McCoven Awards VIII

It's that time of the year again. Thanksgiving and its requisite handegg has come and gone. In colleges across the country, students are blowing off studying for their finals to play Grand Theft Auto. Rosterbation is in full swing across the country, with fans of all teams wishing for wonderous presents to play with, except for us Giants fans, who know we'll have to contend with a lump of "BRINGIN' THE BAND BACK" coal and maybe a Tim Hudson if we're really good. And the eighth annual McCoven Awards are here.

For seven days and seven nights, we nominate those among us who are good. Then, we vote for those who are great, and the truly magnificent get their names forever etched in the MCC Hall of Fame, which actually still means something unlike that other one.

Here are the rules:

  • Until December 7, nominations are open. Nominate those who are most worthy of the categories listed below, unless that person has already won that award (Note that this does not apply to the image categories - nominate an image that was made in the past year, whoever made it). If you like a nomination, rec it - in case of more than five nominations for an award, recs are used to determine who makes the final cut, and only greened nominations will be allowed.
  • Any award that has a time component - those being Best Newcomer, Best Image and GIF, and the brand new Best Meme award - are limited to the date the previous nominations began, or December 5, 2012. Only applicants from after that date are accepted.
  • Don't nominate yourself, you attention whore. We're a friendly group - if you're worthy of an award, you will be nominated.
  • Any nominations for Grant will be counted for Jeff Sullivan. No, I don't care that Jeff isn't even a part of SB Nation anymore.
  • You can nominate as many times you want! You can even make multiple nominations for the same award! Vote early and vote often. But keep your separate nominations in separate comments.

And the categories are:

The Alex_Lewis Memorial Spirit Award

Basically, this award is the Willie Mac award of MCC. It goes to the person who, in general, just makes MCC better just by their presence, and helps make MCC the wonderful community that it is. This award is dedicated to the memory of Alex_Lewis, a pillar of the community who always made this site better by being on it.

Past winners:

2006: Goofus
2007: howtheyscored
2008: tk
2009: jponry
2010: GiantsBabe
2011: Natto
2012: gallo del cielo

Most Informative Poster

We're all baseball geeks here, so we tend to know a lot about baseball and the Giants in particular. This award goes out to someone who puts us all to shame. Whether it's statistical brilliance, real-world experience, or pure dedication to get us knowledge that we otherwise would have no way of knowing, this person did the most to help inform our baseball fandom.

Past winners:

2006: Steve S
2007: BaronVonCurrentEvents
2008: xanathan
2009: BruteSentiment
2010: Fla-Giant
2011: Roger
2012: sfgiantsgirl

Most Amusing Poster

People try to be funny on this site. A lot. Sometimes, they succeed. This award is for the person who succeeded a lot. If there's someone who can reliably make you spit coffee over everything because you're laughing so hard, this is the award for them.

Past winners:

2006: kenshin1
2007: Goofus
2008: Natto
2009: Lars the Wanderer
2010: TheLetter2
2011: Johnny Disaster
2012: groug

Outstanding Newcomer

This award is for a newcomer who does not act like a newcomer. This person somehow was able to pick up on all the idiosyncrasies of this crazy place and quickly became a well-established member of our community. The cutoff date is the last time nominations for this award began: December 5th, 2012.

Past winners:

2006: North Side Chicago Expatriate Giants Fan
2007: thehavenot
2008: FairweatherFan
2009: heimy25
2010: Prussian Creole
2011: free f.p. #14
2012: thirteenthirteen

Best Image

Many images are posted here. This award is for the best of them, non-GIF division.

Past Winners:

2006: Stuttering John Tamargo, Dancing Mando (GDT); Natto, Jaunty Shelled Armando (general)
2007: Pedro Feliz, Catcher (GDT); Unknown, Giants Screamer (general)
2008: Goofus, Dancing Goofus (GDT); rightcenterfielder, Phanatic and Lasorda (general)
2009: satyricrash, WIN NOW (GDT); Unknown, Pablo Meets Cake (general)
2010: mymclife, Seinfeld Giants
2011: Natto, Dancing Umpire
2012: Natto, Garden of Pence

Best GIF

Many images are posted here. This award is for the best of them, GIF division.

Past Winner:

2012: Natto, Tentacle Pence

Best Meme

The baby of the group! We have so many memes on MCC, it seems foolish not to recognize them. This award is not actually given to a person, but damn it, if Jon Bois can have a tournament of GIFs then we should be able to give awards to memes! This must be a meme created on MCC, so no 'imported' memes (sorry doge), and it must have begun after December 5, 2012.

Full list of past hosts, awards, and winners:

2006: Salemicus (Nominations, Awards)
2007: howtheyscored (Nominations, Newcomer, GDT Image, General Image, Spirit, Informative, Amusing, Awards)
2008: Natto (Nominations, Newcomer, Informative, Amusing, GDT Image, General Image, FanPost, Spirit, Awards)
2009: Natto (Nominations, Newcomer, Informative, Amusing, Spirit, GDT Image, General Image, FanPost, Awards)
2010: Natto (Nominations, Newcomer, Informative, Amusing, Spirit, Image, FanPost, Video, Awards)
2011: kdl (Nominations, Newcomer, Informative, Spirit, Amusing, FanPost, Image, Awards)
2012: El Person (Nominations, Newcomer (Unanimous), Informative, Spirit (Unanimous), Amusing, Fanpost, Image, GIF, Awards)

Nominations typically stay open for three days. This time, they're staying open for A WEEK (unless popular demand demands we shut down early or late). Go forth, nominate, and rec!

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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