2013 Adoption Draft Finalized Rules

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS YEAR'S DRAFT, MAKE SURE TO REGISTER HERE! (HERE is a link!! Wait, what happened to the orange links?!)

These are the rules we will be using for this year's Adoption Draft. If you have any issues with or questions about any of these rules, state them here and we'll try to work it out in the comments in the coming week before the draft starts.

1) Adoption Draft Date: You may "register" for the new adoption draft in this thread. The draft will begin on 2/19 at 8:00 AM. Anyone who is a member of McCovey Chronicles and does not currently have an adoptee is welcome to participate.

2) Draft Rules: A draft rules post was created to discuss and agree on the process prior to the draft. However, no one really suggested any rule changes there, so we will use this one to make any final changes to the rules and vote on them. There is no rule that details the process of how to change rules, so we'll just see how it goes.

3) Custody Hearing: Prior to the draft, an opportunity is given for all adoptive parents to claim or release their adoptees through a custody hearing post. If you still have not claimed or released your adoptee from last year, please do so here. For next year: Once the custody hearing is over, adoptive parents who did not claim or release their adoptee and do not have some form of contact information somewhere on their profile will immediately have their adoptees released. If contact information is available, the adoptive parent will be contacted and have a week to respond before release of the adoptee. For special circumstances (like Fla-Giant, who mysteriously disappeared last month and whose adoptee I would not want to release), we can make exceptions.
Note: if you do not want to have contact information on your profile but would like to leave contact information with us you may use this form. If you know you will be away during the offseason and wish to claim or release your adoptee before the custody thread happens, you may use this form.

4) Who you can draft: Current players from all levels, retired players, organizational staff, front office staff, inanimate objects, etc. affiliated with the Giants are available for adoption. Only one adoptee per parent - unless two things come as a set and are available: Kruk and Kuip, garlic and fries etc. All unavailable adoptees are listed here. Blue adoptees will become available on 2/19 if their parents do not claim them by then. Purple adoptees will remain unavailable on 2/19 unless their parents release them before then. For your convenience, almost all players in the Giants organization are in this spreadsheet. Please note that this list should not limit your choices for adoption, it is just meant to help if you're not familiar with every player.

5) Draft Order: As mentioned above, the formula used is: Draft Points = (# of McC comments) + 20*(# of months of membership on McC) + 35*(# of FanPosts + FanShots made on McC). Points will be calculated on 2/11, the day the "registration" for the draft begins. Any comments or posts made past that point will not be counted toward draft points. The draft is ranked in order of descending draft points. Parents of adoptees whose players were DFA'd or released last season go first in descending order of draft points, then everyone else in descending order of draft points. This year's draft order can be found here.

6) The Rolling Three Rule: You get 2.5 hours from the moment you're on the clock to select a "protected pick" wherein no one greater than 2 spots below you can pick ahead of you. After that 2.5 hours is up, then you have until 24 hours after you’re on the clock to pick before you go into the secondary draft pool, which puts a new user on the clock. Anyone in this pool can draft the next time they log in. The "protected" clock stops ticking from midnight - 6 AM (PST). (For example, if you get on the clock at 11 PM PST, you have until 7:30 AM PST to select a "protected pick" wherein no one greater than 2 spots below you can pick ahead of you. You still only have until 11 PM the next day until you go into the secondary draft pool.)


7) Trades/Released/DFA's: If your player is traded for another player, you are eligible to adopt the incoming player. If there are multiple players involved in the trade, these will be worked out on a case-by-case basis by the affected parties. After settling the aftermath of the trade amongst yourselves, please fill out this form to let us know how to update the records.
Users whose players are DFA'd/released/etc. will have two options:
a) be eligible for the "compensation round" in the following draft, which allows all members whose adoptees were lost during the season to draft as a group (in descending order of draft points) before everyone else.
a) retain their adoptee
b) re-draft another player who was part of the organization and available to be drafted on the start of draft day (2/19). If you choose to re-draft, please fill out this form to let us know how to update the records.

8) Proxy adoptions: This is for those of you who might not be able to post immediately when your turn to adopt comes up, and don't want to lose your spot in line. At any point in time you may fill out this form (and let us know that you filled it out by leaving a comment in the draft thread), and when your turn comes we will draft for you the top person/object on your list that has not been drafted yet.

9) Adoptee Trades: Apparently this is not a new rule, but it was not included on this list. All trades of adoptees are acceptable as long as all parties involved in the trade agree to it.

10) Post-draft adoptions: If you somehow completely miss the adoption draft, and want to draft after the draft thread is closed, you may do so by filling out this form. You may only draft players who were available to be drafted on the start of draft day (2/19).

11) Username changes: If you change your SB Nation username, please fill out this form to transfer your adoptee. Draft points are transferable (but membership time will not be double-counted!), so make sure to mention your old username when calculating draft points.

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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