2013 Adoption Draft - Open to All!

Update: 3/5/2013 4:30 PM PST

Welcome to the 2013 McCovey Chronicles Adoption Draft!

The draft has begun. Everyone who originally signed up for this year's draft has either already made a selection or been thrown into the secondary draft pool, so now it's a free-for-all! Anyone who hasn't adopted someone, go ahead.

I obviously will not be on 24/7 to monitor this process and update the draft lists, so I hope there will be enough people around who understand the process and know whose turn it is and who's been drafted to help when I'm not here. If there aren't, I guess you can just wait until I get back. Hyoton will be helping me update the spreadsheets which will indicate when it was last updated, so that should help, too.

How it works: There are up to 3 users on the clock at all times. Once you're on the clock, you get 2.5 hours from that moment to select a "protected pick" wherein no one greater than 2 spots below you can pick ahead of you. After that 2.5 hours is up, then you have until 24 hours after you're on the clock to pick before you go into the secondary draft pool, which puts a new user on the clock. However, If you go over your 24-hour window, you get thrown into a secondary draft pool and we move on to the next user on the list. Anyone in the secondary draft pool can draft the next time they log in. The "protected" clock stops ticking from midnight - 6 AM (PST). (For example, if you get on the clock at 11 PM PST, you have until 7:30 AM PST to select a "protected pick" wherein no one greater than 2 spots below you can pick ahead of you. You still only have until 11 PM the next day until you go into the secondary draft pool.)

Who you can draft: Current players from all levels, retired players, organizational staff, front office staff, inanimate objects, etc. affiliated with the Giants are available for adoption. In the case of inanimate objects, you may adopt it even if the object belongs to an unavailable adoptee and is tangible (e.g., Brian Sabean's laptop). However, you may not adopt intangible items owned by unavailable adoptees (e.g., Barry Zito's curveball). Only one adoptee per parent - unless two things come as a set and are available: Kruk and Kuip, garlic and fries etc. All unavailable adoptees are listed here (link). A A mostly updated spreadsheet of all players in the Giants organization is here (link).

Important change for this year's draft: Once the custody hearing is over at the end of this year, adoptive parents who did not claim or release their adoptee and do not have some form of contact information somewhere on their profile will immediately have their adoptees released. So, if you do not have contact information on your profile but would like to leave contact information with us, you may use this form (link). If you know you will be away during the offseason and wish to claim or release your adoptee before the custody thread happens, you may use this form (link).

Proxy adoptions: For those of you who might not be able to post immediately when your turn to adopt comes up, and don't want to lose your spot in line, at any point in time you may fill out this form (link). Please make sure to let us know that you filled it out by leaving a comment in this draft thread. When your turn comes we will draft for you the top person/object on your list that has not been drafted yet.

This year's draft order and adoptees
Unavailable adoptees
Mostly updated spreadsheet of all players in the Giants organization
Proxy adoption form
Form to leave contact info or make any adoptee changes/additions after this thread is closed
Complete list of rules for this year's adoption draft

This year's draft order and adoptees (check the spreadsheets for possibly more recently updated info):

1. Nivra: Gustavo Cabrera
2. El Person: Brett Bochy
3. scout6: Chris Stratton
4. slapsy: Will Clark
5. Goofus: Andres Torres
6. jhiat00: Edgar Renteria
7. GrahamCrakalaka: Mac Williamson
8. Dingoes Ate My Baby: Marvin Benard
9. Roger: Travious Relaford
10. Badly Browned: Nick Noonan
11. EliminateMe: Kensuke Tanaka
12. WhereThere'saWillieThere'saMays: Jim Thorpe
13. WazzuCrew11: Bill Terry
14. Soulbrother16: Eric Surkamp
15. Lies and Perfidy: Shilo McCall
16. thirteenthirteen: Edwin Escobar
17. glenallen hill's waterpipe: Mason Tobin
18. Lunkus: Dave Righetti
19. bumgarner: Jack Snodgrass Hank Greenwald
20. bigboneded: Natanael Javier
21. quincy0191: Martin Agosta
22. operation carrot: Stephen Johnson
23. Josh L: Steven Okert
24. City Girl: Lou Seal
25. Monsanto: Ty Blach
26. A SF, SJ, and Stanford Sports Fan: Bip Roberts
27. Nnamdi Asomugha: E.J. Encinosa
28. Slumped Shoulders: Ahmed Fareed
29. Deleuzian: John Polonius
30. rhythmismt: Orlando Cepeda
31. gianator: Tyler Mizenko
32. sfgiantsgirl: Hengerber Medina
33. txgiant: Ryan Sadowski
34. ScoutWilson: Brandon Farley
35. Zivior: Ramon Ramirez
36. Timorous Me: Tyler Hollick
37. krukkuipandclint: Keury Mella
38. KingOfSpain: Rafael Rodriguez
39. Perfecto: Jose Mijares
40. treadhead: Shane Loux
41. JonDowd: Anchor Steam Booth "Crazylegs" Howard Lowe (The Kettle Corn Man)
42. deegreentea: Fryer (Hunter Pence's bat)
43. leftyqb: Jonathan Jones
44. billy_dee: Jacob Dunnington
45. Rabbi Horwitz: Cody Hall
46. S. Pickford #25: Matthew Duffy
47. Count Vertigo: Amy Gutierrez
48. fitsnstarts: Jeremy Sy
49. spellinge: Ian Gardeck
50. joseclemens: Eli Whiteside
51. ClubhousePresence: Santiago Casilla
52. Struck_him_out_swinging: Jarrett Parker
53. Nottablogger: Mason McVay
54. DigInfinity: Sandy Rosario Cole Gillespie
55. NorCalGal: Matt Cain's Perfect Game Plaque
56. gspm: Don Robinson
57. FleyhingSquvirvel: Nicol Parra
58. rudo
59. Darkrose: Brandon Belt (Six Flags giraffe)
60. Telesilla: John Montgomery Ward
61. The Nuschlerian Candidate: Kirk Rueter
62. Mister Merope: RoofMan
63. CainsawMassacre18: Jon Dowd
64. absolute019: Wilson Valdez
65. lilboneded: Mitch Delfino
66. coolandtough: Wendell Kim
67. Ohdecker: Gary Radnich
68. ch3zyp00fs: The Neifi Chicken
69+ Anyone else who wants to make a selection

Anyone who is not currently on this list and would like to participate is welcome to comment on this thread, and you will be added on at the end.

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