McCoven MLB 13: the Show Online League?

UPDATE WITH PERTINENT INFORMATION: The deadline to lock your spot in and have the game in hand is Friday, April 12. That's 3 weeks from today. In fact, I would lock in by Thursday, April 11 so that we can send out invitations on 4/12; that gives everybody 4/12 and 4/13 to accept their invitations. The draft would be Sunday, April 14. Time TBD.

Discussions are underway regarding team selection. positiveuphemism suggested a team draft. We can work with that; everybody gets a number in order of when they joined the league, and then numbers are drawn from a hat until everybody has a team draft spot. Per positiveuphemism's suggestion (not sure if serious or not), the player draft would then happen in reverse order of the team draft.

A complementary idea I just had - discuss below - would be kind of a blind Rotisserie thing. Everybody gets a certain number of points, which they can bid on draft position in both the team and the player draft; owners would have to balance their desire for a particular team with their desire to be in position to draft a particular player. I feel like that would give league members a little more control over which team/first rounder they wind up with than the luck of the draw.


To reiterate for people seeing this thread for the first time, this here's a FanPost for folks who might be interested in an online league with MLB 13: the Show; note that this particular league is for PS3 owners, since the only Cross-Play between PS3 and PlayStation Vita (BECAUSE WE HAVE HORDES OF VITA-ONLY PLAYERS HERE I'M SURE) is the Home Run Derby.

So, at this point, a few questions:

  • We currently have 11 entrants. As many as 19 spots remain open. My hope is that we end up with an even number of entrants, be that 12 or 30.
  • What options are we looking at? positiveuphemism suggested a draft - which is probably the fairest way to ensure that non-DFIPL McCoven have the opportunity to have at least one significant Giant on their roster, on reflection. I haven't looked to see whether there are any options specifically for draft order (is it forced random, manually editable, etc). I probably need to do this at some point since it looks like a draft is what's happening.
  • Team selection: As discussed above, the current option on the table is some kind of a team draft, either lots from a hat or a Rotisserie bid kind of thing. Another option might be to let the free market work and see if, with a draft, there's still a particular attachment to laundry or not. Yet a third option might be a hybrid; if we have six people who all want the same team but the other 8-24 shake out into other teams, a draft sort of thing among the people who all want the same team to sort out the tiebreak, as it were. I'm probably getting ahead of myself here. If anybody has alternative suggestions, let's hear them. We've got 3 weeks to hash all of this out.
  • Clownball: if we end up with AL owners, do we allow the DH? I figure, if we're drafting, this isn't a "realistic" league and thus we don't need to nod to MLB as it actually exists. Fuck the DH.
  • Trade approval: it appears trades can't go through uncontested; the game allows for two options: league-wide voting, or commissioner fiat. It has been suggested that instead of requiring 30 votes, convene a panel of the commissioner and four other users and approve/disapprove trades based on the vote of the panel.
  • Scheduling: There are three options: flex, series, and open. "Open" schedules mean any game is playable at any time. I'd lean against that option since it risks the possibility of someone with time on their hands playing a shitload of games early and discouraging the rest of the division/league if s/he runs out to a commanding won-loss record before everybody else has had a chance to play their games. That's how leagues die. "Series" schedules have an expiration date on the current series - it must be played, however many games are in the series, within 1-7 days of the series becoming "active." Flex schedules work fundamentally the same way, but games in future series can be made available to account for schedules. That might be as few as one series ahead of the current, it might be as many as 30. All three types have both 'auto' and 'manual' expiry; 'auto' is remorseless. It is a machine. If your games aren't done, tough titty: the server resolves unplayed games and time marches on. The commissioner, or designated lackey, pushes the button to advance series under 'manual' control. I don't know if that means there's wiggle room on length or if that just means the commissioner can advance the season if all series get completed before the deadline.

    For deadlines, we have the option of 1 to 30 days per series.

  • Season length: 14, 29, 40, 80, 120 or 162 games. With 11 owners in, 14 seems laughable. 29 is probably also too few. 162, on the other hand, is likely going to be too many to sustain, especially between real-life schedules and the impermanent state of the game's servers (i.e., this isn't like OOTP where we can play forever). I think the sweet spot for a smaller league is going to be 40, or 80 if we get greater participation.
  • League structure: Round Robin or Divisional. I'd prefer the divisional format, personally. It allows for as many as 10 playoff teams (just like real life), compared with a cap of 8 in round robin. Keeps more people invested in the league. The Round Robin league permits either 2-5 series of 1 game each per opponent, or one series of 1 or 3 games per opponent.
  • Player draft: positiveuphemism wants to run a league tomorrow to see how the draft works for no-shows, AI teams, etc. Indicate below if you're willing to be a guinea pig with any of that. The draft is a live draft, and happens within 1-7 days of the league getting activated, so there's a fair possibility that not everybody will be able to show up. To my knowledge, there's no ability to rank the draft class according to preference if you can't make it. There are three timer settings: 30, 60 and 90 seconds per selection.
  • Trades and free agents are semi-decoupled; any trade-permitting league has to permit free agent signings also, but you can turn off trades and allow free agents. Alternatively, you can go way hardcore since you're drafting 40 players and turn off both trades and free agents (I wouldn't recommend doing this unless we kibosh injuries).
  • Skill settings: I think for league setup, the variance is to filter out players who are too n00b or too awesome for public leagues. For this league, since it'll be private, that shouldn't matter. I'm inclined to suggest that in order to facilitate the greatest possible enjoyment by the members of the league, we go with reasonably non-complicated controls. It may, who knows, be possible for masochists to set higher difficulty ratings for themselves even if the league is set to 'beginner,' say. Who knows?
  • I don't think the league can be expanded once it starts; I finally found a thing in the 'about' part of online leagues that says leagues can have AI teams and dropped users can be replaced, so I'm betting that when a user is dropped, that team shifts to AI control until a new user takes over. Thus, it seems logical (although I still can't be 100% certain) that we could start the league with however many users but leave a couple just-in-case spots for possible later additions.

    Not sure how AI teams would be handled if we went the live draft route, however, so keep that in mind.

Below is the list of individuals expressing interest so far and their PSN IDs. If you haven't left your contact info in the thread, please do so we can get this list updated for everybody (please, if you send a friend request, indicate that you're in the McCoven league so everybody knows who they're getting these requests from):

positiveuphemism - WaltzingAlong7
DodgerFanInPackerLand - SackAttack
say hey nation - tferr85
kaliber - HenryFredGeorge
PiKagiant - guutbaby
BokoLife - BokoLife
garbanzo24 - garbanzo24
Lakers1230 - LakersGonnaLake
MisterMerope - the_nefarious_1
UnleashTheGore - Jaqr
BadlyBrowned - BadlyBrowned
Saxman - saxman99208
FleyhingSquvirvel - da4dshizz
Cheeeese! - TheCheeeeese
citizenfish - citizenfish77
sn0wnsk8 - sn0wnsk8
Hunter S Johnson - Hunter-S-Johnson
Tay - MikeyT-Time
Lotusprime - Lotusprime

Keep it coming!

If anybody has other input or knows the answers to things I'm unsure on, chime in!

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