McCoven Awards VIII: The Winners

The people have made their grougthink voices heard and we have a new group of McCoven Award winners! Congrats to all who won, and to all who were nominated. Without further ado, here are your McCoven Award winners!

Alex_Lewis Memorial Spirit Award

Winner: Merope

Given all that Merope does for this community, it's a wonder she hasn't won in the past. She does all the OT posts, but the most amazing thing she does is that she organizes the MCC meetups. Given how spread out we all are, that is a task and a half, but Merope handles it with ease and grace while remaining an incredibly pleasant poster, and though I've never had the privilege of met her, from what I've heard she is just as awesome a person offline. This is an award that's been long overdue. Congratulations, Merope.

Most Informative Award

Winner: kdl

Apart from being an awesome person to just chat with, kdl provides wonderful eyewitness accounts and pictures of the Baby Giants. It's very easy to follow the big league team and have informed opinions - and opinionated opinions - about the 25th man on their roster. It is significantly harder to do so with the minor league teams and that's where kdl steps in. She has significantly increased my knowledge - and everyone else's - about the playing, and general goings-on, of ALL the Giants teams, not just the one that we represent on SB Nation. Congratulations, kdl.

Most Amusing Award

Winner: howtheyscored

Here's a game to play. Howie's profile is linked above. Go to it and click on ten random comments from his recent activity and count how many times you laughed. For me, I laughed at three of the ten comments. That's a .300 average, which pretty much guarantees someone a spot in a starting lineup in the big leauges. But hold on - it's even more amazing, because most of the time he isn't even trying, and baseball players are always trying to get hits. In my review, I only found 7 comments that were trying to be funny in any way, meaning his average is more like .429, which would rank fifth in baseball history.

In other words, Howie is consistently funny. And being consistently funny is awesome, and gets recognized. Congratulations, howtheyscored.

Best Newcomer Award

Winner: goddess of chaos

Really, only one thing needs to be said here. Goddess joined us in March of this year. I signed up for my old account in the middle of the 2011 season, so I have about a two year head start. Between my two accounts, I have around 20000 posts on McCovey Chronicles. Goddess has about the same amount.

It feels like she's there on every thread, brightening up all our days and just being fun to chat with. She has become an integral part of this community as fast as I've ever seen anyone do it. Congratulations, goddess of chaos.

Best Image Award

Winner: Sass Ole 9 (Jeremy Sasson), Buster Hugs

There were only three nominations for the best image this year - gifs are the new images, I guess - but it still felt like we had three very deserving candidates. While this image did not come from an active member of our community, it still took home the award. This is for a few reasons:

  • Buster Posey is awesome
  • Buster Posey does good things often
  • When Buster Posey does good things, the Giants tend to do good things (If we say he had an injury in the second half that drained his power, the Giants are still perfect for World Series wins in seasons where Buster is healthy)
  • When the Giants do good things, Buster Posey gives hugs
  • When the Giants do good things, Buster Posey does good things, and Buster Posey gives hugs, we are very happy

You can see why this image is so awesome - it's a compilation of the happiest times on this website. And also, Buster Posey is awesome and adorable and we all love him. Congratulations Jeremy, Buster, and Buster Hugs.

(I think Buster might have won a few more prestigious awards in his time, though.)

Best GIF Award

Winner: Natto, ASStros

Out of five images nominated, four of them were by Natto. Natto garnered 85% of the total votes in this category, and two of his images, ASStros and Vote for Pence, were very close until ASStros pulled away. I think we've learned a few things (time for another fun list!)

  • Natto is awesome at GIF making
  • Hunter Pence is very funny
  • The Astros are very funny
  • Anyone running into someone else's ass, no matter the cause, is unbelievably funny (see: butt fumble)

And that's really all that needs to be said. Congratulations Natto, Jonathan Villar, and Brandon Phillips.

Best Meme Award

Winner: naan so good

Naan is very good. Eat more naan.

I feel like I should say something about this category. While many memes were submitted, naan so good was the only positive meme that advanced to the voting round. Three of the others were trolls trolling along their troll-y way, and the other one was a silly conspiracy theory. This is also a wider trend on the internet - people like to see idiocy, people getting hurt, and all that fun schadenfreude-y stuff. I'm not sure that really reflects well on us as a society.

Sometimes schadenfreude is really funny, though. And a positive thing won! And naan is really good. Congratulations jponry, El Person, and the Indian Subcontinent.

And that wraps up the Eighth Annual McCoven Awards! I've been your host, MadManWithABox, and I wish you all happy holidays, and may the Giants be much better, and the next year on McCovey Chronicles be just as good, as this year.

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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