT MARKED 'AVAILABLE' BECAUSE IT MAY FUCK UP YOUR ROTATION. The way things are currently set up, it looks like we're advancing one series at a time. That one is on me, because I thought '1' meant '1 series ahead of pace' when I set it up. I had meant to set it up in such a way that the current and next series would be available. That doesn't appear to be the case.

Stick with what we've got. You can play anybody you want as practice, but if you're practicing to get the hang of timing and shit, I recommend you do so outside of the league. It's possible to send practice challenges in-game, and that may very well be what mudlife did, but the game didn't treat it as practice.

That's how I intend to treat any other examples of this that pop up. The result will be reset - you'll still have to play it anyway - but you'll likely have to deal with any injuries that happen as a result. I figure the risk of those injuries and the fact that the result won't count anyway ought to be sufficient deterrent to keep this from happening again.

I'm just really glad the 'oh shit this happened' injury is only listed as 1 day, so that Boko isn't dealing with a much larger issue.


Here you go, kids and squids. Let's try to keep scheduling and general discussion separate from one another. There is an in-game trade application, so you don't need to work the details of your trades out in public here. You can just see, generally, who might have an interest in your player here and then work it out in game.

Note that at some point we need to figure out trade approval. I see two options.

1) positiveuphemism rules on NL trades, I rule on AL trades, and we figure it out if cross-league trades happen.

2) A small committee (four people, say). The way this would work is that good faith is assumed in trading - it would take an affirmative majority to overturn a trade. That's 3/4 in ordinary situations; in the event that one of the committee members is involved in the trade, that reduces to 2/3. If two members are involved, an extraordinary measures clause gets invoked, and the league as a whole gets to vote yea or nay.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts below and indicate which option you like better.

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