Framed Colllage of Seal Stadium Opening day?

So one of my prized possessions is a framed photo of Pac Bell's first ball game, with a (sadly reproduction) ticket from that game.

For some time, I've been wanting to make a Seals Stadium Opening day framed collage, from April 15, 1958.

First, I wanted to get some ideas together for possible vintage photos of the day. San Francisco Public LIbrary has a lot of good opening day shots (Or close enough for me to feel okay faking it... for example, one of the areal shots is from april 16th, I believe.



Aac-5345_medium 8450037730_532b0d4b0e_medium



Next, I'm need to dig up some tickets from 1958, in order to make a passible reproduction. Why here's an opening day ticket here:


My Big question here is, while I can design a facsimile pretty easily, I need to dig up the actual ticket dimensions, which aren't obvious. This stub is from It's a close wall membership thing. I've got an in system message out to the person who has this incredible collection of opening day stubs, but I haven't heard back yet, so I thought I'd ask here. Anybody know what the actual dimensions were for SF Giants tix from 1958?

Next up... Obviously, I want a date, and score line. I'm thinking of a box score... but that might be too cluttered. However, since the phots are only 3x5, maybe clutter is what I need. This site indicates they can send a reproduction of a vintage box score. Tempting. Or if the April 16th San Francisco chronicle was on line somewhere.... (Haven't found it yet)

Anyway, The above photos seem to be available from the library for a modest scanning fee...they will send me a cd with a 300 DPI scan, ($15 or $20 per scan).

Then a nice 3x5 (or 8x10 if I can enhance em without losing too much quality) prints, along with a nice reproduction of the ticket stub.

2 photos...

ticket stub.

box score

Or Small printed statement of Date and score?

Maybe a reproduction of the 1958 team logo?\

If anybody has thoughts or recommendations on which images, or where other images might be had... Or thoughts as to the layout, I'd love to hear them. Also, if anybody else wants to get the Digital files I end up making for this project (to roll your own photos/tix, etc) post a note here, and I'll get in touch with you if/when I finally get off my ass and do this project.

If it goes well, I might try and do something similar for Candlestick's opening day.

For what its worth, there's a frame shop in the mission that I use regularly. They are putting together my Matt Cain perfect Game ticket, and photo in an 11 x 17 frame, with orange matting, for $85. Not cheap, but local, and good quality frames/matting,etc. They did my "Westeros" matted/framed map from the recent GRRM map box, and it looks really incredible.



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