Unambiguous support for the Lincecum signing - an old school fan's take

I posted this to one of the Timmy threads late last night and it was suggested to me that I was late to that thread and more people would like to see it. So I am re-posting verbatim. For context, I wrote this in response to what seems to be the predominant take on the signing: concern about the overpay.

Put me in the stunningly short "I'm just happy he's staying" line

My dad never got to see the Giants win a ring. I had to go to games for 40 years before I saw one. I watched one bad season after another and while we got a death throes division championship at the end of the Mays-McCovey-Bonds era, it wasn’t until Will Clark came along that I got a 16 year postseason-free gap broken. That is literally the longest period of suckitude in franchise history.

Believe me, if you go from age 9 to 25 with no Giants playoff games, the possibility of the Giants having decreased their playoff chances for a couple years due to overpayment of a possibly finished living legend does not even register as a dire consequence worth fretting about. You’re bred tougher than that.

I know for actual fact that nothing the Giants will ever do will mean more to me than what 2010 did. I will never have a better feeling about this team than I did when I saw the last out at the Hi-Dive and ran down the street to the empty ballpark with hundreds of other total strangers to do the drunken maniac dance. I will never see a parade I will be happier about than that one down Market.

And to me, the absolute star centerpiece of that team was not Buster Posey, not Matt Cain, not Brian Wilson. It was that half-Asian dude with the long hair, the pot bust, the crazy windup, the double Cy’s, and by all rights should have had that World Series MVP trophy. Buster got the shot of super-serum… if he didn’t become Captain America it was on him. Tim was the guy who made himself into The Franchise, who stood up and achieved for all of us who didn’t get born with all the conventionally desirable assets. Timmy is my choice for franchise icon.

I don’t care if he becomes the reason the Giants suck in the future. It’s worth it to me that he stays a Giant as long as possible. The Giants are right to hold on to that guy.

"Puff puff PASS, Randy!"

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