McCoven Awards VIII Preliminary Discussion

On November 30th, the eighth annual McCoven Awards will begin. The rules, summarized: We have various categories to award. In the first thread, posters will have a chance to nominate their selections. After a week for nominations, we will vote, and then the awards will be announced. This will be discussed much more in depth in the actual fanpost. If you want to know now, check out El Person's post from last year.

This fanpost is not about the nominations - it is, in fact, about the categories themselves.

Six categories are set in stone:

The Alex_Lewis Memorial Spirit Award

Basically, this award is the Willie Mac award of MCC. It goes to the person who, in general, makes this site a better place, and helps make MCC the wonderful community that it is. This award is dedicated to the memory of Alex_Lewis, who was a pillar of this community who always made this site better by being on it.

Most Informative Poster

We're all baseball geeks here, so we tend to know a lot about baseball and the Giants in particular. This award goes out to someone who puts us all to shame. Whether it's statistical brilliance, real-world experience, or pure dedication to get us knowledge that we otherwise would have no way of knowing, this person did the most to help inform our baseball fandom.

Most Amusing Poster

People try to be funny on this site. A lot. Sometimes, they succeed. This award is for the person who succeeded a lot. If there's someone who can reliably make you spit coffee over everything because you're laughing so hard, this is the award for them.

Outstanding Newcomer

This award is for a newcomer who does not act like a newcomer. This person somehow was able to pick up on all the idiosyncrasies of this crazy place and quickly became a well-established member of our community. The cutoff date is the last time nominations for this award began: December 5th, 2012.

Best Image*

Many images are posted here. This award is for the best of them, non-GIF division.

Best GIF*

Many images are posted here. This award is for the best of them, GIF division.

There is an asterisk over these last two because before last year, these were combined in one category. I personally like the change, but this is a discussion thread, so if anyone thinks these should only be one category, post now or forever hold your peace.

There is one award that has traditionally been given, but it might be time to dump. That award is Best Fanpost. For whatever reason, ever since the style change of SB Nation, fanposts have fallen off the grid - very few people make great ones nowadays. Fanposts clearly are not as popular now as in their heyday, and it might be time to retire this award. I looked through all of the fanposts over the last year, and only saw one that I thought was truly great (which I won't mention so as to not create bias).

However, on the other hand, there are a few potential categories which we could add to the list. Here are a few suggestions and the potential problems with them - if anyone has ideas, feel free to bring them up.

Best Comment: Pretty self-explanatory IMO. Sometimes people make comments that are just spectacular, and even if they aren't worthy of being recognized by another award, I think they should be recognized in some fashion.

Best Meme: MCC has a lot of memes. A LOT of memes. It seems like that should be recognized, doesn't it? This category would only encompass memes from the past year, and no memes from the wider web which have been imported (sorry, doge). I'm not a huge fan of this one, as I think there will be a strong recency bias.

Best Troll: With the scope of this website combined with the relative uniformity of our opinions on baseball, it's no surprise that we get plenty of trolls. This award is for the truly amazing trolls, the ones who will be remembered for all time. I'm not a fan of this award, either, as the definition of a troll is very nebulous. If you want this category, how would you propose it be policed? Furthermore, these awards are the Oscars of MCC, and this award would be the Razzies. I love the Razzies, but there is a reason they're kept seperate from the Oscars.

Like I said, if anyone has any more ideas, feel free to share them. I'm not sure how I'll end up deciding which categories to go with - I guess it will be the general tone of the discussion. But... discuss.

This FanPost is reader-generated, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of McCovey Chronicles. If the author uses filler to achieve the minimum word requirement, a moderator may edit the FanPost for his or her own amusement.

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