Rule 5 Draft decisions - who (if anyone) should Sabes protect?

Tonight at midnight (EST) is the deadline to add a current minor league prospect in a team's system to the 40-man roster for the purpose of protecting him from the Rule 5 Draft (which is held on the last day of the Winter Meetings - this year on Dec. 12th). With the imminent re-signing of Javier Lopez, the Giants currently have 38 players on their major league 40-Man Roster.

So, Sabean can add up to 2 current unprotected minor league prospects onto the 40-man sometime today. IMO, the only guy that Sabes will protect today is Gary Brown. Sabes has to be disappointed in his progress the last 2 seasons, but he'll want to protect the ~$1.5M he has invested in Brown so far - and I do think that Brown would be very, very likely to be plucked away from the Giants in 3 weeks if he were available in the Rule 5.

Below is the list of prospects that the Giants must put on their 40-man roster before the midnight or they will be available to other teams during this December's Rule 5 Draft. The first 5 guys (denoted by being above the "===" line) are the prospects that I think have anywhere from a "very likely" to a "slightly possible" chance of being put on the 40-man roster. I've listed these 5 names in the order of what I think are the most- to least-likely to be placed on the 40-man roster by Sabean. Tose names below the "===" line have no chance at a 40-man roster assignment, IMO, and I've listed them in alphabetical order - with the first-time eligible guys being listed first. An "*" after any name means that this is their first time being eligible for the Rule 5 draft.

Gary Brown*
Adam Duvall*
Kendry Flores*
Jarrett Parker*
Jacob Dunnington*

Jeff Arnold*
Marvin Barrios*
Brett Bochy*
Ryan Bradley*
Gabriel Cornier*
Keurin Feliz*
Austin Fleet*
Leonardo Fuentes*
Jesus Galindo*
Chris Gloor*
Bobby Haney*
Devin Harris*
Stephen Harrold*
Ariel Hernandez*
Chris Heston*
Ryan Honeycutt*
Carter Jurica*
Brett Krill*
Chris Lofton*
Lorenzo Mendoza*
Hector Mercedes*
Alberto Robles*
Taylor Rogers*
Juan Sierra*
Eric Sim*

Carlos Alvarado
Brock Bond
Jorge Bucardo
Jose Casilla
Edward Concepcion
Fabio Castillo
Ryan Cavan
Chris Dominguez
Steve Edlefsen
Justin Fitzgerald
Javier Herrera
Tyler LaTorre
Mitch Lively
Ryan Lollis
Kelvin Marte
Jon Meloan
Raymundo Montero
Armando Paniagua
Edwin Quirarte
Luis Rojas
Myles Schroder
Jose Valdez
Tom Vessella
Ydwin Villegas
Jackson Williams

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