Trading for the LF bat, minor-league style

As any of us look over the major league outfield talent, or lack of it, that might be available for the Giants this off season (either through free- agency or trade), it's become clear that options are either very expensive or not likely within our grasp.

So as a secondary exercise, I considered who the Giants have in the minors who is close to major-league ready and who the Giants could consider dealing. Heath Hembree is top of my list and Frankie Peguero is garnering some interest from other teams. At least this was a starting point.

Then I took a look at the Top 18 minor league outfield prospects. My driving criteria was to find a right-handed hitting prospect with power and who is close to major-league ready.

Here are the Top 18 minor league prospects (regardless of whether they hit from the left or right):

1. Byron Buxton, OF, Minnesota Twins

No pop, but so good he’s not available at almost any price, certainly not for Hembree+. Only 20 this Dec.

2. Oscar Taveras , OF, St. Louis Cardinals

Pop is still to be determined, but bats left. Cards want only top talent in return.

3. Christian Yelich, OF, Miami Marlins

Bats left, questionable power. Still young and a year or two away.

4. Nick Castellanos, OF-3B, Detroit Tigers

He’s probably ready, but given the shake up in Tigers infield and their weak outfield, it would take a lot.

5. George Springer, OF, Houston Astros

Great glove, great arm, potential pop, not great for average. Age: 24.

6. Albert Almora, OF, Chicago Cubs

Very young & at least 2 years away.

7. Gregory Polanco, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

Bats left, speedy with gap power & 2 years away.

8. Jackie Bradley, OF, Boston Red Sox

Bats left; leadoff type with little pop.

9. Jorge Soler , OF, Chicago Cubs

Very rough right now (21 yrs old) and years away, but oh the tools.

10. Joc Pederson, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

Bats left, and coming from the Blue unlikely.

11. Billy Hamilton, OF, Cincinnati Reds

Great speed & OBP, no pop; not likely to be traded.

12. Jake Marisnick, OF, Miami Marlins

So-so pop, but not much for average. Only 22.

13. Jonathan Singleton, OF, Houston Astros

Bats left and might be better suited at 1B.

14. Bubba Starling, OF, Kansas City Royals

Young, raw, but still a ways off.

15. Mason Williams, OF, New York Yankees

Bats left, leadoff type; at least 2 years away.

16. Tyler Austin, OF, New York Yankees

Good prospect but 2 years away.

17. Michael Choice, OF, Oakland Athletics

A strong prospect at 24 who is close to ready, but will Billy Beane let go?

18. Rymer Liriano, OF, San Diego Padres

Not much power & 2 years away. Pads not likely to trade within division.

If this list gives you the sinking feeling that the Giants don’t have much to trade or trade for, you’re not alone.

There are only four prospects who match the criteria (right handed bat/with power/close to ready) and might be available:

Nick Castellanos

George Springer

Jake Marisnik

Michael Choice

My choices are Castellanos and Choice. Hembree plus Peguero would certainly be of interest to Detroit (to start a conversation) and maybe to Oakland as well, but in addition to Hembree and Peguero who else would need to be part of the package?

What are your thoughts?

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