McCoven MLB 13: The Show Team Picking Thread

Currently Available Teams

  • Dbacks
  • Reds, Cardinals
  • Marlins, Phillies, Braves
  • A's, Angels
  • White Sox, Tigers
  • Rays

Please follow directions, everyone. If you aren't sure you are doing it right, look at what the other people have done.

Because this is going slowly, I am going to make it 8 hours a pick starting tomorrow. I'll drop that to 4 the next day, and then an hour. People gotta pay attention.

Here is the original thread:

If you want to join the league, just make a reply with a Subject Line asking for in.

Hey guys. It's time to pick teams. At this time, 19 of the 30 spots have been taken. Hopefully we get some more soon.

Picking teams is going to be relatively straight-forward. We are picking in the order in which we joined the league. The one caveat is if you want the Giants. If you want the Giants, you will go into a pool and a random person will get to choose them. Also, you may sacrifice your drafting slot.

Here is how it works:

Pick #4 decides they want the Padres, no one has taken the Padres so the Padres are now claimed.

Pick #5 wants the Giants. They are forgoing their pick for a chance at the Giants.

Pick #6 wants the Giants, too.

Pick #7 want the Mets. They get the Mets.

And so on. Once we get to pick #25 OR if we don't have 25 teams, we have the last team make a decision, at that point anyone who wanted the Giants goes into the hat (or some randomizer.) The teams will be given numbers in order of choosing the Giants. If there are five teams, then they will be 1-5. Whoever gets picked gets the Giants and the people after them will pick next. Once the last in line goes, we go back to the beginning. This is to discourage everyone from going for the Giants. It will be a gamble and you may end up with a team you really don't want. Especially if we get a full complement of 30 teams in the league. If it doesn't make sense, it will when it happens. So don't worry about it.

Starting Wednesday, April 3, you will have a maximum of 12 hours to make your pick. (from 8AM PST > 12AM PST) If you haven't picked then you move to the end of the line and the next person up gets to go. This may seem unfair but it's going to take a while to get all the teams picked.

If you choose a team that has already been chosen, you forfeit your pick and move to the back of the line.

I will be making SL's for each of the 30 possible picks. These are just for picking teams. Create new SLs for other stuff, please. If you got into the league before this post, you will have a SL with your name in it. If not, wait until we add your name under a SL to pick.

When you make your pick, please follow this format: (feel free to cut and paste)

PSN name:


Y/N, do you have chat capability?

How many games do you think the season should be?

Any other comments or suggestions:

Thanks for reading. Thanks for joining. Happy picking.

I forgot to add. If you pick out of turn, you forfeit your pick.

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